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Lumina kicked the door to the old Crystech building in Demi open, and ran inside, Syl followed shortly after, before Lumina bolted the door tightly.

"Lumina?!" Atlas raised his eyebrow, surprised at seeing Lumina out of the Blue Falcon. "You decided to join us?" He asked. She nodded silently, as Syl walked over to a chair and sat down.

"I... went to Rivenlake" Lumina began. "I did my best, I swear, I sent Bryan ahead of me..." She sighed.

"What was at Rivenlake?" Selene asked.

"Treleva" Lumina shook her head. "Treleva and Roisin, your Roisin" Lumina frowned. Atlas stood upright and walked over to Lumina. Syl looked at Lumina, shocked.

"Is she safe?!" Atlas asked, shaking with anger, or perhaps fear.

"She's alive, and recovering, that is the important part" Lumina nodded. "She now has the power of the Ice Crystal at her disposal, Bryan gave his life to gift her the power" She added.

"Roisin..." Syl banged his fist against the table. "I swore I'd always protect her..." He put his head in his hands.

"I'm afraid that is not all" Lumina said, looking at the lightbulb that lit the dim room. "Seb also died, protecting Roisin, along with Chrys and General Harry Summers, of Disceath" She explained.

"Seb too?" Syl's voice shook as he remembered all the times he shared with Seb.

"Damn, he was a good kid..." Atlas shook his head.

"To make things worse, Treleva is here in the city" Lumina began. "With Keegan Luna" She added, backing slowly away from Atlas.

"Keegan? Ruby's Keegan?!" Atlas growled. "That's just not possible, he died that night..." He frowned.

"Apparently not..." Syl sighed, as he looked at his Uncle Atlas. "I saw him, he looks too much like Roisin for it to be anyone else" He frowned.

"Are you sure, Syl?" Atlas asked.

"I am, as sure as you can be about something like this, anyway" Syl nodded. "Treleva, he's somehow convinced 'Keegan' that Roisin is the enemy, and that she wants to bring on the end of the world, or something" He explained.

"I'll end Treleva" Atlas growled through his gritted teeth.

"Sorry to interrupt, but what about the Araneian forces?" Selene asked.

"They'd been decimated, by Treleva, I think..." Syl paused to think. "Treleva, he said something about Keegan, that he held the power of the Mineral Crystal in his soul" Syl explained.

"If he has the power of the Mineral Crystal, then Aranei must be..." Atlas pondered.

"It has been devastated by a huge earthquake. Yet the Empire remains intact, but they have withdrawn to the damaged city" Lumina explained. "Demi is free for now, but there is a much worse threat" Lumina sighed.

"What is it?" Selene asked.

"No doubt, the reason that Treleva is here is to have Keegan take the power of the Gravity Crystal" Lumina frowned. "They could be on their way there as we speak" She added. Selene rose to her feet and headed straight for the door, but Lumina barred her way.

"Move!" Selene shouted.

"Treleva almost killed Roisin, and she's one of the strongest people on Crystalla. You go to the Academy and you will be killed" Lumina sighed. "The best thing you can do is evacuate the city, before the Crystal is taken, then come with us on our path to the Council Chambers" She explained. Selene reluctantly backed away.

"You're right, Lumina..." Selene said. "Let's evacuate the city then" She nodded.

"Syl and I will go on ahead into the wilderness outside of the city, and deal with any of the fiends that may prowling in the wastes" Atlas offered.

"Right" Selene nodded. "Myself and Lumina will protect the evacuees when moving them from the city" She added.

"It might be good to get Helios to make an announcement from the Blue Falcon, to make sure everyone gets the message" Syl suggested.

"Good idea, I'll contact him in a few minutes" Selene nodded.

"Where will we take the evacuees?" Lumina asked.

"Hmm, good point, we'll need to think of somewhere to take them too after leaving the city" Selene pondered.

"If we can cut a safe path through the Skarlit Skies, we can reach the old Hubun settlements, from there we can try and see if we can have Ishtall take them in" Atlas suggested.

"What about the shield surrounding the city?" Syl asked.

"The Guardian will surely want to protect all lost souls, regardless of nationality" Atlas smiled.

"Right, lets get to it, before Treleva reaches the Gravity Temple" Selene nodded. The four of them readied their plans to evacuate the city of Demi before disaster struck. As they did, an airship was slowly making its way toward Gravatia Academy, with Treleva and Keegan aboard.

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