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Moving On

Lotte, Anya and Roisin were walking through New Raryst on their way to 'The Wild Rose', Roisin was walking with the help of some crutches and was slowly getting better as time passed. The three of them headed past the new market, where Ariel and Wes were helping out up on some scaffold, Roisin waved up, and they waved back.
The three headed aboard the airship and helped Roisin to the upper floor, while Lotte headed into the engine room, to do some maintenance. Anya began cooking some lunch for everyone, while Roisin sat by the dining table.
"So, we'll be heading out soon?" Roisin asked Anya.
"Yep" Anya nodded as she turned the oven on. "With Aranei and Demi both going dark, there are fears that Treleva is back to full strength" She added. Roisin shook at the mention of Treleva's name. It had only been a couple of months since she was attacked in Rivenlake.
"I'm not at full strength..." Roisin sighed and frowned.
"We're not expecting you to fight him, Roisin" Lotte said, as she climbed up from the engine room. "We're going in to assist those who need our help" She smiled. Anya nodded in agreement.
"I suppose..." Roisin sighed. "I wish I was more use..." She added.
"You are Roisin, you're our Captain, and you put your life on the line for us so many times" Anya said as she comforted Roisin. "Don't ever put yourself down" She added.
"Yeah! You're what makes all this possible, Ros!" Lotte smiled.
"I heard, some intel too, that may cheer you up" Anya winked.
"Hmm?" Roisin asked as she looked up at Anya.
"There has been a sighting of Syl and Atlas near Demi, which is the general direction that we are heading in!" Anya grinned.
"You mean, I might see them again soon?!" Roisin cheered.
"Maybe, they'll be around that area, so there's a chance, just... don't get your hopes too high" Lotte smiled as she ruffled Roisin's hair before sitting down. Roisin smiled and nodded.
"When do we head out?" Roisin asked.
"Tomorrow, all being well" Lotte replied, as Anya brought some coffee over to the table. "I'm just running some final tests on the new systems I have been working on" She continued.
"What about Anya and Ariel's bonding ceremony?" Roisin asked. "They were going to be holding it here in the city" She added.
"They're going to do it when we return from this mission" Lotte smiled. "We shouldn't be away too long, and it will be something for us all to look forward to" She said as she poured herself a cup of coffee.
"So the Empire has basically fallen silent? That can't be good..." Roisin sighed, as she watched Lotte pour her a cup too.
"Yep, they're our enemies, but, they're strong, and them falling silent so suddenly is very concerning. They've always had more power than Raryst and Ishtall put together, so..." Lotte sighed.
"Could it not just be a civil war? They have one of those every time someone sneezes a little bit differently" Roisin pondered.
"If it was a civil war there would be at least some chatter coming out of the Imperial Capital, even if it was just requests for supplies or assistance, but there's just nothing" Lotte explained. Roisin sat back and thought as Anya served up the dinner. On the plates were beans, toast and poached eggs.
"This looks great, Anya!" Roisin smiled, as Anya took her seat at the table.
"Thank you, I used to make this for my father, back when... when I was human" Anya nodded back. Lotte took a bit from a selection of the three foods and grinned.
"You cooked this egg perfectly, Anya" Lotte cheered.
"Thank you" Anya blushed. "My dad was the one who taught me how to cook" She continued. "He always told me that food is much like science, you can learn by experimenting, until your creation is perfected" She nodded.
"He was right" Roisin smiled slightly, remembering Bryan's sacrifice. "He... was a troubled man, but he saved me life, and for that, I'm grateful" Roisin sighed.
"He was more than troubled, but... you're right, if it wasn't for him, I might have lost my best friend" Anya nodded. "However, he also wronged someone who I love dearly, and for that, I will never forgive him" She added, thinking back to what Wes had told her, back in Inchaya.
"Yeah, I'm grateful, but, yeah" Roisin agreed, as she returned to eating. The three changed the topic as the continued eating their dinner. Outside the airship the city was growing day by day. Early the next morning, the crew had packed their belongings and boarded The Wild Rose.
The ship took off from where it had sat for the last few months, as it flew away, it flew past the Fyre Manor, the trees that lined the garden shook as the airship passed them by.

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