His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Give To Gain

Felix’s POV:

“I guess you can say that, Lord Felix. And I’ll take that as a compliment, V. But getting back to the main topic at hand, I wasn’t sure if the spell would work since it’s never been done before. But The King gambled the chance, the ritual took about a week to perform. But I was successful, however, that’s when Carla and I realized that we were able to feel the aura of my soul, or should I say our soul? But after that, Carla and I never spoke again because the King had me live here and ordered me to give him my forbidden spellbook. Because he was truly surprised to see the immense power Carla and I possess. So he never wishes for a human to gain such power because he fears what would happen to this Kingdom. Which is why he sent me to live here and never create any more spells. I’m not sure why, but after I was sent away, I never heard from Carla. Not even a simple thank you from her, though I shouldn’t complain to a former Queen. Within a few years, I heard about your pregnancy. I didn’t think it would be possible for you to bear a child, and from what I was informed, the child was born human. But I was also told by the many rumors of the Royal Families that the child’s eyes were red for several months until they went to the shade of blue. This could only mean that he carried the King’s blood inside him, he was half of a warlock, yet you decided of giving him up to the human world where he could live a better life than down here. But then out of nowhere, I was given strict orders by the King to keep an eye on your son. To ensure his safety, and to look after him. So I did what I was told, I watched over your child and had to be the one to tell him everything about who he was and where he came from. What struck me was that Lord Elijah didn’t care who he was, the only thing he cared for, was Luna-”

“Wait a minute! Raven, did I hear you correctly just now?! Are you telling us, that Elijah’s mother is really her? I knew the Royal Families swore an oath to keep your identities hidden, but I was never told that Carla was Elijah’s birth mother!”

Sephora finally spoke as she wiped her tears away to look at Carla more clearly.

“No one was supposed to know who Elijah’s mother was. If this Kingdom found out that our father fell in love with a human. All havoc would break loose in Wisteria, and there would be no order because everyone would have lost total respect for the King. So we had to keep this a secret from everyone, we only went so far into explaining Raven and Carla being half witches and that was all.”

Crow bluntly explained as he looked over at me, nodding my head in agreement I averted my stare back at V and Seporaha who were both still in total shock at everything Raven and Crow were saying...

“You’re unbelievable, you took away you’re son’s happiness just to satisfy your selfish greed!? You’re a horrible mother-”

“You have no say in this, you’re practically still a human child, Priscilla. Everything I did, everything I’ve done, was for my son’s future! None of you in this room would ever be able to understand what I had to go through, and I don’t care what any of you think of me! I only care about my son, which is why I am here.”

Carla began to speak as she raised her voice!

“You’re only valid point is that none of us has a child, so of course we wouldn’t understand what the fuck you been through. But I can promise you this, none of us in here would do what you did, you knew Elijah was happy in the human world. Yet you still decided to bring him back here and ruined everything that I worked so hard to achieve! Elijah isn’t meant to be King, you blinded my father with your selfishness, and you had him choose my little brother to inherit the throne. You make me sick!”

I said to her in disgust as I brought my hands to a tight fist, I was finally able to move again, but I decided to keep my pinned-up anger inside me until I face Elijah! Carla may be the cause for fucking this Kingdom apart by bringing her son here. But everything else that has caused pain and misfortune towards Luna has been Elijah’s fault!

“I made a mistake, and I’m here to change all of that. Raven, when my husband took you’re forbidden spellbook away, I saw that there was another spell in there that could-”

“You already have half my soul and you had me watch over you’re son in the human world for years, you never once showed me gratitude. And after so many years, you finally come to see me, only to ask me to give up my life, there really is no end to you’re greed, is there?”

Raven quickly said as she cut off what Carla was trying to say. She then stood herself from the chair and headed towards the bookcase...

“Raven, what are you talking about giving up your life?! What are you doing?”

Priscilla asked in worry as she followed behind her.

“What the hell are you both talking about now?”

I said to both of them as I stood up as well feeling completely frustrated!

“There were many reasons why the King took my book away from me. But the one main reason why he feared my magic so much, was because if I can use the energy I have in making a human turn into a demon, then what’s to say I can’t turn a demon into a human.”

Raven calmly spoke in sorrow...

“Impossible, you can do that!?”

Crow immediately shouted in disbelief as he rose to approach Raven as quickly as he could!

