His Demonic Aggression (Book 3)

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Outside Madness

Luna’s POV:

“Whoa! I never knew you demons had animals in this world?!”

I voiced out with excitement as I admired my surroundings, everywhere I looked, I saw witches and warlocks riding their horses! I almost feel like I’m living in the old pioneer days where carriages and wagons were the only sources of transportation because so far I haven’t seen a single motor vehicle in sight!

“Of course we have animals in this world, after all, animals existed way before you humans were born. However, we of the Underworld refuse to copy or even affiliate ourselves with the new high technology your human species have created. We see it as an abomination since it’s what caused you, humans, to become more selfish with greed.”

Felix explained while gripping my hand firmly, I’m sure he was a bit nervous having me be out here in the public eye. But so far, no one has question us and it has brought such a huge relief.

“I see, I guess I could understand why you would say that. From what you told me earlier, your world doesn’t believe in money as my world does. You exchange things through trades and the main thing you trade with is usually humans. Though that could never work in my old world since that would be extremely illegal.”

I said with an awkward giggle...

“Yes, well your world had grown strict with ridiculous laws that make no sense to us.”

He mentioned that while keeping me close to him, Felix is paranoid about our surroundings, but I can’t help but be so excited about this new world around me!

“Really, like what?”

I asked curiously...

“From what Elijah explained to me and my other siblings, that when he was living in your world, he couldn’t understand how one must pay, money, to live. That money is the true essence of why you humans are so selfish. If one is dying from any sickness, they are left to suffer or die if they can’t afford to pay others for help. The same goes with food I believe? You humans rely on food and water to live off of, yet if you can’t pay with, money, you are left to starve. So it disgusts me how some of you humans can watch your kind die and not care-”

“I understand what your trying to say, and I wish that my world didn’t have so many flaws. But we try to make the most of it...it’s not like your world is any better. You demons kill and in slave people-”

“You already know why we do that, we do it because we need to. Also, if your trying to compare your world and my world on which one is less disgusting. I can promise you that the world that you’re living in right now, is far more heavenly than the one you were born in. Yes, what we do may seem monstrous, however, we succeed in one thing you humans could never obtain, and that...is loyalty. We demons take the vow of loyalty to never betray one that is superior to the other. That is how trust is formed, where honesty becomes important to us. You, humans, don’t care for loyalty, you all become selfish with your own needs in what you want. But if a demon breaks their loyalty, they are sentenced to death.”

He finished explaining with guilt in his voice, I couldn’t help but feel bad about what he was saying, I get that people in the human world could never live in peace. It’s human nature to look out for yourself first before others. But what caught my attention was what he said about loyalty, does Felix feel guilty for betraying his family-

“Enough with the doubt, Luna. I don’t feel guilty for what I did, I just feel uneasy with how everything is turning out-”

“Really?! Can you at least let me finish my thoughts before you read them! Honestly, there’s no privacy with you.”

I said with a heavy sigh...

“I don’t think you ever had privacy since the day you came here.”

Felix pointed out in a playful grin...

“I swear, all of you brothers weren’t taught proper etiquette. Didn’t anyone teach you when you were growing up that it’s rude to be so nosy about other people’s lives? Oh, which reminds me, Felix. Remember when you mentioned you were 268 years old, well...at what age did you stop aging? And do you demons go through puberty? I feel like there’s still so much I don’t know about you guy’s, I don’t even know if it’s important to ask or if I’m prying into something too personal-”

“Not at all, I’m more than happy to tell you more about me and what we warlocks and witches go through.”

He said while giving me a gentle smile, I knew that I was completely different from Elijah and the others. But maybe there was a small possibility that I could have something in common with them. As Felix and I continued to walk, he explained to me how they stop aging whenever they make a contract with a demon. And after few minutes of our conversation, we both came across a very narrow bridge. Now luckily for me, I’m not afraid of heights. I am however afraid of falling, even as we both took the first few steps forward, the bridge immediately began to shake. This isn’t good! What if the bridge breaks and we both die? Well, technically, I’ll probably be the only one who dies? But still, even as I’m looking down, I wasn’t able to see anything other than the dark abyss from below! Feeling my worry and fear, Felix quickly decided to carry me in his arms!

“Hey, you don’t have to carry me, I could walk-”

“When I was first born, I was nothing but an empty hallowed warlock-”

“Huh, what are you talking about?”

Before I could question what Felix was saying, I realized that he’s probably talking about his childhood to keep me distracted from this unstable bridge we’re on!

“When a witch or warlock is born, they aren’t born with a demon. No, we make our contract with them when we’re much older. I made my contract with a very old demon that’s been around for many centuries. I was 17 years old when I finally decided it was time to gain my power...”

“Wait, you were only 17!? You were only a teenager, wasn’t it painful? And how does one make a contract with one? Also, where did you find yours?!”

I bombarded him with even more questions as we almost reached the end of the bridge, thank goodness too because I’m starting to feel light-headed again...

“We must make a contract with our demons before we reach a certain age, if we don’t, we die. A warlock and a witch cannot live without a demon, it’s what keeps our hearts still beating. It’s the only reason why we’re able to live longer than you humans. A majority of my siblings ended up making a contract with their demons at the age of 17 as well. The only thing that makes forming a contract with a demon so dangerous is the extreme pain we must endure. It could be so severe that many warlocks and witches have died. After all, it all depends on how strong you wish to become. Take Elijah’s demon, for example, if any other warlock tries to make a contract with it, there’s no doubt in my mind that they will die instantly. A demon, such as Elijah’s, doesn’t want someone so weak, that is why it’s important to have royal blood. However, if one possesses a weak demon, like Crow, then the pain won’t be as harsh. But you end becoming the weakest member in the family...”

