His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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True Lovers

Luna’s POV:

This feels like hell, and I can’t fight it. Because I needed more...more of this taste that felt so full-filling. The savory delight of this human soul that I was consuming was out of my control. The inner demon that lies within me continued to crave so much more that it was beginning to get harder for me to breathe! My body felt like it was about to break free from these chains that bound me. My bones felt like they were about to snap, my head was still feeling dizzy! I was honestly afraid of what I might do, afraid of hurting myself, and... afraid of hurting Eli. I don’t think I could control my strength!?

“Luna, it’s okay. It will all be over soon, I know it’s hard, but don’t let your demon take control. Fight it...”

I heard his words echo through my ears.

“Please, more...give me more...”

I cried out as I begged to feed more on human souls to devour. The amount of blood that stained Elijah’s lips were just like mine as he stared at me with sympathy, pulling at my chains, I felt my body being tugged closer towards him...

“I won’t be able to do that, too many souls will only drive you more insane. Luna, you must fight the urge, if you must devour something, then devour me instead...”

Elijah whispered as he brought his face closer towards mine, the feeling of his lips brushed lightly against me, and I was able to feel the warmth of his touch heating up. I tried my best in trying to move my arms, however, these chains that I had were very heavy. And I don’t think I could truly break free from them?

“No, don’t do this. Eli, I don’t...want you to hurt you...”

I stuttered in a desperate moan as I felt his hot breath hitting against my heated flesh. I hate this feeling of always being so submissive by his touch. I haven’t changed in wanting my body to be held by his hands, but I can’t just give in. I need to keep reminding myself that Felix is the only one that I need. That I won’t have my heart be taken away by this devil in front of me...

“Hurt me? Do you really believe that your that stronger than me? Luna, you will always be mine to control, even now. Seeing you’re demonic eyes that looked so frightened and yet so aroused by the taste of human flesh. You truly are a beast, so show me every part of you’re dangerous body.”

He growled under his breath as I watched him reach something for his pocket, my heart instantly felt like it stopped beating once I saw the ring I took off when I was last with him! The bright color of red shined so brightly, so beautifully, the mixture of our blood that lied within that ring was always a symbol of our love. A cursed love that keeps pulling me to him, so I watched as he grabbed one of my fingers and placed it back where I last wore it. His forceful grip had my entire body shaking as the tears in my eyes kept shedding at the ring I was now wearing again...

“Why do you still want me to wear this?”

I cried out as I brought my hand to a tight fist, his magnetic gaze drew me close, this connection we share can never be described to anyone. Elijah and I will always share something, this strong powerful feeling that we both have towards each other is stronger than any magic spell...

“Because I made a promise to Luna. That I will always love her, never leave her, and even now...this witch that I see before me, I can’t bring myself to hate her. Because I still love you, the Luna I grew up with, that showed me kindness, that I made love to, it’s still you, Luna. And I fucking hate myself for still wanting you to keep that promise, because I know that you no longer hold any feelings for me-”

“Stop it, Eli! I can’t, I need to hate you, I want to hate you! Because if I don’t, then I’ll end up hating myself more! Elijah, don’t make me love you, I’m trying to move on with my life. I want to forget about you, to forget about the pain that you gave me-”

“You think I fucking wanted this!? Do you think I’m not in pain either, everyone has lied and betrayed me! I’m completely alone now in this world, and I’m fine with that because I thought that maybe I would still have you by my side. But you chose my brother in the end, even after you were willing to give up your life with me. You still chose to live, so you could be with him. Do you have any idea how much I wish to loath you, to kill you, to fucking hate you!”

He growled in anger as his hands suddenly wrapped around my neck! The rattling of my chains echoed through the room as Elijah pulled me closer to his face. Our lips were so close together that I almost didn’t realize he was beginning to choke me. His words stabbed my heart like a sharp knife, we both have done such horrible things to each other. Unable to breathe, I raised both my hands and placed them against his cheeks in despair as his eyes began to water in rage. However, the tears that he was shedding, were just as lonely and painful as mine...

“I’m sorry, Eli. I’m sorry I hurt you, but I won’t apologize for loving Felix. And I won’t let you kill me or this Kingdom. If you want to hate me, then let all of your anger out, and I will do the same...”

I cried out in sadness as I slowly began to move my chained-up hands around Elijah’s neck as well.

“I don’t want your apologies, they no longer mean anything to me. And if you think you’ll stop me from destroying this Kingdom, then you are clearly mistaken. I will burn everything to the ground and then I will kill you...”

