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Cardinal Sin

Modern day, in the burnt out club in the city of Aranei...

"Keegan Luna?" Keegan asked. "You know about my past?" He asked, as he walked closer to Treleva.

"I know more than that" Treleva frowned.

"Tell me, please!" Keegan begged, he had longed to know more about his true family, for his whole life.

"It isn't pretty" Treleva shook his head. "You know of the Evil Lady of the Light, Lumina, correct?" He asked.

"Of course, I was here when she briefly took over, my mother was one of the few she didn't turn into a thrall" Keegan nodded.

"Well, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, young Mr. Luna" Treleva paused. "Your true sister, Roisin Luna, is in league with her..." He sighed, feigning sorrow.

"What?!" Keegan shook his head. "I refuse to believe that!" He frowned.

"It is the truth, this I swear" Treleva nodded. "More to the point, your bloodline is very rare, it gives you a talent that only a few have" He explained.

"What is it?" Keegan asked.

"The power to absorb the power of a crystal" Treleva bowed his head. "To suck all the aether out, bleeding the land dry" He added.

"Then... that means..." Keegan leant against the bar as he thought of the fall of Terrana, Pyre, Mystallia, and Avadey.

"Yes, your true, twin sister, has absorbed the power of many of the crystals, leaving destruction in her wake. I fought her most recently in Rivenlake, where she slew three fine people in the name of whatever ideals she stands for" Treleva explained.

Keegan frowned, he shook his head and punched the bar, his fist broke it apart.

"All this time, I just wanted to go back to my true family..." Keegan cried, as his eyes turned red, he looked at Treleva. "I killed my mother for a chance to see them!" He roared.

"That is unfortunate" Treleva sighed. "However, there is a way to atone for these sins" He added, as he placed his hand on Keegan's shoulder.

"Anything..." Keegan said faintly, as his eyes returned to normal.

"You too have the power to absorb the crystals..." Treleva began. "There is a crystal right here in Aranei for the taking" He smirked. Keegan shook his head.

"What about the people of the city?" Keegan asked.

"They will be evacuated, do not worry about this, I will put my best men to work on it" Treleva nodded and smiled.

"Right, if it will help stop my sister, then I'll do it" Keegan nodded. "There are a lot of people out looking for me though..." He added.

"Just walk to the palace, I will deal with any attackers" Treleva nodded. Keegan nodded back, and reluctantly headed out of the door.

Treleva and Keegan walked slowly towards the Imperial Palace, which stood towering over the Imperial Capital.

"There his is!" One of the Centurions guarding the grand stairs to the Academy shouted, as he pointed at Keegan. Treleva walked out in front, and cast an incantation the sliced each and every guard down. Blood ran down the grand staircase, like a red waterfall.

Storm clouds gathered above, as the two reached the courtyard outside of the Academy, hundreds of students awaited.

"There's too many..." Keegan whispered.

"There's not enough" Treleva cackled, he summoned a meteor from the very heavens themselves, it shot down through the skies and directly hit the students.

"By the Gods!" Keegan threw up, upon witnessing the massacre. "I cannot be a part of this" Keegan said as he stepped back.

"It is too late now, or would you have these students die for naught?" Treleva asked, frowning.

"I..." Keegan stuttered. He shook his head and continued into the Imperial Academy, Treleva made short work of any opposition as the two headed to the grand elevator. The doors slide open, and the black steel walls glowed as lightning hit the city outside.

As the boarded, Treleva hit a hidden sequence on the elevator control pad and it went down.

"Who are you?" Keegan asked, shocked at Treleva knowing what was surely a top secret code.

"Treleva, a lowly scholar of the Imperial Academy" He shrugged. Keegan knew this situation didn't feel right, but he was in too deep to turn back now. The elevator reached it's destination.

The Steel Temple.

The two walked out of the elevator to see the shining black steel temple, minerals dotted the ceiling above, amethyst, diamond, ruby, emerald all reflected the light to the floor below.

Keegan noticed a device was hooked up to the crystal.

"Use this, to take the power that is rightfully yours, Keegan Luna. Champion of Justice" Treleva shouted. Keegan nodded, and reluctantly hooked himself up to the machine. He began absorbing power into his soul.

"You say you killed your mother?" Treleva asked.

Keegan nodded and grunted, the power he was absorbing hurt every inch of his body.

"Good" Treleva smiled, he cast an incantation and a soul jumped into Keegan's body. The pain suddenly stopped, as Keegan felt another presence enter his soul, the transfer process finished and Keegan stumbled backwards.

"Is it done?" Keegan asked.

"It is, young one" Treleva nodded, as he steadied Keegan. As he did, an almighty earthquake hit the temple and the city above. The Mineral Crystal had been stopping a faultline in the ground below the city for centuries. Now, the ground was finally breaking.

Keegan fainted into Treleva's arms, Treleva cast a teleportation incantation and disappeared from the temple. Above the ground, the city crumbled, bring a final end to the Imperial Empire of Aranei.

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