His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Scattered Minds

Felix’s POV:

As I stood there in the shallow waters, I couldn’t stop my hands from shaking! Luna was gone, I should have known she would do something like this! Of course, Luna would push me away the moment I finished casting the spell. Just what the hell is she thinking?! Does she really believe she’s doing the right thing by doing something like this?! Well, she’s wrong! There’s no way in hell she could face Elijah on her own! I need to hurry and get to her as soon as possible, but just as I was about cast the spell again, I was suddenly interrupted by Crow’s loud words of panic!

“Felix, wait! You can’t go!”

Crow shouted in worry as he rushed towards the lake I was in and began to pull me away! Just what fuck does he think he’s doing!?

“Let go of me, Crow! I need to go after Luna! She’s -”

“It’s too dangerous-!”

“Don’t you think I know that, why do you think I’m trying to go-“′

“Her demon has reached its limit! She needs to feed, and our brother already has her. Luna, she’s hurting because of us, Elijah is the only one that could help her now...”

Crow finally explained in such guilt that he released my arm and hanged his head down in shame. At first, I wasn’t sure what he was saying, but after a few minutes of processing everything. My rage instantly came over me and I fell onto my knees as I slammed my fist against the shallow waters I was in!

“Damnit, how can I be so reckless!?”

I growled as I felt the bones in my hands breaking, the flesh on my skin was already tearing off by how harsh I was hitting the rocks underneath the water!

“It’s both our fault! We were so focused on keeping Luna alive and helping her cope with this new change of life for her that we completely forgot about her needing to feed. She’s never going to feel hunger again, but her demon will. And when that happens, it can be really hard to control yourself. We failed to realize the true torture Luna is going to have to face, she’s going to have to devour human souls. She has to accept killing her own kind of what she used to be. And I’m not sure if she’ll be able to do it. But if there’s anyone that could understand what she has to go through, it’s Eli. I just wish it didn’t have to be under these circumstances!”

Crow voice out in frustration as I felt him place his hand on my shoulder.

“Luna, I’m sorry that you have to go through this. Fuck, I was so consumed in wanting to make Luna happy. That I completely ignored the cruel hardships that she must face from now on. Crow, you can hear her, right?! Tell me, is she suffering, is she hurting?!”

I asked feeling angry with myself as I stood back up. The images of my broken bloody hands soon began to heal slowly as I saw the drops of my blood hitting the water...

“She’s trying hard to fight back, but our brother is forcing her to eat. I know this isn’t how we would have wanted Luna to face it, however, it’s the only way of keeping her demon controlled. I think this is also one of the main reasons why Elijah was so against Luna becoming a witch because he knew that deep down Luna would hate being what we are. I know she agreed to do this, but we both know she would rather be human than live such a life as ours. Felix, you can’t leave because if you do, you will die. Our brother, he wants you dead more than anything, do you have any idea how fucked up Luna’s mind will be if she were to see you die in front of her? She’ll never be able to recover from that, so don’t risk what Luna is trying to do by getting yourself killed. I know that you both wanted to stop Eli together, but you know that wasn’t going to be possible-”

“Then what the hell am I suppose to do?! How do I know Luna won’t die by Elijah’s hands?! You and I both know that Luna can’t stop our brother! So why can’t I do anything to help the women I love!”

I cried out in a hated growl as I gripped my aching hands onto Crow’s shoulders! His eyes held the same expression as mine, uncertainty, sadness, anger, and frustration...

“There might be a chance in helping Luna. But I’m not sure if you’ll be able to accept it-”

“What is it? There’s nothing I’m willing to do if it means keeping Luna alive.”

I quickly responded as I tighten my hold on him...

“Alright then, first come back inside with me. My hearing ability is beginning to drain a lot of my energy away, and right now, as much as I would like to focus on hearing Luna. There’s a specific witch that has grabbed my attention, and I’m curious about asking Raven something also.”

He said as he finally pulled himself away and began to walk back towards the mountain. I wasn’t sure what he was saying or what witch he was referring to, but if there’s a chance in helping Luna. Then I have to go with whatever Crow is planning on doing...

“Raven is in a deep slumber right now. So how do you expect to wake her? It’s not like these half devils could awaken so easily-”

“I don’t need to wake her up...”

