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 "But what about Ty, why can't we send him instead? We can proclaim a new agreement with them. He's stronger, and he'll be a better warrior then she can..." Mom implores, hoping for a way out for me to get out of this mess and not have to leave. "No, it's ok. I will go Alpha. If that will be all, may I have permission to leave?" Alpha Brock nodds. I began to stand, getting ready to take my leave. "Question though, Alpha... if you don't mind?" "Of course... what is it?" Alpha Brock responds "It's just... we still have, a few months before school ends, I'm supposed to graduate this year..... Will I not be allowed to even finish high school? Or how will this work?" He takes a long endearing sight, "Yes dear, our contract with them will only last five years. You will receive your high school diploma, and you will also have to attend a quick introduction to a career of your choice before coming back home. You will be given your diploma the day you return. While you are away, you must not contact anyone, no one may know of where you are. This has to stay a secret between us. No one must find out you are leaving, besides us.... everyone will think that you are away in college. Is that understood?" "Yes Alpha." "Selene?" "Yes" "No one, not even Ty." He warns. "Understood."

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The Chosen Warrior


"Selene.....Selene, where are you?"

Mom's voice suddenly brings me out of my trance. My mind had traveled away, back to my thirteenth birthday. Days before our first shifting ceremony took place. I had always been the kind to isolate myself away from everyone else.

I don't like being in the company of others, specially in the presence of other girls.

They all seemed to want one thing from me, to get close to my brother Ty, and his arrogant bestie, Blake Landon; the next in line to become alpha of our pack.

I had gone out to walk by myself that day. I loved taking long walks through the forest, it's just so peaceful. The feel of the ruffle from branches, the crinkle sound of the leaves before me, the warm of the sun on my skin, and the smell of the woods.

It must of been just a few minutes before my eyesight became blurry. Everything around me became dazed and I began seeing color circles in the air. The pit of my stomach balled up in a painful knot, and I had a sharp stab in my chest, my body was fast loosing its energy within.

I could hear the voice of a woman echoing, but it was fading away a bit at a time. I couldn't make out what it was she was saying, it sounded as if she sang, or chanted, but nevertheless her voice sounded so sweet. I faintly remember how she looks from the small glimps I saw of her; her beauty was indescribable, her physique like no other. She was a mere image of an angel.

Before long, everything around me went blank, and I was awakened at what seemed minutes later by my mother, Rebecca Slate, and our Luna, Christy Landon.

Luna talked to my mother, they held a conversation among themselves and argued for a while about something. I was so dazed, my mind could not process nor comprehend what was happening. I couldn't make out what they were saying. Father picked me up, my body felt so weak it was unwilling to respond.

My eyes fluttered at a rapid pace on their own, as if they'd spasm. Before I knew it, I had passed out ones more.

That day, when I woke up, I had a loud ringing in my ear, I felt a huge painful throbbing headache that was stilling me from moving an inch without me feeling as if my head would explode. All I could do was lay there wondering what it was that the mystery women was saying. Why was she calling for me? Who was she? What did she want from me?


My dad is Chansey Slate, Beta to our Alpha, Brock Landon. My father is married to Rebecca Slate, and I have a brother named Tyler, who is my twin.

We look completely opposite. I have dark brown hair, his is raven black, which I envy to be honest. He's darker skinned toned then mine, well built, extremely muscular for his age, since he is always working out, I mean literally all the damn time, just like his arrogant best friend Blake.

I have fair caramel skin, just a bit lighter then Tyler's. Fair plumped lips, I'm short in stature at five feet and four inches.

Like I said, my brother works out almost all day long. When he's not in school or training, he's lifting and training, but always working out.

He's always saying,'It's because, it's getting close to our eighteenth birthday, and I have to look my best for my mate when the time comes to meet her.'

If you ask me, they should be more focused in training in case of a rogue attack. Typical, that most men in our pack have the same mentality. All they look forward to is turning eighteen, and finding their stupid mate. Complete arrogance if you ask my opinion. I can care less about finding a mate.