“Of course I can, but don’t think it’s as simple as it sounds. This ritual has never been done before, the possibilities of it working are very low and it requires a great sacrifice.”

Raven began to explain as she grabbed the forbidden spell book out of the shelves, she then turned to look over at Carla with tensity in her eyes.

“Raven, why did you say giving up your life earlier?”

Priscilla asked again in concern as she grabbed onto Raven’s arm.

“When I did the ritual on Luna to have her become a demon. The only thing she had to sacrifice was her soul and that was it. But for a demon to become a human, it must first require a soul from a human. But here’s where it gets complicated, we can’t just use any human with a soul. Because the soul must be purified, meaning it should be willing to accept the exchange of entering into a body that once belonged to a demon. Which means that the person must be willing to die and give up their soul to give someone a chance of rebirth-”

“Rebirth? You mean, for example, if Priscilla was willing to give up her soul to me, then she’ll die and I’ll-”

“You will die as well, Crow. As I said earlier, sacrifices must be made for this ritual to work. Priscilla would die and so would you, however, Crow would end up being reborn in the human world with no memory of his past.”

She explained as she walked to where Carla was standing...

“Then what about Priscilla, what would happen to her?”

I asked Raven with curiosity as Priscilla looked pale from the face...

“If I’m being honest, I really don’t know? I would like to think that a part of her will still live in Crow once he’s reborn. But the harsh reality is that she probably will cease to exist just like what happened to Luna’s soul. Dead and forgotten...”

She explained with grief in her voice as she handed the book to Carla. That’s when I was able to piece everything together, that’s why Carla came here!

“You selfish motherfucker! Is it not enough you ruined your stupid son’s life!? Now you wish to ruin Ravens as well! You’re worse than my fucking father, you piece of shit!”

I growled in rage as my blood started to boil in hatred, I was about ready to slam my fist against Carla’s face until Crow quickly held me back with all the strength he could give!

“Felix, contain yourself! V, help me!”

He shouted for V’s help as he rushed towards my side and held me back!

“What the hell are you saying, Felix?!”

Sephora asked looking confused and panicked...

“What the hell do think Carla is here for!? She plans on giving up her half soul along with Raven’s to give it to Elijah! Do you think I’m just gonna let you do that!? There’s no fucking way Elijah deserves a second chance at living! Not after everything he’s done, he had his chance of being human before, and you fucked it up! Accept it, your son needs to die for this Kingdom to live!”

I voiced out for everyone to hear as my growls grew more vicious!

“No, Raven you can’t! You’ve been through enough! Please, don’t give up your life! You took care of me this whole time, you helped me, protected me, so please, I beg you...don’t leave this world! I don’t want to be alone, you’re all I have!”

Priscilla cried out in heartbreak once she heard me explain everything, she then ran to hug Raven so tightly as so broke down in agony!

“No way, how can you ask Raven to do such a thing?! She’s done enough in helping you!”

V yelled in disgust as he loosened his grip on me...

“That’s enough! Everyone, no one is making anyone do anything. Priscilla, please don’t cry. I lived a very long life, but I’ve wandered throughout my life without a purpose. Crow, Felix...I know you hate your father. But I can’t rule out that he saved my life once, and I owe him a great debt. I respected the King even when he passed, so if I have the chance of giving his son Elijah a better life in the human world. A life that would make him truly happy, then let me fulfill that purpose. Besides, you all will gain something in return. Yes, I may die...but so will Carla and Elijah. This Kingdom can be saved, but only if you let me do this ritual.”

Raven explained to us all as she turned to look directly at me, I knew she was referring to mainly myself in what I wanted, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to stomach Elijah being alive in the human world and not remembering the shit he’s done. Are we just supposed to forget everything he did!? I can’t do that, and what will Luna- that’s right! What will Luna think, will she be okay with this happening?

“Let’s say I agree with this plan of yours, what about Luna? Are you forgetting about her, do you think she will be willing to accept this? To have Elijah be human again, after everything she’s been through! You think she’ll be okay with this!?”

I growled in frustration as I pushed Crow and V off of me and marched my way towards Carla who had been quiet up until now! Grabbing her neck, I slammed her against the wall until I felt the bones in her neck wanting to snap! She really is Elijah’s mother, A selfish asshole!