With Felix still explaining, we were finally able to reach the end of the bridge. I was honestly amazed and in shock at what I was hearing, but once he placed me down, my feet suddenly gave in and I couldn’t stand up!


Felix shouted worry, but I quickly covered his mouth with my hand!

“I’m okay, I just...I’m just feeling a bit light-headed. Felix, I’m sorry, but you can’t say my name so loudly out here. Will risk getting caught, I just...let me sit for a bit.”

I worded out feeling breathless as Felix helped me, we both then took a seat on top of a log and I couldn’t help but lean my dizzy head against his shoulder...

“I tend to forget my surroundings when I’m with you, so I didn’t realize that I yelled out your name. Luna, have you been feeling well lately? Back in the brothel, you would always sleep during the night. However, there would be times where you stay asleep for an entire day almost and still feel tired.”

He asked in concern as I felt him wrapping his arm around my shoulder. I knew that deep down something was wrong with me, I just didn’t know what? But I didn’t wanna worry about it right now. What matters is finding Crow, but I’ll make sure to let Felix know about my health later on, though I’m not sure what it could be. So for now, I’ll just make up as many excuses as I can...

“I’m okay, I’m just not used to getting enough sleep. You know that Elijah wasn’t really letting me rest much whenever we were together in his room. So I’m sure my body is trying to catch up on sleep...I just need a little bit of rest probably. But please, keep talking...it comforts me.”

I said in a tiresome sigh, with his hand rubbing my arm, I looked at what was far ahead of us and saw many snowy mountains, they were beautiful...

“Why must you be so fragile? It only makes me wanna protect you more, humans are so weak compared to us. But that doesn’t mean that a human’s heart is not as strong as a demon, Luna, your heart truly is pure. That’s something that many demons like me crave, we’ve grown used to devouring the many corrupted souls that we kill. But a gentle and kind soul like yours is completely non-existent to us. You asked me earlier how one makes a contract with a demon, well usually demons are contained in very specific vile’s. These vile’s hold an empty vessel inside them, which is how it keeps the demons from escaping. The only way to release them is by forming a contract with them, the contract is formed by consuming the demon’s vessel. And once you do that, it is up to the witch or warlock to withstand the pain and agony. So if you manage to survive, then you’ve succeeded in living a long cursed life. But if you fail, then death with take you and you will cease to exist. Never to be born again...”

His tense words almost made me cry knowing that they aren’t given a choice when they are born. They’ll die if they don’t make a contract, and let’s say they do end up forming a contract with a demon. There’s still no guarantee that they live after doing that, it’s horrible and I can’t help but feel sad for them...

“So that’s why Elijah was in so much pain for those 3 years when he came down here. His demon was practically torturing his body, I could only imagine. But what about you, was your demon difficult to control as well?”

I anxiously asked while focusing my eyes on him, even though Felix kept his hood on, I was still able to see the broken look of despair in his red eyes...

“I was locked away for 13 years in the dungeon floors, my demon belonged to an ancient family member. I didn’t care who the past warlock was, all I knew was that his demon was the second strongest to my father’s. So I decided of making a contract with it, I just had no idea at that time what I was getting myself into. Words cannot describe the excruciating pain of what I was going through in those 13 years. Death to me seemed almost heavenly, then having to deal with my bones breaking and my blood boiling every day. Not being able to breathe, even blinking was almost too painful for me to do. But as much as I would hate to say this, the pain that I went through is nothing compared to what Elijah had to go through when he took our father’s demon. I may have gone through a lot, but I was very fortunate to have my mother be by my side for those painful years. Though at that time, I didn’t realize how much I was making my mother suffer as well, seeing your child get tortured and not being able to do anything. I felt completely guilty, so that’s when I decided to do everything in my power to become King and make my mother happy. Though little did I know that the future had different plans for me...”

After he finished speaking, he stood himself up and stared at the evening sky. As the wind started to pick up, it ended blowing Felix’s hoodie off. Luckily there wasn’t anyone around, but the expression on Felix’s face wound me.

“I had no idea that you went through so much, even when Elijah tried explaining to me what he had gone through. He didn’t go into much detail, and I think it was to avoid having me feel sorry for him. But how can I not, you’ve all gone through so much?! I can’t imagine how painful it must’ve been, you’re so strong, Felix. I don’t think you realize just how powerful you really are, and I don’t mean physically either. But mentally and emotionally, you had to grow up fast and take care of your family. You’re amazing...”

I honestly said as I slowly tried to stand back up. We soon faced one another and gave a weak smile to each other, he was my strength and I was his, no matter what we go through. We will face it together because, at the very end, that’s all we have...

“You really know how to cheer someone up, don’t you? Now then, are there any other questions you have for me?”

He replied with a simple smirk, however, his eyes still held sadness in them. So I reached my hand towards his hoodie and covered his head back with it. Even as I leaned myself closer towards him, he never strayed his eyes away from me...

“Of course, there’s still a lot of questions I wanna ask. But for now, let’s hurry and find Crow.”

I said in a calming matter, as sad as I am right now from hearing his story, I have to be strong so he could depend on me.

“As you wish my lady, it’s not too far now. Just beyond the forest behind us, is where the Lake of Oblivion is at. But first, how are you feeling, do you still feel restless?”

He asked while holding on to my hand, very soon his eyes averted towards the thick forest that we were standing next to...

“Really, we’re already that close!? I thought it would be much more further, and I’m doing fine now, I just needed a small break.”

I explained while feeling still light-headed, I need to figure what’s wrong with me soon. Every day I feel like I’m growing weaker by the day, I hope it’s nothing serious...

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