For the past few weeks, Alpha Brock, and our Luna have been announcing a party they will be hosting for tonight, in honor of their son Blake. He will officially be turning eighteen today, and will become our next Alpha. He will then find himself his mate, if he hasn't found her already; and we will be announced and introduced to our new Luna. Well, as soon as their mating bond is completed. Yay, how fun.... can you hear my excitement? Please.... I rather lock myself in my room, and bury myself in my books.

I don't do people. Anything that has to do with talking, or interacting with others, is out of the question for me. I don't like being around anyone, no matter how much I try, I just like being alone.

Luna had asked to speak with me before the party, and the ceremony took place. I was really hoping it had to do with that day of my first shifting, and why I kept passing out.

Ever since then, it has happened to me again, each year, days before my birthday. I mean literally, every freaking year, like a clock.

True fact, as a werewolf, everyone is so eager to find their mates on their eighteenth birthday. But, all I want is answers, answers as to what is happening to me.

"Selene?.... seriously now! I have been calling for you, for the past ten minutes child. Get your head out of the clouds. Luna, and Alpha Brock are waiting for you at the office. Please, don't have them waiting. Hurry up and go!"

"Ok, sorry!! I'm coming," I answer sarcastically making mother frown. I sigh and get off from my bed, placing my book on the nightstand, and begin to make my way down the steps to the office.

I knock on the door and wait to be let in to the office. I could hear someone's footsteps nearing. Luna opens the door as she comes over, gesturing me to enter with a sweet and gentle smile.

Although I have never been the kind to care about looks, I have to say that both my mother, and our Luna, are the most beautiful women I have ever met.

Of course, our alpha and my father are no exempt. They are extremely good looking for their age. Even their wolves are beautiful; well, all except for my mother. I don't recall ever seeing my mother shift before, weird right?But, I give it no thought, whatever.

"Come on in sweetheart," Luna says.

"Thank you," I respond, I have never liked sugar coating myself for anyone. Not even for them. I know it may be rude of me, but being used time and time again for fake friendships, just to get to my brother made me get on edge over time.

As I make my way into the office, I see Alpha Brock, sitting in his chair fixed in the middle of his dark mahogany desk. Father sits on a lazy boy arm chair, in the small sitting area, arranged to the right side of the office. Luna makes her way slowly and stands next to her husband, alpha Brock, towards his left. Behind me, my mother walks in and makes her way, sitting next to my father in the small living room.

"Selene, have a seat," Alpha Brock says, in a stern authorative voice.

I make my way over, and sit on the cold brown leather of the chair, fixed in front of his desk. Utter silence overtakes the room, making me feel awkward.

He clears his throat as he commences to speak.

"Selene, do you have any idea why we have called you here?" I stare in awkward silence, dumbfounded by his question.

"Uh, No, alpha!" Luna places her hand on his shoulder, giving him a warm smile he humbly returns to her. He places his pen down, and fixes his sleeves before setting his hands back down on top of his desk, pursing his lips in a thin line before he sighs.

"Selene, do you recall anything about what happened to you, days before your first shifting years ago? Do you remember anything at all, from what happened that day?"

I narrow my eyes, 'seriously? I came here for answers. Not to be questioned!' I think to myself,

I had completely forgot about the mind link, and obviously forgot about canceling them out.

He clears his throat, letting out a stern growl, and his eyes become dark. He narrows his eyebrows as he tries to not lose his cool.

"Shit!" I mouth out in a whisper.

"Selene? watch your tone!" Mother warns in a low voice tone.

"I'm sorry!" I say, lowering my gaze to the ground in submission.

Luna sighs, and makes her way slowly towards me. She brings herself down, bending her knees to meet my eye level. She places her warm hands on top of both my knees, and she takes another long and endearing sigh. Her eyes look so full of worry, and sadness. A look that makes me feel unease and a bit scared, worried, and maybe a bit uncertain. Something is wrong, and I don't know if I'll like what I'm about to hear.

"Sweetheart, our goddes has chosen you with the honorable blessing of becoming our next lead warrior." Luna explains.

My mind becomes clouded as I forward my eyes towards her. Eyes wide in shock and my mouth gawked open.

