Inside the Manor

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Elora Wilson, a somewhat successful home realtor, decides to move in to a new home no one wants to buy. She is happy with her decision until her dreams start making more sense than her real life... New dimensions, parallel worlds, unpredictable characters and a forbidden love should be enough to keep her on her toes, right? Now let's add a couple of Alter-Egos, shall we?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

This new house had begun to really annoy me. I had to find the biggest bidder and sell it. That’s pretty much the job description, but this building just seemed cursed. It was a really pretty house, with a big yard full of flowers, it had three floors, covered in bricks, windows everywhere and the intern design was kind of comfy. Ancient looking and filled with antiques that most likely belonged in a museum, but still comfy in a nostalgic for something you’ve never had kind of way.

Shame none of my customers appeared to be... Compatible with this manor.

I had had twelve clients ready to buy this house just from the photos I had sent them, but all twelve have had a terrible accident on their way to checking out the house by themselves. The majority of them had actually found better households and just gave up on this one. But there were also cases in which my coworkers believed fate was somehow involved.

Somebody got a flat tire. Three times.

Someone got a really important call from work. He got fired by the end of the day and spit me some lies about how he could no longer afford it.

Somebody’s grandma died and they took it as a sing to move in in her apartment.

And my personal favorite, a woman’s water broke on her way here so she quickly tried to get to a hospital and yet ended up giving birth in her car.

So, now I was stuck with a house no buyer wanted, but that my company desperately was asking me to sell.

As I was ranting this out to my best friend Cam, she chugged down half her beer and looked at me with sympathy.

“You know, life is going to shit right now.” She said and nodded to herself while looking at the view before us.

We were both at my house and were just looking at the city lights in the dark by my terrace. Even thou my job was shitty the salary was pretty good, and also I had inherited money from parents before they died in a car crash. I had gotten used to this apartment, so even thou it wasn’t really to my taste, my laziness and the view I got every night from the city had made me stay.

“What’s wrong with you” I asked Cam and took a sip of my red wine.

“I might break up with him again.” She confessed and looked at me as if she was expecting me to solve her problems. Yeah, right. I can’t solve my own problems and you want to take care of yours.

Cam had this on and off thing with her boyfriend Trey. It had been going this way since high school and for me it seemed pointless going back and forth with the same person, all the while knowing it’s never going to work out. But for the two of them it worked just fine. For a while, because then they would break up and after a while they would still run to each other arms.

“So what? I bet fifty bucks you two will end up together before the week is over anyway” I said smirking at her shook my head. The wine was very good, and very needed it my system apparently because then after sighing softly Cam goes and hits me with:

“I caught him cheating on me earlier today” she looked up at the dark starless sky and bit her lips, most likely trying not to cry,

“Oh” seemed to be the only thing leaving my mouth. That had never happened before except when they had been on a break. Which happened a lot, but I knew that Cam had never thought about anyone else but him ever since high school.

“I wish we would have been given a preview of life, before we actually came into this world, that way we could have decided if this life was worth living. Or not.” She said and looked at me.

“Like a trailer for a movie?”

“Yeah, even thou our lives aren’t that much of a movie” she said and smiled bitterly.

“Mine is. It’s a horror one” I stated and licked the wine of my lips. I didn’t really drink alcohol, but every now and then Cam and I would just drink till we passed out so we could forget about our life problems. We never forgot about them and when we passed out it wasn’t because of the alcohol but because of exhaustion. Either way it helped with our mental stability somehow.

“Seriously? All about that manor?” she asked appalled and even a bit angry at my exaggeration.

“Well, yeah. My job is on the line and I don’t want to pick up another phone call filled with excused because of that house. Can you believe today someone called me to tell me that on their way to the house an ‘angel’ intruded their thoughts and forbid them from buying the manor? How ridiculous is that? Some of my coworkers are calling the manor cursed!” I exclaimed.

“Do you believe in all that shit?” Cam asked me almost immediately. She was staring at me intently as if she was figuring something out.


“Well then, why don’t you buy it?” she asked and moved her head back smirking.

“You want me to buy it? It being the house?” I asked uncertain.

“Sure, why not? You don’t really like it here and even thou the view is amazing at night we can always set up your new garden with light and flowers and stuff and enjoy this there.” She said and shrugged.

It actually wasn’t a bad idea. But, I was too lazy to pack all of my clothes and stuff so I told her just that.

She looked at me like I had lost my mind.

“Okay, okay. Fine, I’ll do it. I’ll buy it first thing tomorrow morning and then afterwards I’ll start packing. And with this house off of my list I think I’m going to take a week off from work.” I said and smiled to myself.

“A week?”

“You know, to settle in. A week.” I said matter-of-factly.

Cam nodded and agreed by mumbling something I didn’t catch.

“I was totally joking about that bet anyway. You know I would never bet on you and your relationships.” I said and right after emptying my glass.

“I’m still taking the fifty bucks if I win.” She stated.

Damn it.

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