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Your Charge

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In a Fantasy world, during a time similar to our own world's medieval times see a new interpretation of what we call "magic". Follow the complicated relationship between a strict estate owner, and her mysterious estate manager and husband. Also travel back in time to see the wife young, vulnerable and in training. Confused? You should be. So is he!

Fantasy / Horror
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Prologue: The Deal


Sunday 02/21/2021,

Hello, my name is Giuseppe Ward and what you are about to read is not my story:

There is ever so much to say, every single word of it seeming ever so substantial, although, when one, (such "one" being me, for this thing happens to be so unique to mine own internal musings), does attempt to write it down, there always seems to be not a single logical beginning or course to be followed, not to mention even an ending or specific steps along the way for that matter. I sit here before my screen and the script that you are presumably reading (over many occasions for additions and revisions after the date posted above I might add), and the flow of the thoughts and words in it's ever current state is as such. This brain of mine is an endless, bottomless, almost senseless pit of a likewise plethora, (for good or bad), of things, and somewhere inside there is presumably a "creative funnel", so to speak, that attempts to turn it all into a story worth your visual consumption. The very nasty problem here in lies in the trying to perfectly line every single thing up so that it may flow out of my very fingertips in an ever so clever manner which hopefully makes some sort of semblance of sense to all of you. All these various inter-working things of various sizes and importance levels are scrambling constantly over one another like ravenous and crazed dogs fighting for a scrap of fresh bloody meat, all in the form of an attempt to pry their raw meaningless and yet all too meaningful selves out somewhere in the land of consciousness and society where they may be taken in for the pleasures of some poor reader. I can (with difficulty albeit), direct the flow of such to this here story, however the only way to control it is to synthesize the idea of the very like. This in practice means that my only two painfully binary options are utter in-authenticity, or disorder, and the former, (in my humble opinion), is the truest of crimes to the very reason. Therefore, it is with some internal anguish that I stop thinking about the strategy of which all these words are written down and instead I let the raw creativity and the reality flow forth.

As one may guess from my short yet seemingly endless ramblings of the prior, I have always been a deep, existential, questioning and pondering individual. I am a seventeen year old boy, (or at least I was when I wrote the first draft of this piece, I'm probably well into my twenties now that this has been published), living in a small city by the name of Fitchburg in the county of Worcester in the North-central part of the New-England: North-Eastern region state of Massachusetts in the United States of America, on the continent North America, on the Western Hemisphere of the Planet Earth, in the Galaxy the Milky Way, in the Universe the Cosmos, (all again as of the writing of the first draft, although only the first few points are liable to change much). I am an old soul, (or so I have been ever so kindly and often told), a hopeless romantic, a proudly self acclaimed self righteous armature philosopher, business man, author, (obviously), and mystic. Some of my interests do include, learning, business, reading, writing, philosophy, camping, hiking, and conversing. Very few years I have spent in this world we call the Cosmos, and yet it does feel as though It has been a both painful and rewarding eternity that I have endured this endless cycle of ever so paradoxical existential thinking that this writing always finds me smack dab in the middle of. It may not be shocking, (although more detail than anyone could guess), at this point to note that when I was a child of only four years old my parents used to hear the sound of my crying late in the night and when questioned as to the reason for my intense emotions i would explain that I had been pondering the very existence of God, (or deities in general for that matter although I did not know that that was the implications of where my mind had brought me at the time), and the nature and possibility of the never ending expanse of the universe, and had been brought to a great fear of these unknowns deep in my soul that I could not control.

Somewhere during my early teenage years I began to peruse intense cosmic exploration both on an internal and vastly external level. I have researched everything from alternative philosophy, and deep internal meditation, to ancient black magic, and astral projection. For me too recount the full extent of my great musings and ventures of the mind and soul would be not only to deviate from the purpose of my writing this novel, but to subject you all to what could only come to be a lifetime of endless ramblings on those topics of mine own thoughts, learnings, and experiences to say the least over the past five years. All this and not to mention that it is a journey of understanding, not simply something that could be relayed in these mere written words. Instead, to make understood the general nature from which the story that the following pages will be dedicated to portraying has come to me, I will relay to you that deal which my efforts did eventually come to.