"I, wait ....what?" I narrow my sight.

The words barely escape in a whisper.

She gives me a sincere melancholic smile. I can feel my eyes become trickled with tears of confusion, yet excitement.

"What...does that mean, exactly? And, why do you make it sound like it's a bad thing?" I avert my sight from one adult to the other.

My arms piercing the arm rests of the chair, and I can feel my whole body tremble with adrenaline, and nervousness.

My wolf, Hazel, is going absolutely crazy. She doesn't know what is happening either, just like me. She's excited and nervously jumping around.

Unlike me, though, Hazel was really looking forward to us finding our mate this year before our birthday.

"Please tell me this is not as bad as it sounds? What do you mean by all this?what, exactly, are you trying to say?and......why do you look so worried?"

"Selene!" Alpha yells, demanding me to calm myself down from bombarding them with this sudden interrogation.

"Dad, what does this mean? Please, tell me?" I calmly ask father as the tears in my eyes blur my vision.

"I am afraid, that you must pack your belongings, my sweet angel. You will be leaving for training, as of tomorrow morning. You will not be training with the other females in our pack. I'm sorry my dear girl." He stares at the ground, his gaze filled with anger and sadness. My mother and Luna, silently cried.

"Huh, Is this a joke? I mean, seriously? No women! has ever!!! been chosen to become a lead warrior in the history of our pack since like a thousand years ago, so, why me? And, Why do I have to leave for the king's palace to train? Can't I just train here? Why do I have to leave?" I said angrily pointing to myself.

Luna takes a long sigh, she slowly grasps my hands, squeezing them gently. Taking ahold of my hands, she smiles, one of the most melancholic smiles I've ever seen.

"My dear, I am afraid it's true, but more complicated then that. You will not be leaving to train with our king's army for a year like most our top warriors have," She says locking eyes with my mother.

"Wh,.... this is crazy! You ..... you guys are not making any sense, I mean, I am completely confused! Please explain? because I am just getting more, and more confused, and frustrated, as I'm listening to what you're trying to tell me." I furrow my eyebrows, squeezing my eyes shut. This can't be real, I have to be stuck in a stupid dream again, right?

None of this makes any sense, none at all.

"Dad?" he ignores my calls, closing his eyes, turning away from me, almost trying to fight back his tears.

"Selene, we have an alliance with a Colonel, in a special force inside the military. He conducts a special elite group of werewolf soldiers, who protect human kind, and our own. You have been selected to join him and his team. You will be leaving tomorrow morning. After Blake's ceremony this evening, you may go upstairs,and begin to pack.... tomorrow morning, you will have officially become part of this team."

His words echoed in my mind. This can't be real, werewolves and humans do not coexist, it's just far too dangerous! Bad things have happened before. That's why we are secluded, far away from them... how can this be happening?

"I'm sorry Selene. They somehow knew that you had been chosen by our goddess as our next warrior. They have specifically asked for you, to join their team. We can not afford to jeopardize our pack's safety, and say no. If we refuse, and we break our agreement, we will be forcing them to break our treaty of peace with them....If, you don't go, they will have the right to overtake our land. We have to keep our part of the deal, if not, who knows the dangers our pack may go under? We will be exposed to other creatures, and roaming rogue's. I know it's alot to ask of you... but our pack, is in your hands at the moment, we need you to cooperate."

My heart raced, I fought back the tears in my eyes. I suddenly became quite fond of this pack! my pack! Inlmcluding each and every member that was in it.

Hazel kept trying to merge through to speak, she was running in circles, and whimpering. I can feel her sadness and frustration. She nipped at me to let her out.

"Please Selene, you are our only hope to keep the government away from our land. Our pack's safety is in your hands at this moment." Luna Christy implored

"But what about Ty? Why can't we send him instead? We can ask for a new agreement treaty with them, debate the obvious with them. He's so much stronger and he'll be a better warrior then she can be?" Mother implores, hoping for a way out for me. To get me out of this mess and not have me leave. I can sense the frustration from each of them.

Before they could break into an argument, I decided it was for the best for me to answer. For my pack, for my family.

