THE WOLVES [taekook]

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It is where taehyung is an omega male who is destined to be the mate of the pure blooded alpha jeon jungkook but sadly jungkook has already a lover Will there br any chance for them? Will taehyung express his love towards the alpha? Will they reject each other? Let's find out :)

Fantasy / Romance
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love you with all my heart

But you just broke it and tore it to pieces

I give you my all

But you give me nothing in return

I guess its time for me to move on

Cause i know even if i do everything

You will still choose him over me

You don't love me but why it has to be you?

Why it has to be you as mate

You've hurted me enough

I can't bare the pain you've caused anymore

Its suffocating me

Its drowning me

I can't survive this pain anymore

Please save me



Help me...

Oh well guys hi this is my first story ever so please support me thank you love you all

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