Your Charge

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Chapter 7 Escape

His Perspective

2/25/2E M

Pain: Immeasurable pain. There were no thoughts, there was only pain. There were no sights, there was only pain. There were no memories, there was only pain. There was no fear, there was only pain. Pain was not a physical feeling to be endured, but rather a state of being to be experienced.

As I knew would happen, the stone had pierced my left lung upon impact. The seemingly impossible downward force, and the steepness of the pointed rock had caused my lung to expand against it. I was physically aware and seeing this until the vital organ could swell no more. At which point the experience of pain enveloped me beyond basic mortal senses. "Where is the butter boy?" my mother asked me as she entered the kitchen. My eleven year old self twitched in the chair my sister had tied me too. As I attempted to open my mouth to speak I was aware that it was help closed by a large nail that came up through the center of my lower jaw and deep into the roof of my mouth. I knew that there should be pain and I am not even sure if there was as my focus was on my hands tied together above me. No sooner had I realized this than I also became aware of the feet that were tied to them as well. If these were my own feet I did not know as I was engaged in a deep saddening conversation with the earthen dragon in the back of the cave that I had just woken up in. "Oh but you haven't woken up yet", the horse responded in an eerily familiar voice, as I rolled down a steep hill, accelerating faster and faster. I bounced against several large hard objects before I felt every bone in my body shatter against floor of the school. "get up", I heard my headmaster shout from the window in the next room. "it's your turn on duty", the young soldier continued as he shot me in the left foot, which seemed to fall through the wooden floor and into the next building. Falling and spinning I had no idea where I came from but I was now in a sick bed and felt many cold hands upon me. "BE GONE!" She shouted, and so I took the whip from my handler, and crept down the stairs to where I was supposed to check on my son to see what he was doing with the administrator girl. I pulled up the blanket as I was told, and as I expected found his member, upright and emerged from his cloak, but there was a saw piercing halfway through it, and both the children were smiling up at me. As I tried to comprehend that which I was seeing, the she-devil behind me thrust a rod of pure fire up my backside and through my body like a hand up a puppet, and as the pain tore through me I tried to scream, but what came out was the moans of a child, feeling the first pleasure of their life. At this moment I felt a true ejaculation, pouring from my very soul, only when I looked down, I found that it was not coming from my member, for that was split sixteen ways down the middle, each piece curled like decorative steel. Nor was it the white of ejaculate, for it was blood that was spouting out of holes in the center of my eye sockets, which were somehow emerging from gory breaks in my toe nails, and in this blood I found darkness.

Darkness was all I knew. For all I knew I was the darkness as it was all that existed in my world. My senses were not overstimulated nor stunted. They were only met with darkness. The darkness was not overwhelming, nor underwhelming it simply was. And then, as soon as it was, it wasn't. I was waking up laying on a cold floor, the light and warmth of my surroundings flooding back in. I took in my surroundings, as my vision cleared and as if by natural response I got up into a sitting position. I was in a small empty cell of some sort no larger than ten square feet in surface area and not much taller. The floor and walls were dirt, as if carved out of the ground, but seemed more solid than would be expected. I knew that excavations could be packed tight but I knew instinctively this was something different. The Dirt was as smoothed as stone, and the surfaces perfect right angles to each other. Subsequently not a single crumble of the dirt fell from the walls as expected. Thus how did I know they were made of unaltered dirt? I simply did. It was dirt, and I was trapped. The only door of the cell was on the ceiling. It was more of a barred gate, and while It bore no significance in my mind, nor did I have any earthly clue of it's material identity, I felt that I may not touch, never mind open it. To lay bare skin upon the unidentified material would mean certain unbearable pain.

It was at this moment that I knew I had to dig, and so I dug. There was no ceremony or order to it, I just doubled over and painstakingly began to tear up the smooth ground somewhere in the center of the cell. Three years, I dug. No exaggeration. No stop. No ceremony. No order. No results. I dug my endured digging with my fingernails for three years, and in a blink of an eye I was back in my cell. This was it. I accepted defeat, and laid down to die.

I woke up who knows how much later, and shot up. Guess I'm not quite ready to die, I pondered, That's obnoxious. I looked down at my finger nails, encrusted in blood and dirt. I wafted raw earth and metallic blood, and followed the softened soil from my hand to a foot deep whole in the center of the room. "Is this really my punishment?" I said plainly into the empty air, "Is this real at all?" I felt a rawness in my fingers and a pain in my back that made me sigh. "It's real." I didn't know where I had been, how much time had passed or what had happened to me since I had been by the great dining table, but I knew that I did not care for it. I also knew where I was and that I no longer wished to be there. I sat up with an effort that befitted fighting a large bear, and looked straight up at the threatening metal great above. If I stood on my toes I could reach the bars, and pull some apart to crawl through. This was necessary but it would be the most painful and difficult thing I had ever intentionally endured. "Whelp Here We Go Lad" I said to myself practically hopelessly. In one great leap I felt every tendon in my body stretch beyond what's natural flying off the floor and into the giant metal bars which instantly burned my flesh. The pain, discomfort and effort ran rampant through my body threatening to implode upon my very being as I shook faster than a broken water wheel and ripped the metal like a piece of paper, breaking my arms with the effort, and throwing myself through the opening, to one final pain that ended in real darkness.

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