Secrets Uncovered

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Everything that she thought was true, had been a lie all along..... Seventeen year old Samantha Matthews has had it hard ever since her dad died in the naval army, a few years ago. However, the appearance of two mysterious students at school, along with the rise of supernatural activities, leads her to question everything around her. Suddenly, she ends up protecting not only her friends and family, but also the entire world. However, she didn't know that betrayal, broken friendships, hurt and hidden secrets were part of the package.

Fantasy / Humor
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Author's Note

HEY EVERYONE !! *waves frantically at the person reading this*

Welcome to ?? I’m sorry i dont know how the whole introducing thing works.

As mentioned in the summary and the tags, this is a supernatural book. i have a very vague idea of how the whole plot will go. But, i can tell you im quite passionate on writing this whole book and finishing it up, and hopefully satisfying all my readers. i came up with this idea a few years ago, so it may come across as a bit cliche.

Teenage girl realizing she has secret superpowers and her whole life changes.

But i feel like i’ve matured a bit since then, having read a lot more books and articles on how good writing should be, so hopefully this story will turn out to be a good one, and not so much of a cliche.

With that, i bid all of you adieu *does a dramatic bow*. I cannot stress enough how important your opinions and comments will be; how helpful it would be to try improving my skill. Please comment, like and do vote :))))))))


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