He said in a threatening tone as I felt his claws beginning to pierce my skin!

“I’ll like to see you try, so go on, try and kill me if you can,” I responded in a painful grunt as my sharp claws began to pierce through his flesh as well.

“Let’s see if that confidence of yours will last when I break you.”

He said in a demonic rage as he slammed his lips onto mine! His forceful grip around my throat was almost burning that I didn’t even notice Elijah pushing his tongue into my mouth! So is this how he wishes to break me, to use my body in hatred. If so, then I’ll accept it. I’ll take this as my punishment for hurting you, Eli. Do whatever you want with me because I will do the same. Even with these chains keeping me limited, I won’t hold back in expressing my feelings of anger and sorrow towards you...

Our kiss grew deeper as the lack of air was cutting thin within me, his hot tongue kept devouring mine. As the feeling of his warm blood could be felt dripping down my hands with how strong I was holding his neck. My strength was finally beginning to come back as Elijah released his hold on me. A loud gasp of air could be felt leaving my voice as I still kept my hands locked around his neck. However, Eli pulled one of my hands away from his neck with such ease and he saw the amount of his blood that stained my fingers. His lips curled into a twisted smile as his eyes went back to look at mine.

“I’ll show you what happens to those who defy me.”

He said as I watched in shock as he licked away some of his blood away from my hand! He then quickly pressed his tongue back into my mouth, but only this time I was able to taste his blood again! Why is he doing this!? I can no longer die if he gives me his blood- Suddenly! Out of nowhere, I felt a strong rush of heat coming through my body! What’s happening to me!? Why am I beginning to tremble so much?! My entire skin felt like it was melting, it’s too hot! I need to take my clothes off! Everything felt so suffocating, I feel like I’m burning!

“There’s a reason why my blood is so poisonous to humans. It’s because they can’t handle the power of what a King posses. But when a demon tastes my blood, they feel like their entire body is burning, and that’s because it is. Observe...”

And right as he said that he released his touch on me and pulled himself away. That was when I truly felt like I was being set on fire!


I screamed out his name in chaos as my body automatically went towards Elijah! He then quickly went to grab my hand and the server pain of torment was gone and left my body twitching!

“The blood that flows inside your body won’t last long, however, if I wanted to...I could easily kill you here and now just by letting go of your body, and watch it burn.”

He explained as he went to lick one of my fingers again, the wounds that were around his neck have already healed and I was unable to even speak with how aching my body felt earlier. Though I could feel my body already beginning to heal the pain away...but what’s the point if Eli will just keep tormenting me this way?!

“Luna, I will ruin you...”

He growled as kept holding my arm, and with his other free hand, he went ahead and ripped his shirt off and went ahead and tore my blouse off as well! He was quick in ripping my bra away as he threw it to the floor, my breasts were now completely exposed for his eyes to see!

“Eli, don’t-”

Ignoring my words, he moved his lips against mine once again and the taste of his blood could be felt running entering my body! He won’t let me speak anymore, and I think it’s because he longer wants to be hurt by my words. Just like how I don’t want him to let me go because I know if he does, it will hurt. Not just physically, but emotionally...

His kisses moved from my mouth to along my neck, but the feeling of his sharp teeth grazed my flesh. If he wanted to, he could tear my skin off and rip me to pieces. He soon wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me against his muscular chest. My breasts were pressed harshly against him as I felt my body already beginning to ache for his desire to put my body at rest from the heat that he was giving me. His hands outlined my waist so strongly that it sent shivers up my spine. The rippling sensation ignited a flame inside me as I rested my hand against his shoulder. We both then looked at each other with the desires of what we’ve been longing for. As much I wish to not feel the sensation he still gives me, my body can’t ignore what it craves. This burning passion that Elijah gives me, runs deep in my heart.

“Why is your heart beating so fast?”

He whispered in a lewd growl as his lips grazed against my lower jaw...

“Because my heart is betraying me...”

I cried out in guilt as I pulled Elijah closer towards me.

“Betraying you? Then I guess, so is mine...”

