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1 - cherry the explorer -

Werewolf Royal Palace

9:30 AM

"What's in my agenda for the day?"

Aragon was sitting pretty on his chair as his hair stylist combs his hair.

"Nothing much until the party. However, there is a field trip on-going at the ground floor for students at Valerius Academy. Gurganus volunteered to host them. You can visit them if you wish." Levi, his most-trusted right hand man, answered.

Aragon snorted. "I don't give a fuck about those pesky little students."

Levi did not bother to reply.

Aragon looked around his dressing room."Where the fuck is my crown?"

The servants all look at each other cluelessly.

"I said, where the fuck is my crown?!" Aragon growled louder which made his hair stylist back off.

On the other hand, the servants cowered. He got up and eyed every single one of them. He picked on one of his newly-hired servants. "You!"

The poor girl shivered and gulped. "Look at me!" Aragon yelled and forcibly lifted her chin up. The girl's eyes were watering.

"You're a servant, aren't you? Isn't it your job to answer to my orders?" When the girl failed to reply, Aragon smiled devilishly. "Answer me or you're lifeless by the road tonight."

"Aragon!" Barbara, the Lady of the Household, came in and intervened. The old lady also slapped his arm.

"How many times do I have to tell you to be a little nicer to the servants?! They're doing their best already!" She tells the King off.

Aragon sighed, let go of the servant, and pulled Barbara in for a hug. "You're right, Barbara. My apologies. I was just having fun! You know how much I love seeing people tremble in fear of me."

Barbara pushed him. "Just because you're a King, doesn't mean you get to scare around people like that! Apologize to her!"

Aragon gave her a flat look. "Me? Apologizing to a servant? You wanna get fired, Barbara?" He chuckled humorlessly. "You might be my aunt, but you know damn well I can still fire you."

"Then fire me! You need to learn some manners!" She challenged him.

Aragon groaned and rolled his eyes. "I just wanted my crown, okay? I want to wear my crown for the party tonight and none of them got them for me!"

Barbara smacked him again. "You sound like a five year old. Toughen up! You can get a crown on your own. Go! Leave and get your crown yourself if you want it so bad!" She pushes him out of his own dressing room.

"Ugh." Aragon groaned some more. "Wanting to look good isn't a crime, Barbara!" He whined but she slammed the door in his face.

Aragon's jaw twitched. He turned around and huffed. "If she wasn't an old lady I really would've beat her ass for raising her voice at me."

He begrudgingly walked out of his room and headed to the dungeons where he stored his crown.

"I'm a King, I'm not supposed to do this shit for myself."


Outside the Palace

9:00 AM

"Welcome to the Werewolf Royal Palace! I'm Gurganus Bonavich, your tour guide for the day. I might seem friendly but I'm also the same Gurganus who's the King's greatest warrior. Keep that in mind before you try any of your stupid young people shenanigans. Got it?"

The class before him felt uneasy at the threat, except for one certain student who was smirking. She raised her hand. "Are we going to the dungeons? Heard you keep all your secrets there."

Gurganus's nostrils flared. "Don't act tough, kid. You smell human. I'd be extra careful if I were you."

"Try me." Cherry mumbled, knowing Gurganus would still hear it due to his heightened hearing.

The latter just shook his head. "Any questions?" When the class stayed silent, he continued. "Alright, then. Welcome in!"

The gate to the palace opens.

And so it starts.


"Boo! You're lame!"

Cherry teased her friend, Red.

"We're in the royal palace, for fuck's sake! I don't wanna get in trouble! You're on your own," Red defended herself and walked away fast to catch up with the rest of the class.

Cherry just took a deep breath and calmed herself down. Between her and Red, she has always been the more adventurous one. It might also have something to do with her literally being afraid of nothing, while Red is more of a goody-two-shoes.

Cherry felt bored touring the pretty places in the palace. She wanted something more. Something actually worth something. Some...treasures.

She looked over to her right. It was the door that led to the dungeons. Gurganus specifically looked at her while warning the class what would happen to them if they dared to enter the dungeons.

"We won't only imprison you, but we will make you wish you were never born. The King himself hates disobedience and trust that he will personally get you taken care of once he knows of your treacherous crime."

Cherry shrugged. "I don't care about no King."

She opened the door and went straight down the stairs.

"Dora the Explorer got nothing on me."


The dungeons were boring.

For Cherry, at least.

She found nothing worth her time.

She's about to descend to the third and lowest level of the dungeons and no one has caught her yet. No one.

She's that bitch.

She sighs as she takes a turn at a mostly empty corridor. There were nothing but paintings on the wall. She ignored them. They're too big to fit in her handbag.

But at the end of the hallway where she thought was a dead end, was a shelf full of books.

"Secret door. Bingo," she whispers to herself.

She speed walked down the hall and started pushing and moving books around to find the right trigger.

Once she moved a book entitled "The Werewolf Legacy", the shelf moved.

She pumped her fists in the air.

She took a look at the room first. It was dark, but once she stepped in, the lights lit up. At the middle of the room was a crown. A very beautiful crown.

Cherry smirks. Jackpot, she thought.

She immediately grabs it and opens her bag.

But then she heard a man clear his throat.

Her eyes widen in shock yet she still confidently turned to the door. "Oops."

But the hot man in front of her did not look mad, instead, he was smirking.

He moves closer and closer to her. Cherry did not back up and stood her ground. Her head tilts as the man in front of her starts looking a little too familiar.

He leans in and with his mouth right next to her ear, he firmly declared.


Cherry pushed him back. He felt sparks as her hand touches him but she felt nothing. She takes a closer look at his face.

"Dion? Is that you?”

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