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The Lion's Roar

In the empty halls of Gravatia Academy, Keegan and Treleva slowly walked around, with their weapons drawn.

"I think they expected us" Keegan whispered.

"Your brother most likely raised the alarm, and evacuated the place" Treleva theorized. "But we shouldn't let our guard down, Lumina may be about" He added. Keegan shook his head, and clenched his fist.

"Why does my sister stand with Lumina? Doesn't she know what Lumina did?" He growled.

"She believes that Lumina did it for the greater good, child" Treleva explained.

"How could destroying cities and enslaving millions to her will ever be for the greater good?" Keegan asked.

"Perhaps your sister does not see the truth of Lumina's actions, or perhaps she simply does not care" Treleva shrugged. Keegan sighed deeply as the two neared a large hole in the floor.

"What's this?" Keegan asked as he peered over the edge, seconds later, Treleva nudged him into the hole, and he began to fall, he yelled, before looking up and realizing how slow he was falling. "What the hells did you do that for?" Keegan shouted up at Treleva.

"We are in the Academy dedicated to the Gravity Crystal" Treleva shrugged. "This is the path down to the Temple" He said as he jumped into the hole himself.

"Did you... know that I wouldn't fall?" Keegan asked, with his eyebrow raised.

"I took an educated guess" Treleva chuckled.

"Hmm..." Keegan sighed. The two slowly descended from the bottom of the floating isle that Gravatia Academy sat on, toward a small rock with a Crystal sat in the centre.

"This is the Gravity Temple?" Keegan asked as he looked around at the sky surrounding them.

"Indeed, we will have to make a hasty retreat once the process is complete, to avoid being crushed by the island above us" Treleva pointed toward the huge island just above them, on which the Academy was sat. "Once the Crystal no longer has the power, the Academy will fall onto the city" He added.

"Another city destroyed... are we really any better than Lumina?" Keegan thought to himself.

"The city below is empty, they have evacuated" Treleva pointed to the city below, there was no movement in the streets, aside from a Fiend that had wandered into the empty city.

"Oh, right... Syl did that? Are we sure he's the bad guy?" Keegan asked.

"He stands with Roisin, he's made his alliance clear, there can be no second guessing yourself" Treleva frowned.

"I suppose..." Keegan sighed.

"Let us begin the process" Treleva said, as he pulled a small device from his pocket, he took out two small pads and placed one on Keegan's hand, and another on the Crystal. "Ready?" Treleva asked. Keegan nodded back and Treleva pressed a button on the device.

The energy from the gravity crystal quickly began to fill Keegan's body. As the transfer continued, Treleva pulled a small jar from his pocket, he opened the jar and poured what was inside into Keegan's mouth. The process soon completed and Keegan collapsed.

As soon as he collapsed, the island shook, Treleva made a quick incantation, as the island began its freefall toward Demi. The two teleported away just before the Academy impacted upon the city, leaving destruction in its wake.

Some time later, Keegan awoke in an old military camp, he sat up and looked out of the window, to see a desert of pure white sand, and an old destroyed Academy building.

"Welcome to Terrana, where it all began" A male voice whispered into Keegan's ear.

"Who goes there?!" Keegan roared, he spun around, to find himself stood in the ruins of a city. "Is this a dream?!" He yelled.

"This is the city of Utopia" The man continued, Keegan heard footsteps from behind a collapsed wall and ran toward it to find himself face to face with Rory.

"The Crown Prince?!" Keegan gasped.

"I am, or was, Rory Ferras, an idiotic Crown Prince of Aranei. I was slain and then I was resurrected by your 'friend' Treleva" Rory revealed.

"Why do you say friend like that, if he resurrected you?" Keegan asked.

"He's not who he says he is. Do not trust him" Rory warned.

"Why should I trust you?" Keegan growled.

"Because I speak for the gods now, they chose me, to carry on their word" Rory smiled.

"Hmm... likely story" Keegan shrugged. "Why did you bring me here? Was this Lumina's doing too?" He asked.

"This was Lumina's home city, where she ruled as its benevolent Queen, the people of Utopia never wanted for anything, it was the shining beacon of hope for the whole of Crystalla, where man and Dragon lived in peace" Rory explained.

"Then she tore it down?" Keegan asked.

"No" Rory shook his head, before clicking his fingers. The cityscape suddenly changed to nighttime, and the city was burning. "The King of the Night brought his assembled hordes to destroy the city. Not to take its riches, or to install himself as King..." Rory explained. He clicked his fingers again to show the King of the Night stabbing an innocent civilian through their back.

"He did it for revenge" Rory shook his head and walked over to the King of the Night, he lifted the faceplate of the helmet to reveal Treleva.

"Revenge for what?" Keegan snarled. "No doubt Lumina did something to deserve it" He added.

"Perhaps. In ancient times, Lumina and Abyssia were one being, Celestia. Celestia was a cruel tyrant who had a soft spot for the human, Araneia, who had persuaded them to save the human race" Rory continued.

"Hmm... told you" Keegan shrugged.

"Araneia and the Great Mystic, Treleva hatched a plan to split the soul in two, and they carried out the plan. Though the result was Araneia being cursed with darkness, she accepted this judgement for the betrayal of her friend. However, unsatisfied, Treleva attempted to take Lumina's life, and well, she destroyed his soul, he would never even make it to the afterlife" Rory continued.

"Wait... how can that be?" Keegan pondered. Rory nodded and clicked his finger again, to see Treleva surrounded by shadowy hands.

"This part, we cannot and do not know, but Treleva has aligned himself with forces that wish to consume not just our star, but our reality itself" Rory sighed. "Now you know the whole truth of Treleva..." He added. "What will you do now?" He asked.

"Hmm..." Keegan pondered. "I trust him more than I trust you" He shrugged.

"Is this truly the alliance you wish to make?" Rory asked.

"I..." Keegan began, but before he could continue he snapped awake. He awoke to see Treleva stood at the door, they were in the ruins of Rivenlake. Keegan rubbed his head,

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