He said in a deep sigh as I followed him up the mountain. But as we finally approached the house, V and Seporaha were still outside holding each other. I truly felt horrible for what my brother did to their family, and I wish I could’ve been able to do something to stop him. But it’s too late now, so as I went to approach V. He looked over at me with darkness in his eyes, his fuel of hatred towards my brother was as clear as the morning sky above us.

“V, I promise you he won’t get away with this. What he’s done is completely unforgivable, so I promise you and Sephora that I will stop him before he destroys anymore lives in this world.”

I said to him with determination as he nodded his head in agreement. Sephora’s cries continued to shed as V brought her back inside the house. Crow and I then followed them in as I shut the door behind me...

“Alright Crow, now explain to me how we stop our mad King brother from killing everything-”

“We don’t.”

Crow quickly said in such a calm matter as he took a seat next to Priscilla. My mind almost couldn’t comprehend what he said as I choked out my words in shock. So without thinking, I immediately rushed towards Crow and grabbed him by the shirt!

“What, I thought you said there was a chance in helping Luna!”

“There is a way of helping her, Felix. Do you think that Luna left thinking she could actually stop Elijah? I think she knows better than anyone of us that she can’t, but I believe she went for a reason. That reason being that she wanted to talk to him, to try and make him change his ways. But we all know and so does she that it’s no longer possible. Yet she still decided to go to him because she believes that Elijah could change. But it’s too late to forgive our brother for what he’s already done, but I believe that Luna could delay the inevitable.”

He began to explain so calmly, I don’t know when Crow began to mature so much. I am supposed to be the eldest and keep everyone calm, yet I’m the one that is shaking in worry!

“Delay the inevitable, you say? So you mean that Luna left to buy all of us some time? Alright then, so tell me...tell all of us how we’re suppose to stop him!?”

I raised my voice as I noticed Priscilla beginning to get frightened by my demonic growls. But my attention grew more confused when I saw Crow shifting his eyes towards the door.

“Why don’t you open the door and ask the witch yourself.”

He bluntly stated as I followed his gaze to hear a sudden knocking! So I subconsciously let go of Crow’s shirt and began to slowly approach the door. Earlier, Crow did mention that he was focusing on someone else’s voice other than Luna’s. So I wonder, if I open this door...will it be the witch that Crow was referring to? Placing my hand on the knob, I was about ready to open it until the sudden echoes of somebody’s footsteps began to come up from behind me.

“She really can’t give me a moment of peace, even after I told her to never come here again.”

I heard Raven speak next to my ear as she followed by wrapping her hand over mine that was holding the knob. She then immediately twisted it and once the door opened. My body was quickly being held back by Raven’s arm that immediately wrapped around my waist! She already knew what I wanted to do if I saw this fucking witch again! Yet I still tried to claw my sharp nails into her throat. Though I couldn’t reach from the distance Raven put between us and her!

“Release me at once, Raven! I’m gonna kill her for everything she’s done! It’s all her fault, Carla!”

I growled with the intent to kill, but Carla just stood there looking expressionless. I didn’t even care how she found this place or why she was even here! All I wanted to do what gut her insides out for all the pain she has caused!

“Felix, that’s enough. There’s a reason why Carla is here, now I don’t know how she found this place and I would like Raven to explain why that is.”

Crow voiced out in high demand as I was still focused on just wanting to kill this bitch standing before me! However, Raven was quick in putting some strange remedy beneath my nose and the smell made my body feel weak. It wasn’t like the elixir they had me drink before that had me paralyzed. But it felt almost similar to how my body was reacting, I no longer felt strong enough to move anymore. So that’s when Raven brought me where Crow was at and had me sit down next to him...

“What the fuck did you do to me now!?”

I asked in annoyance as I tried to stand back up, but it was no use. My muscles felt far too heavy for me to move!

“Relax Felix, it will only last for a few minutes. This is the plant I put in the elixir I made you drink before, remember? It paralyzed you for a short while, but since you only smelled it, it won’t affect your body as much.”

Priscilla explained as she took the plant away from Raven and placed it down near the table next to me, this is completely ridiculous!

“Raven, why are you awake right now? Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping?”

V asked in confusion as he kept holding Seporha’s close to him.

“Yes, I would also like to know how you knew Carla was coming here? You don’t look at all surprised by her sudden visit, why?”

Crow’s followed up with more questions as he looked over at Carla still standing by the entrance. She hasn’t said a word and refuses to make eye contact with any one of us...

