The Burning Rogues: Simmering with Fury-Book 2

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Fury was once an angel with a silver tongue that charmed the birds from the trees, and the panties from all that met him. But then he has a moment of weakness, and does nothing when a human is savagely beaten by a demon and left for dead. Fury is sent down to spend eternity in Hell, where he is welcomed with open arms by Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness. His first task is to claim the soul of a girl that Lucifer has his sights set on, and that's where it all spirals out of control. This is Fury's story, of the events that led to the book prior to this, Burning With Rage. This CANNOT be read as a standalone, as it will continue from there, with some history thrown in.

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The Way I Fell


In order to begin, I need to tell you how I ended up in Hell- not the easiest of memories I hold if I am honest, but they are in good company. I fucked up, big time. I was on watch that night, and I was distracted by a conversation taking place with a younger couple. The girl in particular had my attention, because she seemed to be so pure, and innocent. The boy, however, was a right bastard. I was worried he was going to hurt her in some way, and this held my attention more than what was happening further along the street, behind a beat up old truck. By the time the couple had kissed and made up, I noticed my superior descend from the heavens in a dramatic fashion, and shake his head at me in disgust.

Rafalel was ancient- I couldn’t hazard a guess, but his experience and knowledge knew no bounds. He strode towards me, holding his hand out for the amulet of protection I wore around my neck, muttering words I couldn’t understand, before he glared at me.

“This is the last straw, Furis. You are behaving more like them than you are us, so I’m afraid you have been banished from the heavens.”

Just like that.

Where was all the forgiving nonsense they preached about?

“Why the fuck-” I began, before he held his hands out helplessly. “Shit, sorry. I mean-”

“Why do you curse when none of us do? The situation with Arielle hasn’t been forgotten either. She is still scared to leave her dwelling after what you did to her.”

I can explain that- it was a sexual game gone wrong. It appeared that my fellow angels didn’t much like rough sex, so another bad mark in my name.

“Rafalel, come on-”

“Furis, this is not my decision. I’m sorry, but your wings will no longer carry you any further than here. You need to go down below.”

“Why?!” I demanded, finally losing my cool. Rafalel pointed down the road, his finger highlighting the number of ambulances and police cars that were swarming in the streets. I blinked with confusion, and he sighed.

“See?! A human was destroyed tonight at the hands of the demons you were summoned to protect the humans against! All because you were eavesdropping on another conversation!”

I went to argue when Rafalel silenced me, shaking his head sadly.

“Goodbye, Furis. You will be happier there, I fear.”

With that, he fucking disappeared.

It had to be a joke.

I reached down, picking up the amulet that Rafalel had left behind, tucking it into my pocket, aware my powers had been rebuked. I couldn’t fly, as Rafalel had mentioned, and I had a sick feeling in my stomach. I strode down towards the man lying on the floor, to see that he had been beaten black and blue. I was used to collecting souls to take to heaven, but this one didn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. He was standing beside me, staring at his body in shock.

“Oh, fuck.”

I wasn’t entirely sure what to say, but then I saw the demon approaching, licking its lips as it climbed out of the floor beside us, slithering like a snake as the soul beside me watched in horror. I wasn’t entirely sure what to do, but I knew I should probably stop this decrepit being from taking this man with him.

“Did you agree to give that thing your soul?” I sighed, cricking my neck from one side to the other as the man panicked, stepping backwards as more demons rose from the floor, their screams of agony filling the air. I was used to this, but I usually had the ability to fly which was helpful in this position.

“Ww-hat?” stammered the poor soul beside me, astounded that I could see him. It seemed to be only then that he took in my wings, and he dove behind me, pleading for my help. “No!”

I wasted no time in sending the demons back to Hell, twisting their necks this way and that, and setting them alight before they faded away. It was harder than usual, but not impossible.

“What do I do?” whimpered the man beside me, as I wiped the blood that was trickling down my face away with surprise. Was I mortal?

“Good evening, Furis.”

I knew instantly that Lucifer had appeared, and the soul beside me vanished into thin air. I had no power against the Devil himself, but he seemed to be completely at ease as he strode towards me in a black suit, his dark eyes boring into mine as I froze.

“Lucifer,” I whispered, the wind carrying his name away.

“It seems you have been sent to me, you know? Apparently, I own you,” he peered at the bloody body on the floor beside me with feigned interest, before shaking his head. “Look at these stupid fuckers. Why are they wasting their time trying to save this bloated cunt?”

A laugh left my lips then, and I clamped my mouth shut instantly. Feeling immensely guilty for laughing at the Devil. Lucifer turned back towards me, examining me carefully.

“So, what did you do to get sent down?”

I muttered about the demon attack, and about the sex act. Amongst cursing and apparently not paying attention. Lucifer nodded, before lighting a cigar and motioning for me to follow him.

“Your wings will not work up here. But they will in my little holiday haven. Honestly, it’s a great place once you get used to the heat.”

I followed him, and it was then that the floor opened up, and we fell down, my wings beating instinctively as Lucifers did the same.

“It’s great that we get to keep the perks of the job, huh? Listen, we need to go before you get ran over by a bus or something equally mundane. I will give you better powers than they did, anyway.”

I had no choice but to follow him, and that’s how I ended up in Hell.

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