Your Charge

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Chapter 2 The Assignment

Her Perspective

2/99925/1E M

"You are nothing” I heard said in a booming yet quiet voice all at once. Well I felt it more than heard it: it was not as if a voice was telling me these words but rather that they were being communicated directly into me. Said communication was being transmitted not to my brain or my body but into my soul, into my very being; it was a part of me and while my mind told me it was new it felt as if it had always been there. “You cannot be anything. You never will be anything. You simply fit between the spaces of nothingness with which only you can. You shape both what it means to be, and what it means not to be anything. You do not be, you simply decide.” The cacophony of information continued to flood my being as I realized was impossible as in its own truth, I did not have a being for it to flood. This was the exercise of my training, which I did not have much to think on or act on. The training included no thoughts or actions, only decisions. I am training to be a… “do not think, only decide”. It was too hard, I felt reality rushing back in, and with it a pain that seemed to dip into every part of me. I did not have to dig deep into my thoughts or feelings to know that I should only be experiencing in my essence; that which makes decisions, but as I could not hold myself only in that, I could feel it in every part of me. That was the point, this was a punishment, discipline, to teach me discipline. If I could not keep myself from being, I would be punished in every aspect of said being until I could learn to let go of it and only decide. For the moment there was a pain, a pain that was made up of a million pains, yet only one at the same time, a pain that flowed through my mind, soul, heart and body all at once as one pain. As my thoughts came flooding back in, in a deep throb I became perplexed with the concept of my training. How can they teach me to stay in a perpetual state of something unnatural in every aspect of the word, like teaching someone to swim until they become a mermaid?

“You did well today,” my master told me as we sat down to dinner. It had been five hours since the day’s training and my mind was still recovering from the delve into nothingness. I trailed my fork slowly through the unappetizing green substance that covered my plate as I thought about the compliment. “Ya….” I mumbled in response, continuing to play with my food and not meeting her gaze. “Hey, I was thinking we could talk about your assignment” the FG started, reaching to change the subject. I realized that she was trying to get my attention and get me engaged…. It was working. “My assignment, like….?” I questioned, quickly straightening up and looking her in the face, which seemed uncharacteristically worry-trodden. There was a slight glimmer of recognition to the intention of my unfinished question, yet the silence dragged out for what felt like an eternity. “Do you…” she started under her breath clasping her hands together and bringing her gaze painfully towards them. “Have you heard of the Septetium?” she finally questioned. “Ya, that was where the founders came from wasn’t it?”, I said now looking to see the ominous candlelight of the dining room cascading down over the woman to illuminate the life-trampled features she now wore. FG Bendralese was what is known as a stationary FG (SFG); one who roams the castles of the Fissure Manipulation Biomian (FMB). The collective fissure guides did live as a strict community but functioning entirely as decision makers there was conceptually no one people or person who ruled. SFGs kept up the fissure manipulation of the homeland and completed the training of new fissure guides while all others were set in places around the world. Bendralese was tall and skinny, and currently appeared gaunt and old. The long red hair cascaded down her shoulders, but it was now that I saw the speckles of brown that appeared in it. Being a Bandrogar from the province of Bandrogaria, north of the Septetium, these marked her old age. As the light illuminated her face, I could see parts were hidden in shadow due to the sinking and lines of old age and distress. She had served our community for many years, toggling the line of decision making nothingness that she strove to teach and required to engage in fissure manipulation, and the concrete reality that required her presence in order to do such teaching. All together my master looked tired, but somehow, I knew that the next words out of her mouth would be significant.

“Mandrilya, you are to be assigned as the first of a new position of FGs called a Guardian. You will still be given a royal or noble position, although I do not know it in exactness, you will be in the Septetium. Your primary task, however, will not be to serve the Royal, on whose court you shall sit, but rather to guard your charge. Your charge will be a dangerous brand of criminal, who has committed crimes against every land, and threatens the safety of every realm. It will be your ongoing, task for all your life to keep whichever of these beings that you are assigned contained in a realm of your own keeping by any means necessary. Now child, obviously there is much more for you to learn, but I must ask you now: Do you accept me as your master, knowing that which I train you to do? Are you ready to prepare for your charge?”

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