His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 126: Different Paradise

Luna’s POV:

“Take me with you!”

I said with desperation in my voice, it’s been so long since I last saw Crow, theirs so many things I wanna ask him. Like how’s he doing, is Elijah giving him a hard time? Why did he kiss me when I left? But the main thing I wanna ask him...is he the one that gave me the Rose when I was a child? I need to know if we have met before...

“I see, so you really have a lot to ask him? Luna, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea for you to come with me? The place that I must visit is the Lake of Oblivion, it’s not a place for humans to be at.”

He explained in concern, even his red eyes held sadness and worry. So I reached out my hand and placed it against his cheek to comfort him...

“Everything should be okay now, my life shouldn’t be in danger anymore. You just have to keep your face hidden-”

“It’s not that Luna, I’m not worried about us getting caught. I fear you coming to the place I’m heading to, it’s where humans are sacrificed. Their hearts aren’t devoured, no...their hearts are cut open, and what we do with the soul is that we cast it to the Lake of Oblivion. That’s where all the human’s souls lay to suffer for eternity. But what makes it so dangerous, is that if either demon or human enters the lake, it will drain once life.”

As he began to explain, my body turned numb. Even my hand that laid on Felix’s face twitched a bit with what he was telling me!

“Are you serious, why would your kind want to enter a lake like that? What’s the purpose?”

I asked in total shock as I finally dropped my arm down, I’ve been so used to being around Felix and how he’s been taking care of me. That I keep forgetting that not all demons in this world are as sweet and as kind as he is...

“My old family members from centuries ago, decided that there should be a place where humans should be thrown away and rot forever, instead of keeping them in cells. So they chose to dispose of the most horrible human begins in the Lake of Oblivion, there’s no point in giving humans the chance of being reborn in their world when they will forever have an evil heart. It’s best to just kill them and let them feel pain forever, that is their punishment for causing so much wickedness in your world.”

It was difficult to comprehend everything that was coming out of Felix’s mouth, I had no idea a place like that existed! Then again, there’s so much I don’t know about this world...

“I understand that people who do horrible things should be punished, but for eternity? That just sounds cruel...Felix, why would Crow be there?”

With every question I was asking, I could tell Felix was growing a bit anxious, it’s as if he doesn’t want me to know somthing. I guess he doesn’t want me to worry, that’s very sweet of him, but I want to be able to know and learn more about this world that I’m living in. Very soon, Felix released my hand and walked towards the window frame. He stayed silent for a while and I watched as he combed his hair back with his long slender fingers...

“On the day we left, I spoke with Crow. He looked so tired from his eyes, I wasn’t sure how I was going to tell him about me taking you away from Elijah. But I knew I had to tell him, he’s the only family member I could trust now. But when I began to explain my plans, he was completely against it. He didn’t want me to take you away, but deep down he knew that it was the only thing that could help you. He even told me to protect you, of course, that was my main plan, to begin with. However, the look that Crow gave me, was that of a helpless little brother. I threw all of the responsibilities I had on my shoulders, and now he’s stuck dealing with not only Emily but Elijah as well. I’m sure it’s become difficult for him to deal with everything, especially since he’s the weakest family member. And once V brought it to my attention that he’s heard rumors of Crow visiting, Lake Oblivion, it all made sense to me. You see, that place is a curse, it isn’t just a place to toss human souls in. It’s also a place where you could use your magic within the lake to grow stronger. But there’s a reason why many warlocks and witches refuse to use the lake, it’s because once you enter the waters of oblivion, you gamble your magic source, and that’s the life that we live off of when we consume your human souls. But the souls that are coated in the lake become tainted, almost poisonous I should say. Such negative energy can become so powerful that some demons are willing to risk half of their life to become stronger. I fear that is what Crow is doing...”

My heart almost gave out once Felix finished explaining everything. I felt sick to my stomach and I needed to lean myself against one of the walls, I was starting to feel very dizzy again and it was difficult to focus around my surroundings...

“Luna, are you okay, what’s wrong?”

Felix noticing the sudden actions he quickly came over to me, he had me lean against him. I’ve been feeling so light-headed for the past few weeks and I wasn’t sure why? At first, I thought it was because I needed rest, but I’ve come to find out that isn’t the case. I’ve been trying hard not to think about it, the last thing Felix needs is more stress to worry about...

“I’m fine, I’m just worried about Crow. I don’t wanna believe that he would cut his life away just to get stronger. It’s not worth it, I understand that you’ll be able to gain power. But what’s the point when you won’t be able to live a full life because of it?”

