Before Happily Ever After

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Fern doesn't know why she is different being a descendant from an Alpha means she should have a wolf but why doesn't she.

Fantasy / Action
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Life Before

You see I knew I was different from my siblings.... sadly I still had to discover why. My name is Fern and I am a triplet, with Finn and Felix. As well a younger brother Gavin, and a younger sister Eva. I am the oldest which is shocking considering we were descendants of an Alpha and they typically have male children first. A lot of people do question if I even belong because I look nothing like my family. Both my parents have Brown hair as well as Olive skin with dark green eyes that could kill. Tall slim drop dead smiles. Finn and Felix look just like my father build like they could take out a tank. Gavin looked just like my mother more of a gentle soul always smiling. While Eva had the smack dab mixture of both. I on the other hand have blonder hair, grey eyes and shorter than the rest. My mom constantly reasures me and says it runs somewhere in the family gene pool. Most people though fail to believe that I even belong and it wasn't until recently that I started to believe them when I never recieved my wolf.

3 days before

It was Wednesday three days before our birthday. We were going to through our party Saturday even though Sunday was our actual birthday. The day we go through antagonizing pain to receive our wolves. Lucky for Felix his wolf was already to communicate with him through mind link, making the bond stronger. Today I planned on staying after to work ahead on homework that I would be missing next week. I typically took Gavin and Eva to school driving separately than my brothers.

I walked downstairs to the living room where my mom was trying to dress Eva for picture day today. For a Kindergartener she definitely had an attitude. Gavin was sitting at the kitchen table eating a bowl of fruit loops. I plopped down next to him.

"Look sissy at my spoon." He said with a mouth full of cereal. whipping his spoon up to my face the lit up when you squeeze the handle.

"That's the coolest buddy." I said as I patted his head.

I grabbed a muffin off the counter as I started packing Gavin's and Eva's lunch. I knew my mother wouldn't have time after trying to dress Eva. I grabbed Gavin a pizza lunchable a pack of goldfish and a banana. That boy would literally eat anything. Eva on the other hand everything had to match. First I made Eva A small chicken wrap with Lettuce and made myself one as well. Got green grapes and placed them in a ziplock peeled her a kiwi and packed a few celery sticks. Looks like today's theme was green. I got her water bottle filled it up and placed it in her lunch box. By the time I was done my mother walked in. Even though it was 7:30 am my mother already looked defeated. Dealing with Eva was always a hassle particular about everything.

"Thank you Fern you know how much your help is appreciated."

"Mom dont worry about it, I got it I will always be here to help." I said to her at this point little did I know I was lying.

Eva was holding onto my dress ready to go to school. Gavin had his back pack and was waiting by the door.

"Well mom I best be going, we don't want them to be late." I kissed my mother on the cheek and picked up Eva as I carried her to the car. I placed her in the back seat in her booster seat and strapped her in. Gavin sat next to her as I put their back packs in the front. I slid into the front seat and started driving them to school. It was raining and already muggy. My windshield wipers quickly squeaking back and forth. I pulled into the elementary parking lot when my phone went off.

Felix - Hey don't forget tonight is the big game.

I quickly replied back

Me - How could I when you two knuckleheads run the team.

Felix - Ha I know right

I left him on read as I got out and lead Gavin and Eva to school. We entered through the front doors to the office were I signed them in first I took Gavin to class giving him a quick hug and telling him to be good. Which he always is he just smiled and ran into his class. Turning around going the complete opposite way to take Eva to class. I bumped into someone and nearly knocked me over. Eva squeezed my hand real hard when I finally looked up. My eyes about bulged out of my head. His face literally looked like he was attacked you can tell he was blind out of one eye. He looked me up and down and looked pleased with what he saw. The smirk on his face grew and honestly looked disgusting. Without even saying anything a grabbed Eva's arm and practically dragged her down the hall with speed. By the time I turned around he was gone.

"Sissy...?" Eva looked at me like she saw a ghost I never seen her so afraid.

"Yes honey."

"Who was that." her eyes began to water.

I picked her up dont cry Eva, he's probably just a parent of a child who doesn't belong to this pack you will be safe at school I promise. She was latched onto me like a cat not wanting to leave. I rubbed her back for a moment until I set her down.

"Now Eva you be good for Mrs. Walter you know she will tell dad if you are mean."

She smiled a little the sweet smile that you think would do no wrong, but you know shes a little fire cracker. I gave her one big hug before she entered the classroom before whipping out the phone to call my father.

"Dad" I frantically said.

"Yes, Fern Im kinda busy right now."

"I know dad, but there was this man I ran into today that I never seen before at the school and he was relatively scary looking."

"Fern, Honey I don't have time for this Im in a pack meeting right now and its very important I finish it by tonight now goodbye."

"But da..."

I looked down and he has already hung up alright I guess that its time for me to go to school. By the time I exited the building it was downpouring and practically black. I put my Phone into my purse and shuffling around for my car keys. I finally grabbed them and slid into the car. I put the key into the ignition and before I could start it I heard a voice.

"Hello, Fern."

Before I could even turn around there was darkness. My body going limp.

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