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Alpha Blake (completed)

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I Found Mate



"Jazzy come on... hurry your ass up! We're gonna be late." I sneer at her. I was seriously getting annoyed. If there is one thing I hate, is being late, we get to finally go home, and here she is taking her sweet time.

"Hold your damn horse women, I'm coming," she yells from inside the bathroom. Uugh, I hate having to wait. Jazzy finally makes her way out of the bathroom with a toothy smile."Great, FINALLY!! Can we go now?" I roll my eyes as she begins to giggles.

"In a minute...So, how do I look?" She asks in a girly tone. She knows I hate when she acts all girly, it doesn't suit her. "You look fine, now can we go? This stupid dress is making me so damn uncomfortable. " I say, trying to pull the damn mini sundress down. I could never get used to wearing mini dresses, I was bound to change out of this, and into a nice comfy top with leggings, and my camo boots soon as soon as we get home.

It turns out, I wasn't the only one who was selected to partake in this stupid program for Colonel Colhelm from my pack after all. Jazzy, or Jazmin Tanner, was also picked, as a delta warrior. She's an omega in my pack. We are the only two girls left, and we feel damn proud of surviving. Today, after five long years, we finally get to go home. Only one problem with all this.... who the fuck did I mate with, the night before I left?

I went through hell these five years...

I craved his damn touch almost every fucking night. Thanks to Jazzy, who is a wiz with chems; she managed to whip something to spray on my skin masking my scent and hiding my mark while we were out here. If anyone would have found out I was mated, they were sure to try and use him against me, to their advantage.

I was not going to let that happen.

Even though I don't know who he is, Hazel and I love him. We want him as our mate, and we are willing to die for him. I called my brother Tyler a few days ago for the first time in five years. I cried hearing his voice, I missed him so much. I let him know we were coming home from 'college' today. So, we are getting ready to leave for the airport as we speak.

I finished loading our bags in the taxi and got inside. Caleb and James, our other group leaders, are from the neighboring packs, and they will also be going home. But, not until next week. Caleb belongs to the Crescent Moon pack, and James belongs to the Blood Moon pack. From the little that I know, all three of our packs are allied, and the three are the most powerful ones there are these days. I closed the door to the taxi and signaled the driver to go.

When we landed at the airport back home, I was having a hard time with my luggage. The damn security wanted to confiscate my katana. This beauty is my baby. It was specially made for me and has saved my ass many, MANY times, and I was not going to let her get taken away from me just like that.

"Sir, I already explained, I am not a threat to society. I mean look at me, do I look dangerous to you?" I ask the other security as I trace my hand through my side, lining my hand through my body from the top of my breasts to the bottom of my thigh, lifting my dress slightly, exposing my thigh. I had a mid-thigh, length summer dress in blue and pink colors, with a deep v-neck and spaghetti straps. May I add, I had a very low v-neck, with lace lingerie in dark purple, that made my underskin very visible. He gawked his mouth wide open, unable to speak.

"Please sir, I promise you... I only got this knife as a present for my daddy. I meant no harm in bringing it." I said sheepishly."I, um... it's a ....katana," He stuttered.

"Huh?" I asked dumbfounded.

"The sword....i- it's not a knife, it's a katana sword. They are very sharp and can be quite lethal. If you don't know how to hold it, you can get seriously hurt. I'm sorry miss, but if you don't hold a permit for it, I can not allow you to keep it."

"Oh... I didn't know that. See Jazzy.... why didn't we just get that pocket knife I showed you instead? I could have chopped my handoff. And, I didn't even ask for the permit for my knife, I mean sword." I said acting clueless. Ugh, come on I gotta go. I Can't waste time here.....I need to go home!

"Please sir, I promise, I will be careful. Next time, I will make sure I get a permit.... please? You wouldn't want me to have to get it taken away, will you? I wasted so much money on this sword thingy. I wanted to give it to my dad for his birthday... please sir?" I asked as I trailed my fingers through his chest. Making him flustered. I can hear Hazel getting mad as she lets out a growl, she hates when I act flirtatiously with anyone.

Jazzy is in the back trying to withhold her laughter. I don't know why the hell she got to get away with hers in her suitcase, and this asshole is trying to take mine away. That.is.not.gonna.happen.

He finally caves in, telling me it's a warning and next time to be more careful. I grab my small suitcase, and my baby in my hand saying thank you, and walked away from the interrogation room.

We made our way towards the entrance to the airport and met with Ty. He immediately engulfed me with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I was so overjoyed, I didn't want to undo our hug. "I missed you so much, sis.... how was school? Why the hell did you not call.... like .... fucking ever a man?"

"I know, I know, I'm sorry... it's just, we got so busy all the time. Right Jazzy?" I ask for reinforcement. I was getting tired of acting all girly, and she loves all the girly attention shit so I let her have it. "Oh gosh yes, they had us busy all day. You have no idea, Tyler." She says.