I responded as calmly as I could, placing my hand against his chest, I tried to keep my composure while breathing in slowly. I need to control my heavy heartbeat and maintain myself well...

“I know, I don’t wanna believe it either. But It’s a high possibility, Luna. Please, stay here. It will be dangerous if-”

“No, I’m going with you whether you like it or not! I’m tired of always waiting here and doing nothing. I get that you want me to stay because it’s safe, but honestly, I only feel safe when I’m with you. And like I said before, you’re not the only one who needs to see to Crow.”

I explained once I felt less dizzy, slowly pulling myself away from him, I didn’t even pay Felix any attention once I began to change into a different outfit. Luckily for me, this brothel has a lot of clothes that were left behind by many humans that once stayed here. Though I don’t think the term, left, is the proper word for it, more like they were forced.

“Nothing I say is gonna change your mind...”

Felix said in a troublesome sigh.

“Nope, now turn around, I have to change my clothes. I’ve been wearing the same outfit for almost a week already.”

I said with a stern pout...

“Are you ordering me around? Luna, I’ve already seen your body-”

“Shh! Don’t say it, I’m fully aware that all you brothers have seen me naked! But that’s doesn’t make it okay, so close your eyes and turn around!”

I said in high demand, hearing him laugh, he slowly closed his eyes and began facing the other direction. Giving out a playful smirk, I quickly began to strip down, though every few seconds, I would make sure to check on Felix to see if his eyes remained closed...

“Are you done yet?”

“No, keep your eyes shut! I’m almost done...”

I responded in a hurry as I tried to rush myself, deep down I found this funny, Felix isn’t peeking. He really is a true gentleman, that’s more I could say for Eli. I’m sure he would take any chance to take a peek, I don’t think he would even listen to me- wait! What the hell am I doing, why am I thinking about him again?


My head was still filled with Elijah that I failed to realize how close Felix was suddenly standing in front of me! His eyes were fully opened and he kept staring at me...

“Yeah, I’m done changing now...”

I responded with awkwardness while averting my eyes, I’m sure that Felix read my mind once I brought up Eli.

“Let’s get going now, take my hand. No matter what, never let it go.”

He responded with sorrow, giving him a nod I naturally took his hand and we both entwined our fingers together.

“I’m sorry-”

“Never apologize for what your feeling, I want you to always be honest with yourself and with me. I love you, Luna.”

My body grew warm when I heard him say that, it made my heart flutter a bit. However, I still don’t know what my feelings are towards Felix yet. I don’t want to mess this up, I need to know for a fact if what I’m feeling is true love or just simple gratitude...

“Felix, I can’t-”

“It’s okay, like I said before, you have all the time to think about it. Don’t stress yourself over it...”

With the way Felix was speaking, I knew it pained him. It doesn’t matter who you are, demon or human. Everyone deserves to be loved, at least by someone, and I truly want that for him.

“Now come, let’s get going-”

Cutting off what Felix had to say, I pulled down on his shirt and had him bend forward towards my height. I then immediately placed a soft tender kiss on his lips, I remained still until I felt ready to pull away. With my eyes completely closed, I had no idea if Felix was watching me or not. Once I finally pulled back my kiss, I slowly opened my eyes and saw a pair of bright red eyes gazing back at me. We both stared passionately at one another as if it would be the last time. I never knew that I would ever have these mixed feelings for Felix, but I won’t feel guilty like he said. I will stay true to what I feel, my heart aches for Elijah and it’s painful. But I found someone who is slowly removing this suffrage away from me...

“I may not be able to tell you, I love you, yet, but know that I’ve grown to care so much for you. I’ve come to like you so much, Felix. I wish this heart of mine could be replaced.”

I cried out as I buried my face onto his chest, I want to be able to love Felix freely without any consequences!

“It’s okay, don’t rush anything. Luna, your heart belongs to you. I don’t ever want you to change it, I love you for who you are...”

He said so sweetly as he lifted my chin, and before I knew it, we shared another kiss between us. With our lips locked to one another, we embraced each other until we both decided it was time to leave. We both didn’t exchange any words with each other after that, though I’m sure the way we held our hands showed how strong our bond was. I knew that things will be okay as long as I remain by his side, I haven’t seen the Realm Kingdom of Wisteria since I was kept inside within these walls for my safety, but now that I can leave freely. I’m so eager to know what world I’m living in. So once Felix opened the door, I truly felt like I was entering the world that I was brought into, the world that Elijah Kings rules over...

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