Beauty And The Werewolf

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In the kingdom of Celestia, Princess Isabelle has things shes always wanted. Not everything, She longed for love. One night a strange visitor came to the castle, he was suave in his ways. charming. smart. His name is Stephano, and he hides a dark secret, one which Isabelle would die to learn...

Fantasy / Mystery
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Once upon a time in a kingdom called Celestia,

Lived a beautiful princess named Isabelle. She spent most of her time in the kingdom helping the villagers. She was beautiful in her heart. That's why everyone called her Beauty. Everyone loved her. She was giving princess and was highly praised by her parents. If you could only see her... okay I'll try my best to describe her to you. She has beautiful tight blonde curly hair, compared to a sunflower. Her eyes were a different and amazing shade of blue, very dark. She has a slender build, she stands about 5 feet at best. She had a smile that could blind you. Her skin was fair and very sensitive, especially to the sunshine. But she never let that bother her. Not one bit.

She gave every second of every day putting others before her. If you've read the title of the story you're about to hear, and thought it said "Beauty And The Beast" put this book back. You've got the wrong book. The wrong story. The wrong mysterious tale that's about to unfold. Full of romance, suspense, action and adventure. Forget my babbling. Let the story begin. Please enjoy, Beauty and The Werewolf..



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