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King Aragon. The secretive, feared, and deadly Alpha King who's been ruling werewolves for hundreds of years. After hundreds of years alone, he has completely given up on finding a mate-until a human on a field trip was snooping around in the dungeons. Cherry. The notoriously rebellious human who fears no one. She gets a kick out of pranking vampires and giants. She also almost got kicked out about a million times. Her extreme thirst for adventure lead her to explore the dungeons of the Alpha King's palace, even though she knew it meant death. But instead of death, she got a sexy, temperamental, and possessive Alpha King of a mate.

Fantasy / Humor
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- This takes place in a different world where supernaturals co-exist with humans.

They are aware of Earth’s (ours) existence, but to them it’s an entirely different dimension that’s ruled by humans.

- I also created my own gods. They’re pretty similar to Greek Gods and I was even thinking of using them but it didn’t work out with what I wanted for my story, so I just made my own based on them.

- I’m new to this app. Apologies in advance for any mistakes with formatting and other circumstances in the future cause I’m really not used to writing here but trust that I will try my best and improve. Thank you!

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