His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Chapter 127: Unvanquished

Emily’s POV:

“This is so fucking ridiculous, how much more time does Elijah need?!”

I yelled with agitation in my room, laying on the floor I kept thinking back on the night Felix and Luna left. I wish I could say I was surprised, but that would be a lie. I knew that my brother had fallen for Luna and it disgusts me! I know that Elijah has said that he loves Luna as well, but he’s clearly blind and doesn’t know what he’s saying. He could never love a filthy human like her, especially now with how things turned out. Luna chose who she wanted to be with, and yet Elijah still won’t let her go! I was certain that once she left, Elijah would stop wanting her. But I couldn’t be any more wrong, if anything, it seems that my King only wants Luna more! It truly breaks my heart, just what the hell does Luna have that I don’t?!

“My Lady, are you in there?”

The knocking on my door could be heard along with Carla’s voice. Just what could this bitch want from me? As I quickly got off the floor, I began to march my way towards the door. Immediately prying it open, I was caught off guard once I saw the witch standing behind Carla!

“Sephora, what are you doing here?”

I asked in annoyance...

“My husband V needed to come here today, he said it was important to speak with the King.”

She explained calmly as she made her way inside my room.

“Carla, is V and Elijah still speaking?”

I asked as I was running out of patience. Fucking V interrupted my alone time with Elijah earlier, and seeing V’s wife right now isn’t helping me maintain my composure.

“Yes, my Lady. The king has strictly asked for no one to disturb them until they come out of the room.”

She answered while taking a bow, I then went ahead and slammed the door in front of her and brought my hands into a tight fist!

“You should treat your witch servants with a little bit more respect, don’t you think?”

Sephora said with a smirk as I watched her take a seat on my bed...

“The way I treat my servants has nothing to do with you, also...your the last witch that should be telling me how I should treat others. Just how many witches and warlocks have you killed in the last month? Ever since Elijah gave you and the other Royal Families to find Felix and that human girl, you’ve been losing your temper quite easily. I wonder if it’s because our King ordered us to kill Felix?”

I said to her with a playful smile as I leaned myself against the door frame. The look in Sephora’s eyes showed the truth of what I was implying, it’s no secret that Sephora has always loved my older brother. Hell, I’m even certain if I was never born, Father would have had Sephora and Felix to be married, though things didn’t turn out that way...

“Stop speaking nonsense, the King’s orders are absolute. Felix betrayed the King’s family, he’s nothing but a traitor. So he must die-”

“Cut the shit, Sephora. We both know that you loved my brother for decades, even when you were married to your first husband. You would sneak your way inside our home to get close to my brother, yet even when you gave your body to him for almost a century. He never returned your feelings, and I can’t help but laugh. You would think with how much older you are, you would be wise to understand that.”

I began to explain as I watched her grow more frustrated, all she could do was bite her lower lip in anger while looking down at the floor.

“That was all in the past, I haven’t spoken to Felix in 7 years. So the feeling’s I once I had for him no longer exist, I’m married now-”

“That doesn’t matter, you’ve killed every husband you had to prove your love to Felix. Yet none of that ever mattered, Felix saw you nothing more as something to fuck along with the other witches that wanted him. He’s never going to love you, nor did he care what you were willing to sacrifice. Though I’m curious if you’ll sacrifice this new husband of yours? If so, by all means, go ahead. V is already getting in the way between me and Elijah-”

“The King isn’t yours’s Emily, and you should be wise on how you speak to me-”

“No, you’ll be wise how you speak to me! I’m the future mother of this Kingdom, you should be on your knees worshiping me and Elijah!”

I voiced out while approaching where she was sitting, she then quickly stood up and stepped towards me and didn’t waver in fear. This bitch thinks she’s superior to me!?

“You really believe that you’ll be the queen of this Realm? What a childish thought, you know what? You’re right, I did love your brother, in fact, I still do. I probably will always love him, but I learned something in these years of staying away from him. I learned that you could never make someone fall in love with you, even if you try to prove how much you're willing to give up something. None of that means shit, despite how much younger Felix was than me. He was already so much wiser and mature than I could ever be. Emily, after Crow, explained to the rest of the Royal Families about what happened between Luna and Elijah. It’s completely clear to me, and probably to everyone else. That our King could never and would never, love anyone else other than Luna.”

Hearing Sephora speak, I was no longer able to hold in my fury! And before I knew it, I had slapped Sephora across the face so harshly that I felt her jaw break!

“Let that be the last time you ever speak to me in that matter! I don’t fucking care what Crow told you or anyone else! Elijah belongs to me, I’ll make sure no one takes him away from me! You know nothing about love, and neither does Luna! She left my King in pain, and only I could be the one to make him feel better, he’s my world. And I will kill anyone who tries to get between us, including you-”

“Say whatever you want, but once we find Luna. Our King will forget about you, and once he marries Luna. She will be the future mother of this Kingdom, and you will be nothing...”

She responded with a smug look on her face, she then quickly cracked her bone back in place. Spitting out some blood, I watched her eyes grow black. This cunt really wants to die by my hands, doesn’t she!? Though as much as I would love to tear her neck off, it wouldn’t be fun if she was dead. So I think I’ll play with her for a bit, the only way to do that is by making her tremble in fear...

“How much more pathetic can you become, it wasn’t enough for you to be rejected? But now you’re here choosing a human being to be your queen? You truly are a sad witch, and I can’t help but feel sorry for you. You know that this Kingdom will never accept a human to rule this world, and even if you were to find Luna, it wouldn’t matter in the end.”

