Your Charge

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Chapter 5 Punishment

His Perspective

2/25/2E M

Left alone with nothing but the darkness, and my own hell pit of shameful and fearful thoughts, I realized that the punishment I awaited had already begun. Turning towards the corpse, I had previously noticed, I came to find that it no longer resembled that of an administration guard. Instead the mound of flesh was presented to me in the form of a giant hog, which was both terrifying and confusing for two reasons. The first reason was that it was not a nice roasted pig set out for dinner, but rather an impossibly large, disgruntled, hairy, old, rotting, magat infested wild board, which's pure repulsiveness I could have never previously comprehend. Second, was that although I could clearly see the transformation from it's initial form to the newest, at the same time I could still see it as the man, and could not tell you if it had shifted it's shape while I looked elsewhere or simply as I watched. Furthermore, the picture became like a lucid dream that had trapped me in reality, causing such vagueness of all that is, as well as vividness of such to drive my mind to the very reaches of what pain could be. The images before me were simultaneously every color in the spectrum, including ones I had never laid sight on, and such a level of colorlessness I would never deem possible.

Accepting and thus being able to ignore the incomprehensible state of states I found myself in, allowed me to step out of it and into a temporary solid reality. The step was both metaphorical and physical, bringing me only inches from the table, and giving me a solidified perception of that which sat upon it. In the large platter at the master seat of this table was some sort of hybrid between the man and pig I had respectively previously seen. However my instincts told me that this could not be, for such a combination would be grotesque, while what I saw was a glorious roast, fit for a king's feast. It was now that I realized that what I had previously thought to be steam coming from the dish was actually a great, purple un-burning hell flame that emanated from it.

Without realizing it, the flame had simultaneously grew in size, dissolving everything around it, and beckoning me towards it. One second I was standing at the edge of the table, staring at the flaming roast, and the next i was inside of the flame that had erupted from it. The purple tongue of energy that now encircled my fleeting flesh was quickly presented to me in a new form. The purple, became the cosmic void of some sort of dimensional portal. Although I could still feel my feet touching the floor and see the flame I had entered into, I also felt a sensation of transportation through space and time, and knew that this flame was not just a flame. As time quickly passed, my movement slowly changed from a forward pull into a purple portal, too a downward fall into a deep red terrifying hell fire. As I fell I found myself, overwhelmed with feelings of fear and confusion. I could not explain how, but I knew that the impact would be sudden, unexpected and more painful than any trauma I had experienced in my life. As the blood rushed to my head, and I felt my subconscious begin to take over, the entire picture became clear. In an almost fluid mindset I could see that I was no longer surrounded by any sort of flame, but rather I was plummeting with more force than sheer gravity, towards one sharp rock. The point of the rock that I was about to be pierced by was no larger than the eye of a needle, and somehow I new that it stood directly below my left lung. I reflected that the knowledge of where the impact would be, should provide some comfort, as it prepared me, but instead my fear simply intensified. I also instantly knew that although it should, this injury would not kill me. Instead I just hoped that I would soon find myself exploring my sub-conscious instead of this ungodly accident. Before making contact with the rock, I realized that each side was extremely steep, and that the base was at least twice the size of my body: an incomprehensible realization.

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