His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 124: There Is No Destiny

Elijah’s POV:

“Why must you always fight me, was I not good enough? Do you resent me because of what I am? Luna, how much...do you hate me?”

As I spoke out in distress, I couldn’t help but sit myself down on the cold tile floor of my room. My head was pounding, and my heart was aching. I wanted all this pain to stop, but how could it when she’s no longer by my side? On the day that Felix took her away, I truly thought that my heart was ready to stop beating. When I saw them jump off the cliff, I really thought that would be the last time I would ever see her. But I know she’s alive, or else Felix wouldn’t be able to live with his guilt if he ever hurt Luna...

“Where are you?”

I whispered to myself in sadness while leaning my head back against the wall. As I ran my fingers through my hair, the frustration of grief and anger was beginning to devour me again! I can’t let that happen, no...I’ll just lose control again like before. I need to maintain my inner demon from taking over. I won’t become a useless King like my father! Pulling out a small book from my back pocket, I began to skim through the pages until I found the bookmark where I left off reading. This journal that I held was left behind by my father, he left it for me. I never even seen what he looked like, nor have I ever spoken to him before. However, everyone tells me the same thing, that I look just like him. But it’s very clear to me that my father Azazel Kings regretted many things in his past life...

From what he left in this book, I’ve come to understand who he was, and what he needed to do. Although no one knows about this journal other than myself, I need to make sure it remains that way because there are some things written in this book that could cause major conflicts within the family. I knew that Crow held most of the Royal bloodline from his mother and our father. But I had no idea that Crow held so much power within himself, the reason why his demons are always so weak is because they can’t handle the true potential that lies within him. Crow is far stronger than anyone in the Kings Family, even me. But Crow isn’t one too greed for power, so I shouldn’t have to worry about him wanting the crown. Father knew that Crow was the rightful heir to the throne, yet father spent his years training Felix. Because he feared what Crow will become once he gave his demon to him. But it didn’t matter in the end, because I ended claiming the crown, along with our father’s demon as well. This Kingdom belongs to me, and I control this Underworld, even if this wasn’t the life that I wanted. I will control my fate, and I will choose what is right for me and Luna!



“I’m writing these final words to you, my son. I wish things could have been different for this family, you must take care of it now. I pass this Kingdom to you because only you will understand the true meaning of caring for something so precious. Know that your mother and I loved you...and that sending you to the human world was the best choice for you. However, I never planned on having you come back home. The heartache of not seeing you was too much for your mother to bear. I was set on having your eldest brother become King, yet your mother wanted to give you everything. I believe it was her guilt of giving you up to the human world that made her want you to have the throne. I hope you understand that your mother wanted what was best for you, she thought that maybe your life would be more peaceful, and more giving if you lived as a human. But the separation became too much for her, and she wanted you to come back home to us. Of course, it was selfish of what we did, you’ve already grown so accustomed to your world that it wasn’t going to be easy for you to accept your new life in the Kingdom. But we knew what was best for you. Your destiny is being here in the Underworld, I chose you to be King for a reason. Not only was it for the sake of your mother, but because I knew who you would become. You are my son, Crow, and Felix will come to understand someday. So take care of the King’s Family, take care of Emily, she is to be your wife one day. You will pass your crown to your future child. That is your destiny, that is your fate. Elijah, never forget who you are, you are not human, you are a King of this Realm. You hold the future for the next generation of many King’s to come, so rise my son. Become the warlock that is envied by thousands, and take the demon that I have given you and show no mercy for those who defy you.”

~Azazel Kings


As I finished reading the last few words, I turned the page only to find an eternal flower inside it. taking the flower, I closed the book and held it in front of me. From the very first day I came here, my father left this book in my room for when I returned. I never cared to read it, in fact, I almost came close to burning it. But I’m glad I didn’t because I’ve come to learn so much about his past. It’s taught me not to follow his mistakes, he was a complete useless father and King...

“You know what’s my destiny? Don’t make me laugh, I don’t believe in destiny...I choose and control what I want. You say that you and my mother loved me, what a disgusting way of showing it.”

I said to myself in wicked laughter, my father couldn’t even tell me who my mother was, he didn’t even give me the name of who she is. I don’t care though, nor did it matter if she was alive or not. In fact, I hope she’s dead, it’s because of her that I was brought back to this fucking world! It’s because of her that I couldn’t live a normal life with Luna! Everything that my father said was complete bullshit! ‘Take care of Emily?!’ Who the hell is he to give me orders!? He really believed that I would marry Emily? It’s almost laughable, though he was right about one thing. I know what it means to care for something precious...

Immediately putting the book back in my pocket, I naturally began to burn the eternal flower in my hand. Soon, the very petals turned to ash until there was nothing left. What a fucking joke everything was, my life turned completely fucked because of my parents. At least father was useful in telling me about my brothers, Felix was the firstborn son. However, our father didn’t favor him. His favorite child was obviously Crow since he held the true King’s blood inside him. Felix and I only held half of the King’s blood, so of course, he wanted Crow to be King. Yet Crow’s mother went fucking insane and wanted him dead, never knew a mother who could hate their child so much that they’ll want them dead. How unfortunate for him, no wonder our father didn’t choose him to be King. He feared that he would lose his sanity with everything Crow has gone through. The only reason why my father chose me to be King, in the end, was because he favored his last wife, my mother...


