The Witch’s Forest

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Connor Carn is the witch’s son. Not some regular witch but the most powefull witch in their world. Although the witch has some secrets Connor is determined to learn them and help her with them while trying and playing the hero.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

"Come on we have to go there. I don’t think we are going to be dead or something. The Witch’s Forest harm those who comes to harm it." said Connor acting like a 5 year old and skipping into the forest so his friends would follow him. His curly black hair was bouncing and his brown eyes looked like he is so happy to be here. "Oh my god, Connor I don’t think you understand us. The forest is not the scary, the witch is. Do you know she didn’t even talk once . Even the local priests fear her" Connor rolled his brown eyes to Fred and played with his black hair. "Even though she doesn't talk to anyone, it doesn't have to be because of her rudeness or evil heart.Maybe she had a bad experience or a thing like that maybe she doesn't have a tongue... maybe she is more innocent than we thought" said Connor sighed and continued to walking backwards to the forest while looking at his friends "And don’t worry scared babies I can protect you if anything bad happens" Fred and Tony just looked at each other and sighed. They hope nothing bad happens to them because they are still 16 years olds and maybe have a good future ahead of them with their loved ones and honestly they just want to live at this point.

They continued walking through the forest. When Connor saw a bunch of flowers that looks like white roses with white tubes instead of a green pedicle, he stopped his steps and looks at the flower with big eyes. " It looks so beautiful. Tony look!" he said turning to his bestfriend. Tony comes closer to Connor's back and looked at the flower from his friend's shoulder "Woah, it's a ghost flower" he said. " I think it's given to people who suffer from anxiety" he continued. Connor looks at his friend " How do you know that?" he was marvelled by his friend's knowledge. Tony is blushing now at his friends words" I-I just love reading the books and find a herbology one in library" he said. Just as Connor opened his mouth Fred started talking " C'mon guys we have to go now. We play around here long enough" he said in a hushed angry voice while ruffling his white hair with a pout. Connor and Tony just shrugged their shoulders and walked towards their friend.

They were walking for hours now while Connor was enjoying it because of the mesmerizing flowers and trees, Tony was just too anxious to look around and Fred was starting to feel bad for Connor. He comes here because of some diaries he found in the house saying that the witch is Connor’s mom. Tony and Fred tried to explain to him that it is not possible that his mom is the witch because according to Connor’s dad, Connor’s mom died when she gave birth to Connor. But Connor seems very dedicated and happy that he can find his mom, they couldn’t say no to him and just came to the forest with him. Fred put his hand on Connor’s shoulder "I know you want to find her and meet her too much but I don’t think she even wants to bother herself with us. She didn’t even come here to curse us or get rid of us." Connor turn his head to him but before he can say anything, his mouth was wide open.

Fred and Tony looked at each other curiously and then they looked at where Connor was looking. There is a good looking house that made of wood. The house seem to have two stores and its garden is beautiful. There are various flowers and herbs, there are clotheslines filled with drying flowers and herbs and some old fashioned clothes on clotheslines, There is a wooden table with four chairs on the empty side of the house and all around the garden there are crystals like rocks in a normal garden. While Connor was looking at it with excitement and love Fred and Tony was looking at it with fear 'This means the witch is near’ they thought. They are scared for Connor more than themselves because they know he wouldn't run away even if the witch would try and curse them.

Before they can do anything Connor was running to the house he thought his friends can’t stop him if they didn't have the time to even react to him. When he finally reached the door Fred looks at him with fear in his eyes and starts to shout "Stop! Connor I swear... Are you crazy? I understand you believe that witch is not angry or harmful to us and not going to hurt us but breaking into her house? It's going to make her furious even though she is not angry she will be after that.". Tony bring his hand to his orange curls while shutting his brown eyes off tightly and brush his curls smoothly, he wants to talk because he is very concerned about his friend but he doesn’t like talking and he thinks that would just make Connor hate him.

Connor didn’t listen to Fred and go in the house anyway. Fred looks like he is about to cry and Tony think if Connor gets killed because he got into the witch house, Tony is going in too so they can get killed together. He can’t imagine his life without Connor.When he reaches the front door he tries to open it but fails to even touch the door knob. It's like there’s some power making him stop. Some force that holding his hand from touching the door knob. He looks curiously to the door. Maybe he should call out to Connor and tell him to open the door for him. "Connor!" he shouted. There was no answer for a while then he shouted again " Connor we want to come in too. Let us in we want to help you to find your mother". "That is a lie isn’t it boy? You expect my lady to kill you both" Tony turned his head furiously to see the owner of the voice.

There she was a beautiful woman who seems too young to be the mother of a child. She had beautiful long blonde hair that reaches the ground, her eyes are brown but the eye that she had in her forehead is blue and seems more lively than other two, she had a perfect body and wearing a beautiful black tight dress to show it. But the weird thing is she was not the one talking.

When Tony looked at Fred with fear he remembered that there’s no Fred. His head starts to feel like a stranger was in his head .But now he was sure they never had a friend named Fred. He almost fell to his knees thinking about that, how can he spend hours thinking a stranger is his friend. How can she tricked his brain so easily? There was no Fred before they entered the forest " W-who are you?" he said with a scared voice. "Hi Tony, my name is Ohera. I'm the spirit of this forest and the voice of this witch since it's her who bring me back to life" Tony is sure he is in the verge of collapsing while Ohera is looking at him with his dark grey eyes. He looks at him now, there's no time for collapsing he has some priorities "Why I couldn’t open the door but Connor could?"he said. "Because it's locked with a blood lock. So only witch’s bloodline can get in" Tony gulped " Why did you behave as a friend of us but try to make Connor give up finding his mother" Ohera smiled at him "I was testing his loyalty, his will to find his mother" Tony looked at Ohera and asked his final question "Why is Connor still in there? Shouldn't you be talking to him and explain these things to him instead of me?" Ohera looks at him expressionless "He should go through some more easy little tests so we can trust him" Tony looks at him with big eyes "More tests?What if he can’t pass them? You're just going to ignore him and maybe banish him from forest or something like that, huh?"now Ohera seems disturbed " One, stop worrying tests are like a child's play and two it's going to end his existence" Tony felt like he can’t breath. "Don’t worry tho people beside the witch will not remember anything"

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