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Wake Me Up

Arranthian flew toward Disceath, crashing through the blockade surrounding the cursed city, with all his might, he cast a giant glyph spell over the city, breaking the contracts with the Senior Partners in seconds.
Though he had managed to finally sever the connection, and the spell the Senior Partners had over the city, the strength of casting a city wide spell took its toll, and he crashed into the snowy ground below, exhausted.
Rychard awoke in his office, finally free from the shackles that had been placed upon his mind. He gasped for air as the sun shone through the window.
"Is this real?" He asked himself, before struggling to his feet. He looked outside to see Arranthian laid beside the lake. "A dragon?" He pondered as he looked down to see the dragon breathing heavily in the white snow.
Rychard headed out into the hallway, to see many Crystech employees wandering about, dazed and confused. He walked over to the elevator and headed down to the foyer. The elevator hummed as it descended the colossal spire.
As the elevator reached the ground floor, it came to a halt and the doors opened, Rychard backed up against the wall, as several Androids and Academy students looked his way.
"Halt!" One of the students shouted.
"I... what's going on?" Rychard asked.
"That's what we are trying to work out" An Android replied.
"I'm Rychard Pyre, the CEO of Crystech... I think?" Rychard rubbed his head. "I was under some kind of influence, after I signed some weird contract" He said, while he looked at the hand which had been stabbed, he noticed a scar had now appeared.
"It must have been the dragon's spell" The student whispered to the Android, who nodded in response.
"The dragon, is it okay?" Rychard asked.
"We dare not approach it..." The student sighed. "Dragons are volatile creatures" He added. Rychard shook his head and ran past the students and Androids, toward Arranthian. As Rychard approached, Arranthian opened his eyes and looked at Rychard.
"I require... assistance" Arranthian murmured.
"How can I help?" Rychard asked, as he walked closer to Arranthian.
"I require... a mystic..." Arranthian continued.
"A Mystic?" Rychard pondered, many of the Mystics had died when Mystallia fell, the only Mystic who came to mind was Treleva, and Rychard doubted that he would lend his assistance. "I have Crystechnology... but I don't know about any Mystics" Rychard sighed.
"Technology?" The Dragon stirred.
"Yes, if you require aether, I can perhaps graft some kind of aether super conductors onto your body, to speed up the rate in which your body can gather it" Rychard explained.
"Hmm" Arranthian paused for thought. "You are... Rychard Pyre, yes?" He asked.
"You know me?" Rychard asked.
"I know that you installed a new Crystal in Terrana, I also know what you did to Atlas' daughter" Arranthian pondered.
"Atlas' daughter?" Rychard thought for a moment. "You mean, his niece, Roisin?" He asked.
"These human terms are confusing, he is the parent, yet is not called by such. But indeed, I know what you and your kin did to her, Lumina spoke to me in my mind about recent events, after our previous meeting" Arranthian explained.
"Wait... you're working with Lumina?" Rychard gasped. "Then why do you care what I did to Atlas' niece?" He asked.
"Because we have formed an alliance, against the scourge of Treleva and his Masters" Arranthian snarled. "Lumina herself, has embarked on the long road of redemption, upon realizing her sins" He added.
"Huh..." Rychard smiled. "Guess I was out longer than I thought" He shrugged.
"Indeed" Arranthian smiled slightly. "I have arrived at a decision, Pyre, I accept your offer of outfitting me with this technology of yours, I cannot afford to be out for long, and there is not much hope of finding a Mystic with the City of Mystics long gone" He explained.
"Thank you, for letting me help you, Dragon" Rychard smiled.
"I am the Former Captain of the Drachen Wings of Utopia, the Elder Dragon, Arranthian" Arranthian declared. Rychard knelt down before the dragon, paying his respect.
"I will do my best to serve you well, Arranthian" Rychard nodded. Arranthian smiled, then looked behind Rychard, quite a crowd had formed outside the Crystech Spire, they cheered for Arranthian.
The snow began falling over the city as the Araneian ships that had been guarding the city came into land. As they touched down, a Centurion approached Rychard Pyre.
"Sir Pyre" The Centurion waved.
"What is it?" Rychard asked.
"The Communications Spire was shut off during the evacuation, we will require assistance to restore global communications" The Centurion explained.
"Of course, I will get on that as soon as I can" Rychard smiled.
"Thank you, Sir" The Centurion nodded, as Rychard began walking toward a transportation buggy. "And, Sir?" The Centurion said.
"Yes?" Rychard asked, turning around.
"It's good to have you back, at last" The Centurion smiled.
"It's good to be back, Centurion" Rychard smiled back as he boarded his buggy, and made his way to the Communications Spire.
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