He said as his tongue ran down towards my neck until it reached my clavicle. Arching my back, my breasts stuck out towards him as the flow of his wet hot tongue began to make their way around my nipples. Moving my hand down towards his chest, I was able to feel how strong his heart was pulsing. It was just like mine, a rapid heartbeat that couldn’t stop. We both knew what words we wanted to say to each other, but the damage of what we’ve both done will never allow us to say it. Yet our bodies don’t hesitate in yearning for one another, our eyes never looking away. The touch of his hands made love to me many times and his strong kisses reminded me of our past. We both can’t hate nor love each other at the same time, we could only choose one emotion that we want for one another, and I thought I made my decision clear to myself. But I guess I was wrong?

“Show me what your heart wants. Am I the only one who feels this pain in here?”

Elijah asked as he buried his fast between my breasts and held my hand against his beating heart...

“It hurts, my chest, it’s always hurting when I’m with you. So please make the pain stop. Eli, make it go away.”

I cried out as I finally wrapped my arms around his back, he then quickly moved both of his hands around my waist and pulled me into a tight embrace as we held on to one another as if it would be our last. I think we both know the actions of what we’re about to do, our bodies have always been compatible from the very beginning. I don’t even know how many times he took me already, but the perfection of his body touching mine has always made me feel so special. Even now, Elijah still loves me...and deep down, I still love him. Yet I don’t think I could bring myself to ever tell him again what I truly feel.

The shifting of my hips began to move in a circular motion as the gripping of his fingers slid down towards my lower abdomen. I swiftly beat him to it as I rushed to unzip his trousers in quick haste as both of our breathing began to increase! He then reached out his thumb and slightly parted my mouth open. He then motioned forward and grabbed my thighs as he pushed me back down with his heavy strength. These hands of his soon found their way up my skirt and lace his fingers around my underwear, he was quick in removing them as he slid his hands back against my skin!

The way he has always seduced my body has been taking control over me. Bending my body to his every will of addiction. Even now the stimulation of his black eyes set me into motion as he parted my legs open. Grabbing my inner thighs, he laced them over his shoulder as I continued to lay there, gripping the bedsheets beneath me, my body immediately jolted forward by the warmness of his breath hitting my lower core!

“You’re already so wet for me, I wonder if you taste the same...”

He groaned out aggressively as his hands moved to my buttocks, pushing me closer to his mouth! His kisses around my pelvis made my nipples instantly harden as I automatically arch my back. The stimulation I’ve been longing for finally comes as the gentle wetness of his mouth finally reached my clit! He immediately began to suck on my sensitive flesh as well as penetrating his long hot tongue within my inner tight walls! He was tasting every part of me again, devouring me like before.

“Oh, Eli...”

I moaned out his name as my body tensed to his touch. With every shift and stir, he was giving me it began to build up the inner juices that were starting to flow out of me! Hearing the moist clicking of his lips wrapping around my pussy had me wanting more. My cheeks felt hot with burning passion as his fingers dug deep within my skin. The built-up Elijah was giving me was overstimulating and I felt my inner walls quenching with every lick he inserted his tongue into me! But just as I felt an overwhelming desire come through my body, Elijah quickly stopped what he was doing! My body felt like it was on fire again, only this time it wasn’t as painful as before, however, it was still an overwhelming type of torture I couldn’t stand to go through!

“Why do you always... do this to me?!”

I cried out as I tightened my grip on the sheets even more...

“Because I’m the one that will decide when you will cum, you are mine to control. That includes this body of yours, so keep your legs spread for me.

He growled in high demand as he pushed my legs farther apart. My aching core was already gasping for any sort of friction if can get. And I couldn’t help but move my hips as I felt the chains rattling to one another...

His fiery gaze looked at every inch of my body, and soon his lips found their way to mine! Trapping us in a passionate kiss, Elijah’s words have always been so harsh. Yet the way he touches me has remained the same, so I accepted it and felt something hard tracing lightly against my lower belly! I instantly stiffened my body as I felt the size of his cock being rubbed against me! Letting out a gasp, I stopped kissing him and looked down to see that Elijah was stroking his manhood against my slit! I almost forgot how big he was, though I wonder if it will hurt once he puts it inside?

So I reached out my hand to grab his shaft along with him. He was then surprised by my sudden actions as I wrapped my legs behind his back. Locking him in place, I wrapped my other hand around his neck and pulled myself closer to him. The clinking of my chains rang with every movement I made. This feeling that I have inside me feels hollow, and I need Eli to fill in the void...

“Well look at you being disobedient-”

I immediately shut Eli up as I pressed my lips onto him, sticking my tongue inside his mouth. I no longer wished to be toyed with, my body is in need to be filled by him. My love, my love, my Elijah. You made me be what I am today, so I will show you who I really am. A monster like you...

