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Autumn, born and bred Norse warrior. Her town is just made up of women, no men to be found. She is the fiercest, the strongest and bravest. She protects their home deep in The Mountains of the Sirens. However, one day a knight is sent to retrieve her. She accepts willingly as she had never left her home, they make an unusual pair. Their ways and combat skills very different. At first it seems like a failing alliance. The more they travel together the more they get used to one another. Their journey brings them closer and together they will both unite the two kingdoms, the Norse warriors in the north and the dwellers of the east.

Fantasy / Action
Raven Valentino
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

The overgrown feline swiped at me, I slid towards the mountain face in the snow, I gripped the root of a tree as I dangled above the ground. I was miles up, the fall would most certainly kill me. The creature came closer and tried to swipe for my fingers, but I pushed myself back up. The snow burnt my exposed fingers. The creature hissed and weaved as I walked towards it. “It ends now!” I growled as the snow fell heavier now. I threw my spear into the fleeing beast.

It hit it right in the chest, the creature mewed loudly before falling limp. “May your soul rest with the gods now,” I said and removed my spear from its body. I looked it over, this was the biggest snow cat I had killed. I hauled it over my shoulder and headed back to the barracks. “You’re very warm around my shoulders, I think I’ll use you as a fur cloak.” I could just about see the barracks in the storm of white.

The heads on spikes stood high, their long hair blowing about them in a crazy manner that looked like tentacles. The flayed bodies high above the gates too swung violently. It was always winter here, they never rotted or decayed. I heard the horns being blown as I was spotted approaching the gates. I walked through them, the cat beginning to take its toll. Many of the women stared at me as I walked away, I was headed to the long hall where our Jarl resided.

The doors where opened with a creak and I knelt before her, she was too busy in conversation with her advisor she didn’t notice me. I coughed and threw the cat down in front of her, it made a loud thud and they both turned their attention to me. “You killed it!” she exclaimed walking over to it and looked over it, “you have my thanks, your bravery will be rewarded,” she said.

She disappeared for a few seconds before returning to me, in her hand she had a black raven headdress, “may this serve as recognition for your bravery,” she said and gently placed it onto my head, gently pushing my long braided and dreaded hair back over my shoulders. “I will take the meat, but the fur is yours.” I nodded and walked out. I returned to the stables, my Sleipnir was already waiting.

I hauled myself onto his back and we began our daily patrol around the barracks. Many women nodded and some bowed before me. “Goddess be with you,” many said.

“You too,” I said.

I sat high in the saddle, the sound of my mounts hooves echoed around the mountains children ran out to greet me on hearing on the hooves. They threw flowers in front of my steeds path and cheered when he stepped on them. “Return to your homes, I do not want you to freeze on my account,” I said to the children. They giggled and all ran back into their homes. I carried on my journey which ended in top of the peak of the mountain. I could see everything up there.

I could see some women from my barracks gathering ice from the frozen lake, some training Sleipnirs and children played in the snow throwing snowballs at one another. It was peaceful up here, the wind whistled and the birds chirped. I closed my eyes and listened to every sound. I could hear and feel the deep breathing of my steed, he fidgeted ever now and then from one hoof to the other.

The storm had calmed down now, I could finally see the sky. The sun smiled down on us, but the snow was here to stay.

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