We got in his car and drove away to our packhouse. Finally, I'm going home. We continued to chat the whole way. He told us about how the pack has grown and became more powerful since we've left ... ok, impressive! I guess mister arrogance is doing good after all.

When we arrived, the guards at the entrance didn't recognize me and Jazzy at first, but our scent soon let them know we were part of their pack and let us through. We drove down for another ten minutes before we got there. I was so relieved to be here. Finally, no more Colonel Colhelm bossing us around, doing his stupid dirty work.

I was immediately bombarded with hugs in all directions. Alpha Brock and our previous Luna came as well to welcome both of us. She informed us that a lot of the pack members that had gone off to college had arrived within the last few days, and we were having a celebration tonight, to welcome us back home.

To be honest, I was a bit eager to find who our arrogant new alpha, Blake had sneered into marrying him and become our new Luna. This is gonna be fun to see... I bet he snatched a pretty little princess somewhere. A delicate damsel in distress... please! Whatever though, I don't care.

Now that we are finally here, my heart pounded rather irrational in my chest. I couldn't get the scent from my mate. Hazel became impatient, she was beginning to whimper and that only made me lose control for a second as a lump formed in my throat. The same damn place between my shoulder blades began to hurt a bit, it does that whenever I'm feeling a bit sad.

"We need to find him, Hazel. He needs to know that I love him. He needs to know that I didn't mean to leave for so long. I need him, Haze... I so need him." My heart felt as if it was caught in my throat. I could feel the thumps of my heart, beating in my chest profusely for him.

"He's here... I can feel him. I know he's here somewhere Selene. We have to look for him."

"But where?? Where could he be?" I asked Hazel.

"Maybe he's one of the guards, don't you think? Maybe one of the runners, or one of the warriors. Uggh... I don't know." I glanced everywhere. I was beginning to panic.

My mind became clouded and I began to feel dizzy. 'Calm down Selene. Just go upstairs, and relax for a bit in your room. We will find him.' I thought aloud to myself.

"Your right Haze, he has to be here. You must be tired too from all the jet lag. We should get some rest."

I made my way over to my old room. Closed the door behind me, and let my body fall on the floor against the door. My butt hit the floor, my dress had ridden up to my panty line with my knees folded to my chest, but at this given moment... I could care less. Nothing in here had changed. Everything was still in tack.

My bed had different blankets in a soft gray tone, but the walls were still warm off white, my bookshelves still overcrowded with books. The same dim light lamps on my dressers. I remember the night I left. The rose and my shaking hand as I wrote my goodbye note to him, I was too scared to see him, I left before daylight came.

I remember sitting on my reading nook by my bay window, sneaking a peek of his back as I used the moonlight to write my note. It was the best memory I could take with me.

I decided to take a quick bath and sleep for a bit right after. It was, quite early and the party was not gonna start for a few more hours. So I decided to rest meanwhile.


I woke up around seven or so, the room was already a bit dark. Guess I was more tired than I thought.... then again, we don't get much time to rest and sleep anyway. I decided to get up and start getting ready.
"Remember Selene, act gracefully... " Haze reminded me.

"I know, I know...."

I went into the closet looking through my old clothes, but nothing caught my desire. Man, I used to dress like a fucking nerd. I opened my suitcase. Got my baby out and placed her in my closet, on top of some boxes I had on the top shelf before anything happened to it. I was still in my bathrobe from the shower earlier. I was so tired I didn't bother to change or anything. Just got out of the shower, placed my robe on, and fell asleep.

"Selene.... he's here." Hazel pranced.

A sweet smell had brought me out of trance while I tried to decide on what to wear. My heart sank. It skipped at a million per second. I was a nerve wreck. What would I say? what would I do?

The door opened harshly, and I heard his manly husky voice with a loud growl "MATE!"

my eyes widened in shock. He was so quick, I didn't even realize when he pinned me to the wall before I can even see his face. Smelling my neck, and licking his mark. His touch sent me to ecstasy. It made me moan uncontrollably. I needed to see his handsome face. His body felt strong and muscular. He held me tight. It hurt the way he grasped my hips, but it felt so good at the same time. He growled out loud when he noticed the smell of my arousal, bringing his hand between my legs, and licking his lips teasing me.

"Oh god...." I whispered. His hand going at a steady pace, as his finger traced my clit and skin. He pulled back a bit, and there he was.

Both of us were in utter shock, as we finally glanced at who we were. "Blake?" my eyes widened.

My heart raced, and my stomach felt uncontrollable. "Selene!" I gulped harshly, my mind clouded with fear of what was to come next.

'HAZE??? what's happening? Blaze?.... Really?....but why? He doesn't even want me.... he's backing away. Why is he backing away Haze? It hurt to see him back away... Haze, what do I do? Please help me, what do I do?"

He saw my tears fall, tears I'd hoped not to shed before him if this was the possible outcome. I closed my eyes in shame and placed my hands around my chest closing my robe... I felt so ashamed of myself right now. I wasn't good enough for him.