"No, it's ok mom. I will go, Alpha. If that will be all, may I have permission to leave?"

Alpha Brock nodds, pursing his lips giving me a sympathetic smile.

I began to stand, getting ready to leave. "Question, though Alpha.... if you don't mind."

"Of course, what is it?" Alpha Brock responds.

"It's just, we still have a few months left before the school year ends. I'm supposed to graduate this year, will I not be allowed to graduate high school? Can there be a way for me to call Ty and congratulate him on our eighteenth birthday, or call home?"

He takes a long sigh. "Selene dear, our contract with them will consist of a five year leave. You will attend classes there, and receive your diploma there. While you are training, you will receive a rushed introduction to a career of your choice. Before coming home, you will receive your bachelor's degree. While you are out there, you must not contact anyone. No one must find out where you are. No one must know of when you are leaving, besides us, everyone will think that you are away at college, is that Understood?"

"Yes Alpha."



"No one.....Not even Ty." He warns.

I steal a glance at mother, her eyebrows narrowed as she tries to fight back tears, and my father with his gaze down towards the floor.

"Understood Alpha," I say as I stand to take my leave. I slowly make my way to the door. Cringing my hand to the brassed knob, feeling the cold grasp of the copper colored metal; I swallowed deep, inhaling rapidly before I close my eyes and turn to alpha.

"Alpha? One more thing if I may?"

"Yes Selene? "

"May I go for a run? to clear my mind before I have to pack?"

"Very well, but be back before the ceremony. I want every member there to welcome and receive Blake, as our new alpha."

"Yes sir." I open the door, my mind is a complete bliss of utter frustration, and anger, entangled in every inch of my being.

It's for the good of the pack.... even if I can't stand most of them... they are still my pack... and I must protect them.

I take a long sigh, making my way out of our pack house. The warm rays of the sun caressing my skin, as I feel a graceful and warm breeze flowing through my hair. I will miss this place after all.

I make my way out towards the trees.... I sprint a good distance in. I take off my shirt and pants; I can hear the twist and break of my bones that last only but a few seconds before Hazel appears in my pkace. I let Hazel take over, as she starts to sprint out, not wasting time to have her run.



I can feel the soft earthed soil between my paws. I let loose as I run as fast as my paws can take me. Running through the many branches, bracing past them, scattering them about as they fall on the ground. The gush and whizz of the wind, and many trees as I pass in seconds. I can smell the beauty of the forest. The wind whistling about, the trinkle of the water a mile away, and the love song of the birds chirping about.

I stop just a few miles before the end of our land. The silence of the day interrupted by the many sounds of the forest....undeniably peaceful and quiet.

"Selene...." a silent whisper is heard in the distance.

"Hazel? who's there?" Selene and I wonder around trying to see who is calling. We gaze from one side to another. But Nothing is seen but the beauty of.the forest.


"There it is again!Haze?, who's out here?who is it?" Selene asks.

"I- I don't know! There's no one out here."

"But I can feel someone's presence.... there has to be someone else here with us."

I feel utter frustration as I try and make out who it is. I shift back to human form, and let Selene take over.

My body is completely naked at the moment, as I wonder about trying to make out who is out here with us.

Everything becomes a blurr. Again, my body feels its energy being drawn away. I begin to loose sight, as i see the same beautiful woman with am angelic resemblance come to view, her face so beautifully, and a white aura so strong it makes me feel completely at ease.

"I've seen you before....who are you?"

Everything goes blank. I wake up minutes later, completely alone. I gather my things quickly and sprint back to our pack.


I woke up in bed. I don't even recall how I got back. Did I run? Did someone find me? Goddess, this is making no sense.... I can't believe all this is happening.

I decide to get up. My head throbbed, an echoing ring in my ear deafening me, it's so intense my vision keeps blurring. My back hurts as if it had been torn open, right between my shoulder blades.

