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Kody Chrystals is an average hormonal teenager. Macintosh is not. Far from it. Very far.

Fantasy / Romance
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The meeting

He walked into the classroom he would spend mornings in for four years, there were posters on the walls telling him that when things get tough he needs to keep going, there were pamphlets in piles on a desk in front of a girl, she smiled at him when he walked in.

He sat down at a desk, pushing his bag underneath it. He surveyed the people in the classroom, they all had a slight air of nervousness to them. Their eyes glancing at him every now and then. Until it walked in.

Its hair was light gold, thin and could have been a girl's short haircut or a boy's long haircut, their eyes were brown, no, maroon, they just looked red in the light. People don't have red eyes. They were wearing an orange and blue striped turtleneck with an oversized grey shirt over the top. This person looked at him, their maroon, no, no, their eyes were- no. People don't have red eyes. It was the light, had to have been. Their maroon eyes locked with his green ones, the two both looked away.

"Kody, what are you doing?" He whispered to himself, running his large hands through his short cinnamon hair. Kody sighed.

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