Dragons of Fire & Ash

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The Kingdom of Airendelle is being girdled by the massive golden dragon, the one who was thought to have been strained by the former King Adorjan by practising forbidden magic. The civilians are sure that they are being punished for the sins of their former king and are out on streets to ask the current King Balendin to atone for the sins of his ancestor. Having no other alternative, King Balendin seeks the advice of the greatest sorceress of Airendelle. But he doesn't know that this atonement might cost him his greatest treasure, his daughter.

Fantasy / Romance
Quinn Winters
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Chapter 0: A Song of the Mighty Dragon of Legend

Give heed, my doe, to the stag,

That amidst the fields, does run,

The land, once adorned by living souls,

On it now, death does burn.

A shadow of a little boy,

Giving out a hostile sigh,

As they dragged the man, who fathered him,

To char him in mage fire.

The stag, it runs and doesn’t stop,

To not smell the wailing silence,

Of dread magic, all black,

That consumed an era, whole.

He fears all manners of creatures now,

Mages, dragons and commons,

Still he scales to find one,

Like a small bud in mud.

The mages raged bloodshed,

Upon the dragon lands,

The battle tore the fields,

Till every breath ceased.

The dragons on the losing end,

Hatched a devious plan,

They sent their golden, a war machine,

To rain, upon the mages, death.

Wherever his shadow shone,

Every heartbeat ceased,

The flowers did not want to bloom,

To face his deadly wrath.

He only brought demise,

Leaving zilch alive,

His roaring fire was a bell,

People knew as death’s.

He burned the lands,

Far and wide,

Till the land had levelled,

The life to sea.

The powers that sit in the clouds,

Gave a spiteful frown,

They called him to the upper domains,

To rob his stars from his moon.

They cursed him with a living bane,

Forlorn till the edge of life,

From then on, to this day,

The dragon roams the lands alone.

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