“The answer to that is quite simple, it’s because Carla and I share the same demon.”

Raven calmly explained in a tiresome yawn as she went to sit herself down. However, everyone gave the same reaction as I did! We all looked at Raven in disbelief!

“How is that fucking possible?!”

I asked in annoyance while trying to force my body to move still.

“You’re going to have to explain everything, Raven. Because none of us going to trust a single word that comes out of that witch’s mouth.”

Crow said with a violent gesture as he pointed at Carla.

“Yeah, and why am I just now hearing about this also?! I thought you trusted in telling me everything Raven?”

Priscilla questions her in sadness as she approached Raven’s side.

“Well, where should I start? Carla, come inside already. It’s been a while since you and I last spoke. How long has it been now? Usually, you write me letters when the King needs something. But I think the last time we probably spoke was over fifty years ago, am I correct?”

Raven asked as she leaned herself back against the seat looking tired.

“Fifty-six years if you want to be precise.”

Carla finally spoke as she made her way in...

“So it’s been that long, time always seems to pass by quickly. I could only assume that you’re here wanting something from me-”

“Raven, explain now how Carla knows about this place!”

I asked Raven with impatience running thin on my nerves.

“Of course, Lord Felix. This place was given to me by your father, he didn’t want anyone to know about my existence, only to those in the Royal Families knew who I was and swore to secrecy to never tell anyone about me and my magic. Since you all know what type of magic I create, it could be very dangerous if any warlock or witch found out about it. So for my safety, the King had me live here, of course, before all of this, I was once human but I loathed my life. The human world was never good to me, I was discarded like trash when I was only an infant. My biological parents sold me for drugs and that’s all I knew about them, and the more I grew, the more I realized how disgusting the human world was. This body of mine, I don’t even know how many times it was taken by force and tainted by many men. I truly hated it, a life I never wanted...so I made the sin of killing everyone who once hurt me. I remember being on the brink of death, starving in a dark narrow alley. I finally thought that peace will come to me, that death would take me away from the hellish world I lived in. But then, that was when the King found me, he brought me down here and saved my life. It’s strange when I think about it, but I never got the chance to ask him why he saved me. I just accepted how things were, yet for the first time in a very long time. I felt like I finally belonged somewhere. A place where vile despicable humans are killed, it was practically heaven to me. And within time, I decided to teach myself the dark arts of forbidden magic. It interested me, and when I created a spell that could turn me into a demon. I smiled for the first time in my life, but that smile only lasted for a short while. Because the King was completely against it, that was until Carla needed to be saved from her sickness.”

What Raven had to say was a lot to take in, Crow and I never really cared who Raven was. All we knew was that she served our father for many years. So we came to an understanding that she would always be faithful to Kings Royal Family. But I had no idea my father saved her life! I can’t picture my father doing such a thing, saving a human’s life. Then again, I would have never thought I would end up saving a human life either, let alone falling in love with one.

“I had no idea you went through such a horrible life, I’m so sorry Raven!”

I heard Priscilla cry out in heartache as she wrapped her arms around Raven’s body.

“It’s alright child, the past is ancient history to me. However, some of us don’t seem to wish to let the past go, isn’t that right Carla? After you came along, the King did take interest in you, and in those short years, you both got married. However, it was completely taboo for a demon and a human to wed, even fall in love. So, of course, you’re existence had to be kept secret in the King’s Family. Unfortunately, your sickness of cancer, I believe that’s what it was. Had your body slowly dying. You were ready to accept death, but your beloved husband wasn’t ready for you to leave this world. So that’s when he had me create a spell that would save your life. Your soul was already dying, and the King didn’t want you to become a full-blooded demon. Because he knew that it would make you be a monster like him. So I tried everything I could to make you keep your humanity. But there was only one way I knew how to save your life and to keep the human soul inside you untainted. I had to give up half my life, half my soul...for you.”

Raven said in such deep sorrow as Priscilla looked over at Carla in dismay like the rest of us.

“No way, you gave Carla part of your soul to save her. It all makes sense now, why you’re both the only ones that are half witches! I always wondered why Carla was only half, but I understand now. You were given orders by my father to save her, and although you weren’t able to keep her fully human. You gave her part of yourself to save her, incredible yet also terrifying at the magic you possess.”

V said in complete shock as he kept looking at Carla in awe.

“So all this time, Carla has been able to live because of you...Raven.”

I said to her feeling speechless.

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