"Just rest Selene. We have to start packing soon. The ceremony has already begun anyway, if we go down now, we may be spotted by alpha Brock. He will definitely be disappointed that we were not there." Hazel say

"Your right Haze, we may as well just start packing. Gosh, I don't even know what to take. We may as well just leave mostly everything, and just take a few essential things with us. A picture of my family for sure. Books, phone..... No, No phone, we may be tempted to call home. Ok, it's getting pretty dark, let's get packing before it's late." I tell Hazel.

I make my way to the door to turn the light on and stop on my tracks, my heart begins to raise at a million per second...

"Haze, what is that smell? It smells so good. It's like heaven."

"Mate." Hazel yells.



Ever since I was thirteen, I have wondered how my mate would be. Would she be a good Luna? Will she be as beautiful as I'd hope she'd be? Will she love me the way I already love her?

Father has always trained me harder then any other member of our pack. Every free time I have, I practice, I train, I workout. Not because I want to look buff like my best friend Tyler presumes to do, since his goal is to look good for his future mate.

But, because I need to make sure I am ready to defend, and protect my pack at any cost. To be able to defend my Luna at all costs. She will be half my soul after all, and if I can not defend her, then I am worthless as an alpha as well. I train just as hard or double, I time myself running and shifting. I practice my tactics against multiple attackers and work harshly on maintaining my session higher then anyone.

I am turning eighteen today. The pack house has been filled with members running about all day. Our ladies have been busy preparing food for all the guests. Members clearing paths and cleaning their homes to accommodate all our guests arriving from allied, and neoghboring packs. The whole place filled with members of my pack, and from guests that were already arriving as we speak.

I had already bathed and gotten myself ready for the ceremony . I am not the kind of person to wait until the last minute. I am but of very little patience and as mother puts it, very temperamental, but I like things to be perfect. I have been like this since I was small, and I don't care what anyone has to say. I will not bother with someone who wants to waste my time, nor will I amuse arrogant beings.

I take my school, and my work, very serious. And I expect the same from my pack members as well. My father has been a modeled alpha, respected by many, including myself. We are a strong pack, and growing stronger each day.

As of tonight's ceremony, I will take over, all the responsibilities of our pack. And I intend to do as father has taught me. Work hard, protect, demand.

I started making my way down the steps of our pack house. I immediately went to the kitchen to get a bite to eat. My mother and father seemed to be holding a meeting. But I kept my nose away. I still had a few hours before the ceremony commenced, so any matters that went on now, were still out of my jurisdiction.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed one of the sandwiches that were already prepared. I began to make my way to the living room to sit, since the dining table was completely covered with platters of food and appetizers.

As I made my way, my eyes diverted to the ground. I heard the clash of the front door open, I immediately was engulfed in the most beautiful scent I had ever known to exist. Magnolia and honey suckle. A beautiful mixture of some of the most beautiful and exotic flowers in all existence.

"Mate." Alexander proclaimed inside my head.

I immediately placed my food down and walked towards it. When I opened the door, there was nothing there.....Nothing.

No one in sight, but a few male members of our pack, who instantly gazed upon my presence as I came out standing on top of the deck.

"Good afternoon, Alpha Blake." They greeted in unison. Although I wasn't alpha yet, they greeted me with the same respect.

I glanced around, unable to make out where her scent was coming from. My eyebrows narrowed, Alexander wanted to run towards the forest in front of us. I declined his demand and went back inside the house.

If she is here, she will eventually find us


The ceremony had begun. Father called me over to start our ritual and gave me passage to become new alpha. He began with a speech, my mind and gaze diverting everywhere.... I could smell her, but I didn't know where her scent was coming from.

"Mate" Alexander pranced around like a pup. I was trying to focus but it was rather difficult because he kept yelling louder and louder.

"Mate, mate, Blake,.....go...get mate!"

"Shut up Xander.... I need to focus on the ceremony. After we are done, we will go in search for our mate. For now, SHUT UP."

"Fine, but you have to find our mate." He yelped happily.

The ceremony continued, we did our ritual. Dad cut his hand with a dagger, I grabbed it from his hand and did the same. We joined our hands and asked our elders for their blessings.