His eyes grew wide in disbelief as he kept looking at me. The grunts of his voice grew louder the instant I inserted his thick cock inside of me! I truly excepted pain to overtake me, but that was no longer the case with this body of mine. Because I immediately felt an overflow of arousement once I slipped his member inside my core. We both in synced unleashed a growl of hunger as I felt my womb clamping against his massive shaft that reached deep within me!

“You are either really brave or really reckless...”

Elijah grunted as his body began to already shake as I felt his arms being wrapped around me! This sensation was nothing I could ever imagine having, he fit so perfectly inside me that I was unable to speak as I basked in his delicious flesh.

“Luna, you’re so... warm, so tight...so beautiful...”

Elijah moaned out possessively as he realized that my body was already his to control the moment we connected. So he pressed further into my hips as he took one of my breasts and sucked on my rosebud so obsessively! He then began to thrust himself forward and back in a frenzied rhythm! My pussy kept pulling him in so tightly that I was unable to hold back my moans of absolute pleasure coming to me. He felt so big that I felt completely compacted inside! The strength he uses to stroke against the density of my body ignited a flame of ecstasy throughout my whole being. Running my finger through his hair, I felt the burning stinging sensation of his lips sucking hard again my hardened nipple!

The unbreakable connection of our lower bodies slamming against one another could be heard mixing our juices. Digging my claws into his back, Eli continued to slam harshly against me! I was already starting to tremble in high delight and found myself pulsing my wet cunt against his dick! My cum that covered his entire cock was leaking out and running down my inner thighs!

“Wait, Eli...I’m still cumming...”

I growled in absolute pleasure as Elijah refused to slow down his place! My clit was already on overdrive as it kept vibrating with every friction Elijah was giving me. But all Eli did was ignore my moans as he focused on filling me more! He then quickly pulled my hands away that showed my claws that were digging to his back earlier. His blood could be shown running down my fingers again, I didn’t even realize how strong I was holding him?! But Eli didn’t seem to care as he licked my bloody fingers and inserted his tongue inside my mouth again! The spark of his heat grew tremendously inside me again that I no longer cared how much of his blood he was giving me!

“More, I want you to feel more of me. To never forget this feeling...Luna...my Luna, always remember me...”

He muffled his words as he bit my lower lip, pushing my legs further back, I felt every inch of his cock drilling into me! He exerts into the very depths of my body, pulling me into a never-ending cycle of addiction. My hips followed through to his patterns until I felt a wave of something hot filling me. Elijah immediately twitched his body as he slammed himself deep into me. He finally came inside! Yet our bodies never gave up in wanting to stop, we wanted more. No, we need more...or else it would drive us insane!

He continued to pound into me until I felt like I was out of air. I tried to let out a scream of intoxication. But Eli was quick in shoving his tongue back into my mouth, and all that could be heard were our muffled moans! I was starting to reach the point of no return as the tensity between us grew more dangerous. The room began to shake as our bodies built a ferocious storm of satisfaction! My legs soon began to twitch against his sweaty back, I was beginning to lose control of my mobility as I ran my hands down his torso. My inner walls felt like they were breaking as I could no longer tell if I was cumming or not. Every powerful thrust he was giving was like a drug, I could never seem to get enough of it, so I allowed him to ravage my body how he wanted. The many orgasms the were burning up inside me were making my mind go blank as all I could do was focus on Eli.

Our lower parts dripped wet from the number of climaxes we both kept reaching. My arms kept vibrating as he kept injecting himself into me. The way he grips my breast so desperately as he shoved his cock harder into me. The rapture of our voices mixed in perfect union as my cunt suddenly began to squirt uncontrollably against his cock digging deeper inside of me! The throbbing of my womb ached for more as the sheets themselves became damp with our moisture...


“Luna, more...give me more until you lose yourself into my heart.”

Elijah moaned out possessively as he stole another kiss from my lips, time seemed frozen for us as we kept drowning in each other sins. My body still burned yet it felt so light like a feather with how strong Eli kept holding me. I’ve completely surrendered myself to him, my body was never mine to control, it was always his. However, my heart and mind still battled against one other, because I knew this moment would not be able to last forever. But being able to reconnect this way after so long has shown how much our bodies missed our touch. It almost makes me hope that Elijah could still change for the better. So I’ll let him use me as much as he needs until I could change his heart back to how it once was. I want him to trust me again, to no longer be hurting...

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