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The One princess

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The Five boys was bestfriend since childhood. The girl was just a poor. They are fall inlove with the same girl. They didnt know that each of them have a crush on same girl.

Dianie Kim
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Ji-won first meet of her New Mom

~~~~~Chapter 1~~~~~

Based on my Mind.(Made by korean)

Sorry for the grammar and spelling

One day, Ji-wo was only the girl who live in their house.She stay in her house in a years. Both her parents we're dead. But all of that, She is poor. But suddenly, The Good Samaritan came to her house to help her.

Good Samaritan:*knock to the door of Ji-won house

Ji-won:*open the door(slow)

Good Samaritan:Hi! How are you?

(silent in a moment......

: Um I know your scared of me because Im stranger, but promise I wont hurt you.

Ji-won:What do you want?!

Good Samaritan: i just wanna he---

Ji-won:No! Im fine And i Dont need you!

Good Samaritan: No! I know your not okay, just tell me whats wrong, I can help your problems, I swear i wont hurt you

After a minute, Ji-won was just accpeting it, just to help her problems.

Ji-won: COME

Good Samaritan: Thank you, Anyway wheres your parents? or siblings?relatives?

Ji-won: No! they are dead. And Im stuck here a years ago.They keep judging us. And everytime I go outside to play they keep teasing at me just because of my hair ( Crying in silent)

Good Samaritan: ohhh!! Sorry for your loss. Besides whats your name? Im geogria

Ji-won: Im Ji-won

Good Samaritan: Oh! Nice to meet you again Ji-won

Ji-won: Nice to meet you too

While they are talking about themselves, Geogria the Good Samaritan decided to adopt Ji-won as her daughter. And you could not believe what reaction she was.

Good Samaritan: Okay, um i have decided that I should adopt you as my daughter. Would you accept?As my Mother?

Ji-won:Y..y...y...you, You mean you adopt me???!

Good Samaritan: yeah, Why??

Ji-won: No! I could not believe, Yes I would accept you as my Mother

Ji-won are happy by hearing the Good news and it changed her life.The Good Samaritan couldn't not believe of her answers.

Good Samaritan:Thank you baby! Thank you. Mommy Promise I take care of you whatever it was. If you have problems I here for you

Ji-won:Thank you---

Good Samaritan:Mommy, you can call me mommy everytime you called me ok honey


Good Samaritan: yes sweetheart, yes (crying)Anyway I would bring you to your New home, And Im gonna show your New bedroom. And you can see your new sisters.

Ji-won:Wait! New Sisters???

Good Samaritan:Yes, your New sisters. And I know How excited they are to meet you. But they never now. Lets go!

Ji-won:Ok mommy.(remember something about her family memories and promises) Ahhh!! wait Mommy, I have something to tell to my parents before I leave and its time for me to say them goodbye.

|Mommy, Daddy Sorry but I have to leave our house. But Dont worry I wont forget about you and our promise. Promise me I would go back here, Bye mom Dad|

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