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Chapter 5

I was never good at goodbyes so I left in the dead of the night with the knight, his steed tall, elegant, sleek and proud compared to my short, shaggy, stocky and stout fjord horse. “Are you going to be hot in all those furs with where we’re headed?” He asked.

“Can you shush and just ride,” I said trotting in front of him. We rode in silence as we descended the mountains and made it onto the grasslands. His horse stopped and threw his head down at the sight of grass. My fjord kept walking, he wasn’t interested.

“Hey! Wait!” He called.

“Pull your horses head up and catch up,” I said, he cantered to my side in no time. We rode in silence, leather squeaked and his horse chomped at the bit as I heard it rattle between his horse’s teeth, I felt sorry for the beast.

“Do you have more control over the horse using ropes as a bridle and reins?” He asked.

“It’s kinder and gentler for them,” I said shifting in the saddle. “Your horse is uncomfortable sir think about making your reins longer.”

“You’re quite the horseman,” he said.

“Have to be when you own two Sleipnir’s,” I said.

“Why not ride one of them on our journey?” He asked.

“How much attention do you want to be drawn to us?” I said gently tugging on the reins stopping my horse at an ice lake. I threw my leg over his head and lead him towards the edge.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“Making less weight to cross,” I replied, I placed a steady foot onto the ice and kept walking, it was thick in some places but thin in others. My steed watched me intently and followed as sure-footed as he could, we reached the other side in no time, we waited for the knight who was still mounted. His horse wandered onto the ice. “Dismount!” I yelled from the other side. The ice squealed under the sheer weight of the armour.

“It will be fine,” he said.

“The ice is cracking, you’re going to fall in.” The horse kept walking and began to whinny, its eyes grew wide and reared up throwing its rider onto the ice and came galloping towards us, its shoes thudded on the ice chipping pieces off, weakening it. The knight looked up at me. “Crawl towards us.” The more he moved the more it squeaked, it was going to give way any second. I too made my way back onto the ice.

It splintered as I approached, before I could reach the knight it gave way and he slid from the ice and into the freezing depths. I sighed loudly and jumped in after him, I gripped him by the straps of his swords and hauled him back to the surface with all my strength, I shivered and quivered as I dragged him to the other side. “Fool!” I exclaimed and threw his body down. I sat on the ground next to him panting, the shock of the water rendered him unconscious.

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