“Yes, I’m a selfish witch. I don’t deserve to live after causing my son so much pain. I could stand him hating me, I could stand everyone in this world hating me, but the one thing as a mother I can’t accept is my son hating himself. For this world to hate him, I can’t do it...I know I caused all of this. So let me take responsibility, please...let me save my son.”

She pleaded in tears as she choked out her words unable to breathe almost.

“I don’t give a shit about you or you’re son. What I care about is how Luna is going to react to this!”

I answered back in anger as I sank my claws into her neck. The feeling of her blood could be seen leaking through the wounds I was giving her. But she kept her eyes locked at me with sincerity once she spoke...

“Felix, Luna looked beautiful. Almost unrecognizable, but Elijah was able to know who she was the minute he saw her again. I know without a doubt, that if Elijah had the power, he would have Luna be human again. I would like to think the same for Luna, that she would want my Elijah to be human again. Because it’s just like what you all said, that’s when Luna and Eli were truly happy. So I don’t ask for forgiveness, but understanding. If not for me, then for Luna at least...”

She finished explaining as she closed her eyes, I didn’t know what to think, this was all too much for me to process?! I feel like everything is happening too fast, I wish I had Luna here with me because at least she would know what to do...


I suddenly heard Crow respond! My eyes grew wide by his sudden answer as I saw Carla opening her eyes in shock. Immediately letting her neck go free, I turned around to face Crow as he stood next to Raven.

“Okay?! Are you serious?! You’re really going to give Elijah a second chance! To have Raven give up her life-”

“It’s Raven’s life, not ours. And she made her decision on doing this. Felix, this could be our only chance of getting rid of Elijah. I’m certain that Luna would agree to this as well. Raven, this spell, how long will take?”

Crow asked as he looked over at her...

“If I start now, a week at most. It’s going to take some time for me to extract half of my soul-”

“A week! Wait, what about the other half of your soul that lies within Carla?”

V asked as he went to stand next to Sephora...

“If I can have silence please, allow me to explain what I plan on doing. The Blood Eclipse is still happening for this month, so I have plenty of time to prepare for this ritual. Now all I need is one week, so I hope that Luna could keep Elijah busy and delay his order of having this kingdom be destroyed. Luna’s life shouldn’t be in danger for a while, but we also can’t guarantee that Elijah won’t do something to her during this week. So she needs to stay strong and keep Elijah occupied until then. Carla, when this ritual is complete, how do you intend in giving the vile to your son if you’re dead?”

She asked as she turned herself around and walked towards her desk full of potions.

“Raven, so you’re really gonna do this?”

Priscilla asked as she approached Raven and tugged at her sleeve like a child.

“I was thinking that maybe either Crow or Felix would give it to him, or maybe have Luna-”

“You have a lot of fucking nerve in asking me to do something like that! Crow, you’ll give the vile to Elijah, because I know if I face him I’ll probably just try and kill him!”

I said in annoyance as I decided to step outside, I couldn’t stand being in here anymore! I’ll just leave the rest up to Crow in what he wants to do. He’s been taking the lead on a lot of things lately and I think that’s the pure Royal blood in his veins that’s been making him so focused on what needs to be done.

“Felix, where are you going?!”

Sephora asked in concern as she followed me.

“I need some air, Raven...do whatever you think is right. But know that I don’t agree with what you’re doing. Sephora, V...promise me that you both will take responsibility for taking care of Priscilla. After all, Raven is having you two stay here for you’re safety. So the least you can both do is thank her by keeping Priscilla safe. And as for you, Carla. I said my peace in what I wanted to tell you. So know that I’m not doing this for you, but solely for the sake of Luna’s life.”

Once I spoke my last words to her, all she did was look at me and gave me a deep bow. Shutting the door behind me, I looked up at the sky while running my hand through my hair in frustration! This was all too much to deal with, my thoughts kept racing back and forth. Here I am wondering what’s going on with Luna, and it kills me knowing that I have to wait for a fucking week to see her again! I swear if Elijah does anything to hurt her, I really will kill him! Elijah knows no bounds when it comes to doing what he wants. So I have to prepare myself for what is about to happen...

“Luna... will be together again very soon. Just wait a little longer, and I promise to give you a future that will have you smiling.”

I said to myself as I placed my hand against my beating chest...

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