Blood Bound

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Two males. A vampire and a human. A typical love story, but with twists and a few turns. They learn things about each other and guide one another. Slow burn romance, drama, violence, all sorts of things. Viktor is a natural born vampire, he's short, standing at 5'0 but has the sas and attitude to make up for it. He has short black hair, he's thin and pale, and his fashion sense screams vampire. His eyes are a dark purple and he's overall super cute. He doesn't trust easily and his first instinct isn't to try and make friends, but what happens when a human makes him do so? Axle is a human, he's a bouncer at a club, and starts this story on a vacation from work. He's super tall, standing at 6'8, has long black hair that goes a bit past his shoulders and contains a white streak. Frankly, he is a sweetheart most of the time and overall a very happy person. He's fit to say the least, and is definitely a challenge for a normal human being, but what happens when his strength gets put to the test by things he didn't even know existed? Demi is the female lead, Axle's cousin and adoptive sister. She's average height, bright red hair that made it to her jawline. Her and Axle are usually inseparable, but she does have her own love interest. She's pretty similar to Axle, but enjoys teasing people. What happens when she gets dragged into this mess?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

"Hey, are you sure about doing that?" A red haired female asked and the Male sitting across from her shrugged

"Why not? I have nothing else to do" The male said and the female sighed

"But what if it really is haunted?" She asked

"Demi, that would be great actually.. I wouldn't be wasting my time" The male said and chuckled a little "Look, don't worry, I'll be fine" He added reassuringly

Demi took hold of his hand and frowned a little

"I'm going to worry, you could get hurt, Axle" she added and he sighed

"I'm going" He said and she groaned, letting him get up

"Fine" she said, watching Axle leave. He began heading to his destination, a victorian styled house that is rumored to be haunted, which would be believable by how near it is to the cemetery, right across the street actually and one of the very few houses in that area.

The male had soon arrived and studied the house, it was a bit bigger than he realized, and it actually looked like a decent place.

He went to the door, that was actually locked, but it was a rather weak one with how old it actually was. He opened the door, grabbing his flashlight as the interior completely dark and there weren't any light switches that he noticed, shining his flashlight around before actually stepping inside, the door shutting rather harshly, like something else slammed it. The male was a bit concerned, but not scared, looking around some more with the flashlight

"Get out!" A supposedly male voice shouted, actually causing the male to jump

"Active... not expected" Axel muttered and continued looking around, not listening to the voice, but there ended up being consequences, when the male was looking away, there was a sudden pain in his chest as he was sent flying back, hitting the wall and sliding to the floor

"I said get out!" The voice said again, sounding rather near this time and the male quickly shined his light from where it came from, getting a glimpse of a gorgeous boy, but it was only for a second

Axle was trying to catch his breath, feeling as if there was definitely a broken rib or two from the kick and the crash. He managed to get up

"You can't scare me that easily" Axle shouted, glancing around some more with the flashlight before he was tackled, this time the weight of the person being felt completely. They weren't that heavy, probably only around 100 lbs, but that frankly scared the male. There was no way someone so light and from the feel of it, small, should have been able to send him flying or get him to the ground with ease.

He, himself, was a solid 6'8 and definitely weighed almost 260, and was quite fit.

He shined the light above him and caught the boy again, but this time he stayed.

"You're scared now though~" the boy smirked, showing a bit of fang in a more threatening manner

"Why can't you humans ever learn?" He whined "Just leave this house alone!" He shouted, hands wrapping tightly around Axle's neck. He could feed, but he wasn't one to over eat and frankly wasn't hungry.

Despite being choked, the male managed to pry the boy off of him and knock him away

"Hey! I'll leave" The male said and heard a soft chuckle as he stood up

"You've already entered, I can't let you leave... You already know too much" The boy said, right behind Axle, who felt a hand on his arm "Allow me to show you what a vampire can do.. up close~" he threatened, sending a bit of a chill up his spine.

A vampire?! The male almost panicked, he knew he couldn't actually take on a vampire, having been prepared for a spirit or ghost, but nothing more.

He suddenly felt himself on the ground again, his arms pinned and he felt the cold breath against his neck, but then there was a sound at the door and it opened, letting in light, which made the boy flee into the darkness

"Oh my gosh! Are you ok?!" Demi rushed in

"Yeah.. shit.. why are you here?" Axle asked and Demi huffed a little

"I was worried, so I thought I would join you" She said honestly and bit her lip some

"Well, there's nothing to worry about" He glanced around a bit "There's nothing going on here" Axle added

"But.. you were on the floor" Demi said

"I tripped, I couldn't see shit" he said, playing it off

"I'll believe that" she nodded, heading back out as the male followed, sending one more glance and seeing a pair of glowing purple eyes.

He shut the door and shook his head, falling deep into thought as he hummed slightly, walking with Demi to her place

"So.. just a plain abandoned house?" She asked and he perked up, nodding gently

"Yes, nothing" He sighed "Just a waste of time" He said, still able to feel the cold breath on his neck.

There wasn't much else conversation wise between the two, and he dropped Demi off at home before heading to his own place, the sun setting.

He wondered a bit about the vampire, he wondered if he was as close to death as he thought and he ended up trying to figure something out.

He was going to investigate further, this time without anyone knowing.

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