I could feel how my bond with the pack increased. Members vowed before me, wishing me well, blessing me, others proclaimed faithfulness. It felt so good to feel all this power. I could feel all my senses heighten and increased by the second...there it is.....her scent again.

I opened my eyes. Diverting my eyes everywhere trying to find her. Then I remembered, with so many guests tonight, we'd usually accommodate guests in the rooms upstairs. Some members that stayed in the pack house didn't mind sharing rooms with someone else that had came to visit from another pack.

I went upstairs and stopped at a door. I could smell her sweet scent. "Mate.. she is inside... Blake, get our mate, Now." He demanded.

My heart raced at a million per second. I grasped the door handle, quietly turned the knob, and went inside. I ment to turn the light on, but just as I was, I was pinned towards the door.

One mouth over my lips to stop me from speaking, the other, she interlaced my fingers in hers. I could feel the burn of sparks surging from my skin and onto hers as we touched. It was a burn that made me feel excited, wanted, loved.

"Shhh..." she placed her lips close to mine. I wrapped my hands around her waist, pulling her close to me. I claimed her lips vigorously, making my tongue dance in a syncful matter along with her tongue; her kiss was as sweet as candy.. I pulled apart for a second, to gasp for air. "Mate..." we whispered in unison.

"She wants us Blake.... she wants us. Claim her, mate with her now!" Xander demanded. I took her, making her mine. She felt so intoxicating, good to the touch. Her body a mere perfection of love and lust. The room was completely dark, keeping me from seeing her beautiful face... but I did not care, she was mine.

I picked her up, placing myself inside her slowly. She whinced for a second as I broke her virginity. Making her straddle me, she rocked her hips slowly as her pain succumb. She felt so, so good. I grownd, involuntarily at the feel of her.

I gripped her hair softly, moving her head to the side. I extracted my canines, slowly penetrating her neck and marking her. She winced for a second as she felt the piercing of my kanines. I retracted them, licking her wound, slowly to sooth the pain. Sucking it gently, to ease the pain faster. She moaned at my touch, making me growl profusely at her melodic voice.

Her moans, were a wonderous melody to my ears. She continued her pace on top of me, rocking her hips slowly; she grasped my nape, kissing my chest and slowly moved my neck to the side. I could feel her breathing erratic, I moved my arms over her back, tightening my grip on her waist. She lifted herself a bit, gripping my neck as I felt the piercing of her kanines. It stung but for a second, I could feel her now. Her every being, I felt it. The love and lust she had for me.

My heart was content. "She loves us Xan.... she loves us, and she wants us! This is all I ever wanted." I said to Xander, he pranced around happily.


I woke up early next morning. It had been the best damn night of my life. I had found my mate. Regardless of not being able to see her last night. It didn't matter, I was bound to find who she was now. I turned around as I layed on my stomach... but no one was there. Her scent still lingered in that room... but she wasn't here, she was nowhere to be found.

Only a rose, and a single note on top of the bed by her pillow.

My love,

I'm afraid I can not stay, I can't explain. But, I promise, I will be back one day. I love you with all my might. I hope you can forgive me, I didn't mean to leave, but I must. Until we meet again. My love is yours, forever!


Five Years Later-


It's been five years.... five fucking long years since she's been gone. I can't explain our bond. The fact that she's been gone for so long and I still have not become weak it's incomprehensive. I should be dead, or weak, or,.... I don't know. I just can't explain it.

I have gone so many times to ask the elders of my pack about this, and they have no answer. I've thought about maybe giving a chance to second chance mate. Perhaps she's forgotten all about me, but they came back saying I should be patient. I must wait for her to come back. Maybe, even if I did find a second chance mate, things wouldn't be the same. I still love her with all my might.

Years ago, I thought she would have come back right away. I was hopeful. And in a way, I still am, but the fact she hasn't come back yet is making me bitter inside.

Xander hasn't talked to me in, I don't know how long. He wants to go and keep looking for her. I just can't keep getting distracted, and leaving my pack unattended for so long to seek for her.

