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An Imperial Dreadnought ship was flying close to Farenai, the colossal airship darkened the waters below as it edged closer, before stopping.
"This is as far as we can go" Abyssia proclaimed, in an announcement to the bridge crew of the Imperial Dreadnought Ship, named the 'IDS Valkyrie'. "There is a field around these islands which prohibits the use of any technology too advanced" She added.
"Then how are we supposed to get to the island?" A Centurion asked.
"Boats?" Abyssia replied, with a perplexed look on her face. "Technology isn't the answer to every little thing in life" She shrugged.
"We're taking the whole crew in?" Commander Yara asked, as she adjusted her pose in the Commander's chair.
"No, I want the majority of the crew here aboard the ship, in case you-know-who tries anything" Abyssia replied.
"Why exactly are we here?" Commander Yara asked.
"To save an old friend, Araneia" Abyssia replied.
"Emperor, I've spotted a downed airship on a nearby beach, it's of Imperium design" A scout technician announced.
"That'll be her ship" Abyssia nodded.
"From what I can tell, there are no bodies" The technician added.
"Good work" Abyssia nodded, as she stood up. "Time for me to return to Tristal" Abyssia sighed.
"You're going in, Emperor?" Yara asked.
"You have the Valkyrie, Yara, take good care of it" Abyssia smiled. "Hold position for a few weeks, if I don't come back, resettle Aranei" She commanded.
"I will, Emperor, take care" Yara smiled.
"Thank you, Yara" Abyssia nodded as she headed off the bridge of the ship.
Meanwhile, in the Tristal Throne Room...
Tristal had his eyes closed, he had known there would be a day when Abyssia would come, but he never imagined that day was today. He stood up and headed over to the room that Araneia was staying in and knocked on the door.
"Come in" Araneia called out. Tristal slowly pushed the door open and walked in, Araneia was looking out across the fields, at the IDS Valkyrie that was hanging in the air, just off of the shores of Farenai.
"So, you have seen it too?" Tristal asked.
"It's Abyssia, only she would make an appearance like this" Araneia nodded. "I don't know why she is here though..." She pondered.
"I can't see anything of events past, that would bring her here" Tristal nodded. "To know the soul of another, you must travel to the City of Dreams, Brannam" He added.
"Brannam? City of Dreams?" Araneia asked.
"How do you think people of the outside world know of the island, but not of the shield that surrounds the island?" Tristal asked.
"I had assumed they had not ventured close enough" Araneia shrugged.
"Brannam casts dreams onto the minds of those who venture close to the island, giving them the impression that they make landfall and find an empty island" Tristal explained.
"Brannam, is he like you...a 'Crystalla'?" Araneia asked.
"She is" Tristal nodded, with a slight smile.
"Oh... right, the name just sounded..." Araneia smiled slightly.
"She is an ancient wise woman, and can be dangerous" Tristal explained.
"How come me or Hiran didn't get the dreams, or Abyssia and her crew, it seems?" Araneia asked.
"That is indeed perplexing" Tristal said, before pausing for thought. "In fact, I haven't heard from the city of Brannam in over two weeks" He added.
"Can't you do you time-spy thing?" Araneia shrugged. "See if you can find out what is going on over there" She added.
"No, we are not permitted to use our powers on the other nations. It was a stipulation about this mini-new world that we find ourselves in" Tristal explained.
"Hmm, I guess it makes sense" Araneia nodded. "Over time, I imagine it would devolve into war, like it often does in the outside world" She continued.
"Yes, you can change the nature of the world, but the nature of man is a world unto its own" Tristal nodded.
Abyssia turned back to look at the Dreadnought that hung low over the ocean.
On the shore of Farenai, near the wreckage of the Imperium airship, Abyssia's boat hit the shore, she stepped out and approached the airship wreckage. Other members of her crew made landfall and began combing the beach.
Abyssia climbed inside the wreckage and looked around, there was no sign of Araneia, thankfully, she must have escaped. Abyssia smiled slightly and climbed outside. As she scanned the surrounding area, she noticed Tristal in the far distance, and the castle that stood tall over the city below.
"I'm coming, Araneia, just stay put..." She said to herself as she climbed up the grassy hill at the
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