"Mate..." he whispered. My eyes filled with tears, he lifted my chin softly with his finger, a single tear ran down his right eye. He leaned forward, closing the gap between us. His hand wrapped around my waist, inside my robe.

"My mate... mine!" He whispered as he traced his lips in a feather-like motion on my lips before kissing me.

I immediately gave him dominance, he kissed me vigorously, intensifying the kiss. Undoing my robe slowly. He grazed my bare skin with the back of his fingers softly. My hands went over his nape. Making me pull closer to him, arching my back, loving his every touch. The electric sparks circuiting through my body where he trailed my skin.


"Shhh.... don't speak my love, enjoy the moment. Let me please you. "

" Blake, please?. "

He gripped my thighs harshly, I wrapped my legs around his waist as he turned us towards the bed. Placing me softly down, my head delicately resting on the pillow.

He rose, glancing at my naked body under him. Letting out a loud grunt before taking his clothes off his body.

He hovered over me. Softly caressing my skin. I arched my back, his touch did wonders to me. He softly trailed kisses on my body. Holding my breasts in his hands, delicately and oh so softly caressing my skin. Lightly pinching my nipple between his teeth. My hands profusely gripped his hair, my fingers interlacing his brown lustful hair. He felt so good. "Selene, let him mate with you! We need to finish the mating bond." Haze demanded.

"Blake, Please?" I begged, a tear of lust and ecstasy leaving my eyes.

He hovered over me. Tracing my inner thighs with his wet tongue. I could feel the pressure of my arousal becoming too much for me to bear.

"Blake.... oh god, PLEASE?" he ignored I plead as he took his time.

His tongue slowly making its way between my legs. His finger going inside me slowly. I arched my back, my breathing uncontrollably erratic, he gripped my breasts harshly with one hand, but it felt so good. How can a man make me feel all this good?

He continued to enter his finger vigorously inside me. As he kept at a steady pace moving in and out, again. His pace picked up, his tongue working wonders over my clit as he encircled his tongue and sucked on it harshly. He took a second finger placing it inside.

His thumb going over my clit. I was a mess.... continuing at a steady and fast pace, pounding his fingers in and out of me. His hand hitting my bones harshly under, but I cared not. Time and time again. He pushed in and out vigorously. I could feel my pressure increase, I felt it as if it was a ball forming in my stomach. He felt I was coming, I was getting tighter around his fingers. He took his tongue again to trace over my clit harshly, and that's all it took. I moaned allowed as I felt myself release in his mouth. His loud grunt, I felt the whole pack had heard it.

My breath hitched. It was good, really good.... but I wanted more, much more. I wrapped my hands over his nape, causing him to fall between my legs. His bulge hitting me right on top of my opening. It twitched a bit, making him feel my wetness; letting him know I was ready, ready for him to take me.

"Baby, please..... I need you, now!" I pleaded between moans.

His head tilted back. He grabbed his shaft, pulling back the skin and jerking himself before me. It was a beautiful sight. I traced my hand over his bare chest, I could see goosebumps forming on his tinted-filled skin where my fingers traced. In one go, he placed himself inside me. Making me arch my back. He worked at a sweet and steady pace. His eyes locked with mine. His beautiful hazel orbs I had never really noticed before.

He truly was angelic.

I loved his every move. "Oh, goddess." I panted. He picked up the pace pounding harder and harder... his manhood doing wonders inside me as he moved faster, my heart raced as cold sweat covered my body and his, every inch covered in sweat."Oh god."

I was close... I could feel it... he thrust faster, holding my thighs harshly squeezing them between his fingers. I could tell it was gonna leave a mark.

His pace, faster and faster every time. Thrusting in and out of me. More and more passionate each time. "Blake... I need to-"
"No, not yet!" he demanded in his alpha voice.

"Please Blake?.... I need to. " I said as he continued his pace.

My back arched forward, my breast gracing against his chest as he thrust inside me. "Fuck..." he let a loud growl as he began to release himself inside. Giving me the cue to finish as well... I moaned, he wrapped his arms holding me tight as I climbed down my mount of ecstasy.

He felt so good.

He kissed me tenderly, brushing my hair ever so slightly away from my face. My eyes locking with his, I could see and feel all the love in his eyes. My heartfelt content for the first time in so long.

"Selene, Marry me?" He whispered, making a small smile present on his face.

"Selene, I've waited for you, for five long years... I don't need more time for me to know how much you mean to me."

My mind could not comprehend, but my heart was more than content.

"So..... what do you say? .... will you become my wife? My luna?" He asked.
I stared at him, my eyes watered uncontrollably, and my breath caught in my chest.

"Yes! I will marry you, Blake!" He rested his forehead on mine, his hand trailed the top of my head caressing it softly, the other one caressing my skin close to my ribcage.

He locked his sight on mine, and kissed me with all the passion I had been dreaming, and hoping for, all these years I'd been away.

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