I began to explain to her with a wicked smile as I placed my palm against her smooth cheek. Her face soon grew stiff with worry once I said that, and that’s what I wanted...

“What are you talking about, what have you done?”

She asked with a concerned look as she hit my hand away from her face, I soon giggled in such satisfaction that it was almost too difficult to stop.

“It makes no difference to me if Luna is found or not because the results will be the same in the end! Luna will die, and it will be such an amazing sweet death for her.”

I laughed in amusement as I began to touch my body in satisfaction, just thinking about Luna’s last moment sends arousement through my inner body! I just wish I could be there when she takes her last dying breath...

“What are you talking about, why would Luna die?!”

She asks in high demand as she pushed me to the ground with such force!

“I might as well tell you, besides, it’s not like anyone is going to believe you of what I’m about to say. Elijah would pick me over any of you, he’s lost his trust with almost everyone. So listen very carefully, before Luna left with my brother. I had her consume a bit of poison that Raven brew for me, it will shut down her organs very slowly. Making her death seem like she died by her own sickness, it won’t be long now before she’s completely gone from this world. Just one more week, no...a few more days at most before your future, queen, is killed by my hands. It’s beautiful isn’t it, how my plan is starting to bloom. Very soon my Eli won’t need to find her anymore, and all he will have to focus on is me. And once we wed and I become the new queen, I’ll make sure you and Felix die together. I will make it a most painful death that you two will never forget, Sephora...”

As I finished explaining, my face immediately grew red with excitement as I stared into Sephora’s black eyes of despair. It was such a lovely sight to see that I wanted more, so I placed my hand against her breast and began to grope it in pleasure. Rubbing my thighs against each other I was beginning to feel myself growing wet at my lower core.

“Sephora, let’s have some fun like the good old days. I know it will be a little different with Felix not being here, but I promise I’ll make you feel good...”

I continued to speak in an envious moan as I placed a kiss against Sephora’s lips. She was unable to move as she kept the same look of disbelief. Though feeling my lips seemed to have brought her back to her senses because she quickly pushed herself away from me and stood above me!

“You’re a monster! How could you kill the one person that our King loves? Have you realized what you’ve done, do you know what madness and chaos Elijah will unleash on this world if he finds Luna dead! You’ve gone completely insane if you think our King will just accept it and move on. Queen, you? I would rather die with my family than have you be my queen!”

She said in disgust as she quickly walked out of my room in a hurry!

“How boring, here I was hoping to have some fun with you,” I said in disappointment as I got up from the floor.

Though I was curious about where Sephora was running off to? So I attempted to follow her downstairs, however, I wasn’t expecting to see her with the rest of her family members in the ballroom!

“Sephora, why did you bring your family? I thought it was only you and V that came here?!”

I asked in annoyance, however, I needed to keep myself in check and not lose my temper. I may be stronger than Sephora, but if she’s with her family then that is a battle I can’t win on my own. Though my Elijah could easily burn them all if they ever tried to hurt me, it will be a problem if we ever try to kill them though, they are the second strongest next to us. The Cerberus Family enforces the laws that the King orders out to the Realm Kingdom.

“My apologies, Lady Emily. I didn’t think it would be important to mention it.”

Sephora responds with a murder-like gaze. She wants to kill me and it shows, too bad that is something that will never happen. Suddenly, the ground beneath us began to shake so violently that we all crouched to the floor! Just what the hell is going on, this only happens when-


I yelled out in worry as I quickly tried to stand upright and make my way up the stairs. Though once I took my first step, the doors of Elijah’s room flew open as I saw a body being thrown downstairs! At first, I thought it was Elijah, but as I paid very close attention to who it was. My uneasiness went away as I saw it was V who Elijah had thrown...


I heard Sephora along with their other family members shout in panic, they all rushed towards his aid to see if he was breathing.

“He was right there in front of you, and you didn’t do anything! You worthless piece of shit! You did nothing but stand there as he gave you the collar, you said you saw her! You saw Luna, yet you let Felix take her away! I do not need such a weak warlock like to live, I’ll kill you!”

Elijah roared in anger as he walked his way down the steps...

“Please, my King. I beg you not to take V’s life! Felix is far stronger than any one of us. But if my whole family faces him together, then I give you my word. That will bring Luna back and Felix as well. That way you could kill him with your own two hands.”

Sephora begged as she had her family members carry V away. I’m surprised that she could keep herself so composed in front of the King, though she did serve my father before as well...

“Then do not fail me, Sephora. I want you to bring Luna back to me alive and unharmed... if I find so much as a scratch on her. It’ll be your husband’s life, now leave before I burn you all to ash.”

Elijah threatened as he stood and watched them bow before him, they soon made their way out one by one, until Sephora was the last one to leave. Though she made sure to look back at me and give me a tense stare of rage before she left...

“Elijah, what’s going on?”

I asked in hesitation as I began to approach him.

“Leave now.”


I responded in confusion as I stopped myself from getting any closer...

“Get out and find her!”

He roared in anger as he slammed his fist to the railing of the stairs. He then quickly turned himself around and shut himself in his room! I knew that Elijah couldn’t find Luna by himself since he’s been having difficulty controlling his demon again. All the anger and heartache are weighing down on his body, and it’s all her fault. I will never forgive what Luna has done to my King. So I will do what my king has ordered of me, I will find Luna. However, once I bring her here, she will already be dead...

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