A Fictitious Reality (BL)

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Anthony Carson—a fictional writer who just wants to get the approval of his agent sets on a journey to find an inspiration to his new plot only to met a strange cat who can transform to a drop dead gorgeous cat man. For a sake of making fictions, he adopted the cat only to mess up his reality to a CATastrophic fiction! Cats chasing him with guns on hand. Weird animals wanting to kill him. He'd gotten a reality only encountered on fictions. And what's more weirder is the thing he's feeling to the furry fellow living with him. A question arose; How well can a writer face his reality?

Fantasy / Romance
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HE can feel his hand trembled as he try to write on his notepad what transpires as of this moment. He couldn't stop, maybe it's the only thing that could calm his nerves; to be serene even if he might die today. Beads of sweat run like rain in his forehead, he clicked his tongue as he settle his eyes to his assailants; tall lean muscular figures wearing weird space suits with cat ears and tail, all of them are pointing their badass looking guns at him; guns that only existed on sci-fi movies.

"D-Do something!" he heard a small voice coming from his side; the person seems to be crying based on his muffled hiccups.

He turned his gaze to his side and saw the owner of the voice; An attractive guy with a neck-length messed-up silver hair, on top of those hair is a pair of gray cat ears. His cheeks colored pink because crying and big green eyes coated with tears.

He heard the guns clicked and he unconsciously wrote down on his notepad, 'I don't wanna die' and stared again. Mind blank.

If he will write a flashfiction now, this must be the exact content—I don't wanna die.

He started to chant it in his mind as his hands ran cold and his body started to shake. This isn't real, right? This may just be an after effect of stress from his agent and he's just dreaming.

"Damn you! We're going to die and yet you'll just stare like death isn't a serious business?!" the soft voice now turned into a deep baritone one; tone indicating impatience and rage.

He looked at him and blinked his eyes then to his notepad then repeat up until a loud slap could be heard startling him, and even the two assailants.

"This is real! Snap out of it, idiot! "


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