Your Charge

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Chapter 1 Mystery

His Perspective

2/25/2E M

I woke up at about 1:00 AM, and groaned in annoyance. I didn’t need to look to know that I was alone in the bed. It always happened like this: I would wake up with unease, and instantly know the time, although I had not looked. However, today was….. different. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something was just different. Either way, I knew that today would be a long day. “Samuel”, I croaked sleepily, “Protocol four fifty-seven”. No response; something was wrong. Much more awake now, I shot up and began to survey the room. For starters it was the middle of the night yet there was some sort of light in the room. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the obscure lighting, but soon I found its source. Samuel appeared to be laying on his side with an eerie blue glow emanating from the outside of his entire body. Perplexed and slightly on edge I crawled out of bed and started toward the scene. Samuel is what is called a Septetium Sanctioned, Fissure-Guide Assisted, Bio-Organic Reuse (SS-FABOR). The Septetium is the local government, consisting of seven equal rulers, each representing a ruling agency from their own territory. Fissure-Guides (FG) are masters of manipulation of fissures in space and time. The Septetium had recently started approving projects in which FGs used fresh corpses, synthetics, and Fissure-Manipulation to create obedient servants such as Samuel for the administrations of the Septetium.

As the estate manager of the most renowned FG in all of the post-dominium freelands, who happens to be a noble in the administration of the honorable Banderfield of the Septetium, I had an entire line of these servants to myself. The Dominium was the previous tyrannical and oppressive government of the entire West Hemispherical Continent. The Post-Dominium Freelands are the independent countries that rose in its wake. At this moment Samuel appeared to be non-functioning as a result of some sort of foreign Fissure-Manipulation. Uneasy about the whole situation I was eager to figure out what was going on, and began to investigate. Needing light to do so, I shouted “Luetes”, as I had been taught. Instantly a sun like glow emanated from the ceiling, allowing me to see the rest of the scene. The venerable Mandrilya, the FG presiding over this manner, and it’s inhabitants, had permanently manipulated the static fissures of space and time within the entire building, leaving less than natural mechanisms throughout. One of the said mechanisms is a set of voice commands such as the one that I had just used, which activates hidden conveniences. Upon further inspection of the Fabor, I soon found that nothing else seemed to be out of place and that I would not be able to figure out what had happened on my own. Exiting the room with a quickness only akin to one on a mission, I flung the door directly into the wall and shouted “Luetes Maestro”, knowing that this would illuminate every room in the entire estate as had previously happened to my own. As I flung myself agilely over the shining golden banister at the edge of the upper antechamber and into the lower foyer, I paid little attention to the static details of my surroundings, and yet at the same time became attuned to anything out of the ordinary. I heard the hollow thunk as the handle of the door I had flung open, cracked a great hole in the thin wooden outer wall of the antechamber. Realizing deep within my subconscious that I would later pay for the said consequence of my flustered action, I set the concern aside for later. As I landed, I felt a cold sensation upon my neck and a weight on my shoulders. Try as I might, I found myself unable to move, nor speak, and instantaneously enveloped with fear. This state of uneasy paralysis lasted for what felt like an eternity before I eventually found myself awakening lying on the covers of my bed staring up at the ceiling. I soon found that I could move again, yet I did not know if I could speak due to a lack of attempt from the growing sense of fear in me. Lying there I realized that not only were the lights no longer on, but the bed on which I lay had been set in my previous absence. “If you were looking to destroy my entire estate you have succeeded”, I heard a recognizable voice say sternly, and suddenly everything made sense. I sat up to face my reprimander, only to be met with red eyes piercing at me with anger from the darkness. “N-No ma’am, I thought that something had….”, I protested before being cut off with further scolding, “No? So you must have rather intended on enticing my rage, which you also happened to accomplish, so congratulations.” “I’m sorry, I…” I continued my attempt at redemption before being cut off yet again, with a slap across my face. “Save it, It is the middle of the night and I am tired, I will deal with you in the morning. Go to bed, and God so help me if I hear one more word out of your mouth that isn’t ‘yes’ or ‘ma’am’ until after breakfast tomorrow” she ordered. Rubbing my stinging cheek, with tears welling in my eyes, and deep fear in my gut of what was to come in the morning I obeyed and laid my head back down to sleep.

I woke up, to yet again find that I was alone, except this time things were as they should be. Being morning, the natural light of the suns extended their illuminating rays upon every nook and cranny of the entire room. With said light, my first observation was that as usual although I still resided tucked under the covers on my side of the bed, those on the other were impossibly set. The purple silk eiderdown was pulled up to cover the sheets and blankets underneath from view, with every kink pulled taught, and the edge pulled in a straight line parallel to the end of the bed. The matching purple silk eider pillow was fluffed neatly and centered straight across the end of the blanket. Each purple tassel laid perpendicular to the side of the pillow from which it extended. Sitting up in the bed and yet somehow not messing up the covers on the other side, I began an appraisal of the rest of my surroundings. Samuel stood unaltered in the corner of the room with the date and time “2/25/2E MIII, 01’01’53”, displayed in a green-tinted translucent cloud over his head. “2/25/2E” represents the second of twenty weeks of the twenty-fifth of one hundred thousand years in the second era”. “MIII” represents Monday of the third sun phase in which all three of the suns rise together. In the first phase, the first and second suns set from the third phase of the previous day, leaving only the first sun risen. In the second phase the first sun sets, leaving none to rise, and the world in darkness. On account of the fact that the opposite side of the planet is uninhabitable, this is the only set of sun phases that affects any sort of sentient life. Finally the time “01 ‘01’ 53”, represents the fifty-third of sixty seconds of the first of sixty minutes, of the first of twenty-four hours. Each sun phase lasts twenty-four hours, causing an equal twenty-four-hour “first day”, “night”, and “second day” with the night being completely dark, and the second day being three times as bright as the first. Getting out of the bed I felt my bare feet touching the soft eggshell white rug that extended to every wall in the room. I stood up and began to walk toward the door as I looked back to see that my side of the bed had been set just like the other, and the display above Samuel had disappeared. Looking past the bed I could see that the large arch window on the opposite wall was opened with the shades lifted, and the curtains pulled back to reveal our beautiful 100-acre property. Taking one last look around the room I could see that the eggshell walls matching the rug, were still as bare as the day they were lifted.

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