Hearing her voice calling out for me, I turned my head towards the window and saw that it was already dawn...

“Strip,” I ordered Emily as I began to stand.

Without even looking at her, I made my way towards my drawers, pulling out a wine bottle, I began to pour myself a glass.

“Of course, my King.”

She responded with satisfaction, as I downed the red liquid past my throat, my eyes remained looking outside. I was no longer feeling angry, if anything, I’ve grown anxious. Anxious for her...her touch, her lips, her warmth. I need to know where she is. Is she’s okay, is she’s eating properly? Is she thinking about me? Am I in her dreams? Luna...

“Elijah, why do you look so sad? Come to me, let me ease the pain.”

Emily said with envy in her voice. Turning towards her direction, I saw that Emily stripped to her underwear and was laying down on my couch. At least she knows better than to go anywhere near my bed.

“Emily, do you still have the daggers I’ve given you?”

I asked her while placing my wine glass down.

“Of course I do, I always carry them with me.”

She answered in delight...

“Good, remember what they’re for. If you were to ever see Felix. You end him immediately without question.”

I sternly said while approaching her, Emily’s eyes were blindfold, yet I’m sure she was able to sense where I was...

“Yes, my King. I will do anything you ask of me, all I want is for you to be happy. So I will kill anyone who gets in the way of that, Elijah...”

She said as she brought herself down to her knees, her heavy breathing of hunger could be heard as she hurried in unbuckling my pants. Not too long after she did that, she immediately took me in her mouth. Her heated lips were sucking me off as I felt the back of her throat. My deep growls could be heard as I pierced my claws through her skull and gripped her tightly. I know what I’m doing is wrong towards Luna, but it’s not like Luna hasn’t wronged me either. She left with my brother, she lied to me, betrayed me. Just thinking about everything that has happened was making my blood boil! So I quickly grabbed Emily by the hair and threw her harshly against the floor!

Her moans of painful pleasure could be heard as I wrapped my hand around her throat. I then wasted no time in ripping off the thin fabric that covered her lower core. Just sticking my fingers alone was enough to feel how wet she was. The only difference between Emily and Luna was that Luna was far tighter in her pussy. Her body was far more beautiful and sensual than anyone else’s...

“Oh, Elijah...more...give me more.”

Emily moans out in sweet pleasure as I dug my fingers deeper inside her.

“Shut up, I don’t wanna hear your voice. Hurry and spread your legs for me...”

I ordered as I began to stroke my hardening shaft. Emily soon followed through with what I said and held back her tongue as she began to separate her trembling thighs. Placing myself between her, I started to rub my cock against her wet folds. Our heavy breathing could be heard throughout the room as I slowly began to enter her. That was until I heard the voices of Carla and some warlock who I wasn’t able to recognize echo through the hallway!

“You can’t go in there! His King is busy right now-”

“Well, what I have is far more important than whatever he’s doing, now get out of my way!”

I heard him yell towards Carla as he tried to enter my room!

“Who the hell is that?!”

Emily asked in anger as she took off her blindfold, she then immediately stood up and marched her way to the door. Putting my shaft back in my pants, I annoyingly followed Emily and moved her aside as I opened the door. Whoever was on the other side clearly didn’t care to live anymore. They have the balls to enter my home unannounced and to interrupt my privacy! This warlock really wants me to kill him! With the door fully opened, my eyes could be felt turning black as I stared at who was standing in front of me.

“How dare you fucking enter our home! I’ll kill you-”

I quickly caught Emily’s arm that was ready to strike down the warlock standing in front of us. I then paid close attention to what he was holding out in front of me, he didn’t say a word other than bowing his head down in fear...

“Forgive me, my Lord! Out of nowhere, this warlock barged himself inside the castle! I tried stopping him but he kept insisting that he had something important to show you.”

Carla explained with such a pathetic apology, this witch really can’t do shit right.

“What could be more important than what Elijah is doing with me?! Get out!”

Emily continued to yell with rage as she tried to get closer to me. Though I wasn’t paying attention to what she was doing, if anything, my attention was at the collar the warlock held in his hands.

“Raise your head,” I ordered as I grabbed the collar from him.

And once he lifted his head, I was able to recognize who he was!

“V, what brings you here?”

I asked him, I then shifted my gaze at the collar I was now holding.

“It’s about Luna.”

He said with hesitation as he stared at Carla and Emily, his eyes soon locked gaze at mine once I heard him say that name!

“Get out.”

“Huh? What are you talking about? We were-”

“Get the fuck out!”

I growled towards Emily who was questioning my orders. So I pushed her out of the room and immediately grabbed V’s arm, pulling him inside, I slammed the door shut! My nerves were shaking and I was having difficulty breathing...

“Why did you bring this collar to me?”

I asked him as calmly as I could...

“Take a look of who it belonged to.”

He said with a nervous look, deep down I had a feeling of who’s it was, but I didn’t wanna believe it. On closer inspection, I knew that this collar belonged to the King’s Family. But what made my heart stopped beating was when I saw the crest imprinted inside it! I immediately stumbled forward until I felt V help me stand upright. This isn’t happening, right? Luna would never take this off, she knows how dangerous it is out there without this on!

“V, where did you find this?”

I asked him in disbelief with anger in my voice, though the look on V’s face showed how frightened he was in speaking...

“Felix told me to deliver a message, he wanted me to give this back to you, and he also said that Luna, no longer belongs to you...”

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