About a year ago today, (today being the day my seventeen year old self sat down to transcribe the first draft of this prologue), I found myself entranced by a conversation with a being long known as அறிதல் (Aṟital). To understand this being’s existence, disposition to the universe, and how it came to be known as such is to own that very thing which I so dearly sought at the time, and such seeking brought me to it's presence. To be as clear as the story allows, my ultimate purpose in my adventures, (It seems I can call them adventures for simplicity’s sake, although I do so with a pang to my psyche ), was to gain a complete and utter understanding of our universe, that I feel I must reiterate for the sake of sense henceforth, we call the Cosmos. To portray this story to an audience of layman or anyone who has not actually experienced it, it appears to me that sacrifices in the authenticity, (notice how this is becoming a painful trend), of linguistics must be made. Therefore, yet again for the purpose of relative simplicity I will refer to that being which I have mentioned prior to, as a male deity, (he/him pronouns lowercase g god), whose name I have shortened to Ari. In my discourse with Ari he came to know and reflect that what it was that I sought, and was all too happy to entertain the idea of indulging me in the long run but he did inform me that it would have to come with a cost of sorts. “Knowledge is power, and yet ignorance is bliss." He made the comparison of idioms, "Even still, with great power comes great responsibility." He added a third to the mix, "How can these three maxims coexist and coincide? Perhaps a more apt phrase than any of the three would be ultimately be ‘knowledge is everything’, for knowledge is both power and pain. With knowledge comes power which requires a great painful responsibility, whatever they may be. Never can you have one and not the other. I can give you the knowledge that you seek, however with that which I offer will indeed come that understanding which you are not in the market for.” This mysterious wisdom bestowed upon my mind was the very final thing that I received from the deity Ari before negotiations happened and he and I made the very deal that did eventually lead to my understanding of this story writing of this novel and presumably any that came or are to come after it. “I will grant you the complete, (and overbearing if I might add), understanding of the cosmos and all its complexities which you seek, but with that knowledge will certainly come sight into another (universe that is). Every time you close your eyes for any long period of time, (longer than a blink), be it at night or for a nap or even meditation, you will see through the eyes of a man in a universe very different from the cosmos as you know it, in ways beyond your comprehension”


The following novel may seem like an absurd and fantastical work of fiction, however I do most sincerely assure you all that it certainly is not. This book and the series to come of it are my ongoing account of that which I see through the eyes of a man by the name of Katti Munai, in a universe I will simply refer to as "the other world". For this first book "Your Charge" Every other chapter starting from the first will be that which I have actually seen directly in my mind's eye. Every second will be translated from my memory from the pages which my counterpart has read, over many an hour, from the journals of his wife and mistress Mandrilya in her younger training years. Be advised, the world which I am about to take you for all foreseeable future is very very different and distorted from our own. At times you may indeed become quite confused, disturbed, frightened, befuddled, befuddled or perhaps dizzy. Please do take some solace in the solid fact that while these events have really transpired and are continuing to enfold as you read, such is true in a world which is governed by different laws of nature, physics, and everything else you could imagine. Therefore nothing of the like could happen in a way you need ever experience. Finally, let it be known that my purpose in writing this is for a personal creative and conceptual outlet, as well as your entertainment. To try to ascertain any other purpose of mine would be to disrespect me as an author, and the words I have used to relay this story. Now that you understand where this is coming from, please enjoy Your Charge!


My purpose for writing this prologue as I have is to give you an understanding of where the perspective of the story is coming from. I will put in my utmost effort to write from Katti's perspective, but it will be necessary to explain things to you about the universe that would be obvious to him and not something he would otherwise notice, never-mind write about. If you are confused by this I ask you: If you were writing a book about your own experiences would you take the time to explain how day and night work on planet Earth? No? Then why would Katti do so for his planet? And if day and night work differently in this story I'm sure you would like to understand that right? Exactly! Glad we are on the same page, now get to reading.

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