I've thought of hiring special men to look for her... but how can I? if I don't even know how she looks like. I don't know who she is, her name, nothing.... all I know is her smell, her touch on my skin. The sparks that her touch makes on my skin, her taste on my lips. Her mark on my neck that keeps me hopeful when I see it each morning. How am I supposed to describe these things to them? How can I describe them so they can find her?

Knock knock

"What?" I storm, I've been on edge and secluded myself in my office for the past three days.

I've been swamped with pack work and business. I haven't left my office, other then to sleep and bathe, or when Ms. Tally calls me for lunch. I don't allow anyone to disturb me when I work. Not even my parents.

"Alpha, your parents are asking to speak to you," My beta, Tyler, informs me.

"I don't have time. Tell them I will call them next week." I say, without raising my head to speak with him, as my pen continues to write.

He sights heavily, "What Ty? I have no time for bullshit right now, Alright?" I narrow my eyebrows, I was starting to get annoyed.

"Blake, you need to tone your damn voice man. Those are your fuckin parents, for keepsakes. They just want to know how you are. You haven't spoken to them in over a month man."

"And what? I'm busy!... now if you have no other business, get out. I have work to do." I say as I grab the glass cup by my right, full of whiskey, drinking the whole thing in one go.

"Uh, man... you're unbelievable. " he says shaking his head in disbelief.

"Get out Ty." I demand.

"Fine, anyway, I just want to remind you about this weekend. We are throwing the welcome home party you requested to host every year for all the college graduates from our pack."

"And?" I narrow my eyebrows as I keep writing away on my files.

"And, I would really like for you to be there know, my sister is coming back this year from college too." He says with a stupid smile on his face.

"What about it Ty? You want me to make her feel special? or what? I can't just take work off just to accommodate your little twin sister." I snapped, I was seriously getting pissed off.

"Fuck Blake, that's not what I ment. Look, I get it... all these rogue attacks we've had these past few years and your mate being MIA is getting to you. But you gotta look at the bright side Blake."

"Bright side? And just what exactly is the bright side for you, Ty? That I have lost meaningful men? and loyal members to those fucking rogues? That I almost got you killed last time too? you remember Candice, your mate right? It was my fault she's dead too...Or what about the fact that my mate is somewhere out there not giving a shit to come back?"

He hangs his sight. Nodding slightly. But, I was hoping he gets out, so I can continue with my work.

"Look, I'm sorry ok.... but you gotta stop being so damn hard on yourself. If what you say is true, and you still feel the bond between her and you being this strong? Then wherever she is.... I'm sure she is probably hoping to find a way to come back to you too." He whispers.

"And by the way, I know you ment to try your hardest to save my mate... but it was more my fault then yours that she is gone. Don't be so hard on yourself for it."

I smile a bit, the guilt still lingering inside of me.... I was hoping that he's mate's out there somewhere. And I hope she comes back soon.

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Jael Brown: Ladies hold onto to your knickers. We all know that Kelly can make you lose your breath with her hot and steamy sex scenes in her novels. She leaves you gasping and panting for more as though you were one of her characters. This book is compilation of some of her best erotic work guaranteed to pl...

hapcinamutale: It was super super great love it love it love it good author amazing just amazing you go girl you are just superb

Ashley Girard: I am enjoys the growing of the Kraftmans family. Can't wait to read about the next Fates Mate couple. Aa well as the start of their new business.

Ashley Girard: Wow. Didn't see the While witch twist. Nice. Love it. Can't wait to find out the rest. This series is so good. Keeps you Interested.

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lolli63pop: I love ALL of it. The plot characters dialog All of it. Very minor spelling errors noted, but I am sure others have already said it. Loving it

hima: Love the way the act was narrated, to the point without a fuss or drama. But the plot and writing was too simple. Eager to read what happens nextWould suggest this for 18+Content was goood even though other things mentioned above lacks. Looking forward to read what author writes after improvement!

Cecilia Florentino: Enjoyed reading and waiting for the next chapters unfolding .Just wishing for a continuous flow of plots in the story😘

Jennifer Leigh Anne Ciliska: Awesome read thank you for sharing your story with me

annwilson1252: Think thay will fall in love .but there will be some heartbreak on the way .

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