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Roisin gasped as she awoke. She looked at both her hands and moved them.

"What? Was it all a nightmare?" She asked herself. She checked her surroundings, it was the apartment she grew up in with her mother and father. A thick fog sat just outside the large apartment windows.

"Is this the underworld?" Roisin thought, remembering the last time she was here.

"Yes, and no" Ruby said, as she stepped into view from behind a pillar.

"Mum?" Roisin asked, on the verge of tears, Ruby ran over and embraced her daughter.

"You've been so brave, Roisin. Remember how brave you was..." Ruby frowned slightly as she looked into Roisin's eyes.

"What do you mean, mum?" Roisin asked.

"She means, that despite what has happened to you, you have a hard road ahead of you, Ros" Dex sighed, as he gazed down from the upper floor.

"Dex!" Roisin smiled, Dex smiled back and headed down the stairs to hug her. He ran into Roisin's arms and kissed her.

"It's so good to see you again" Roisin said as she wiped the tears from her eyes. Dex nodded back, but paused for a second.

"Do you remember that night, in the creepy building, in your dream?" Dex asked. Roisin nodded.

"That was real?" Roisin asked.

"It seems so" Dex smiled. "Ros..." He began. "You've been through so much..." Dex sighed.

"Why do you both keep saying things like that?" Roisin asked as she looked at her mother, and Dex.

"You don't remember?" Seb asked, as he walked into the apartment from the hallway. Roisin's head hurt when she saw Seb.

"Who... who are you?" Roisin asked.

"You don't remember me? We only met briefly..." Seb sighed.

"I saw... you fought that man" Roisin began to remember. "Did we win?" She asked.

"At great loss, we postponed the inevitable, yes" Seb sighed, as he walked up to Roisin. "I didn't make it" He frowned.

"So you're dead too?" Roisin asked, confused.

"I am dead, as are these two" Seb said, as he gestured at Dex and Ruby. "But you aren't" Seb managed a slight smile.

"I survived?" Roisin smiled.

Seb looked away and sighed deeply.

"You did, Ros" Dex said, as he put his hand on Roisin's shoulder. "But you suffered severe injuries, your body is currently on an airship, in a coma" He explained.

"What? No!" Roisin cried.

"Roisin, you are with a friend of mine, and they will do their best to help you recover... when you are ready" Seb said as he rested against a couch.

"I believe in you, darling, you're a fighter, always have been, always will be" Ruby said as she hugged Roisin again.

"You also have the power of both the fire and ice crystal now, without both of those, you wouldn't have been able to survive" Seb explained.

"But, if Dex gave his soul to me for the fire crystal... then..." Roisin thought.

"Yes, I gave my soul for the ice crystal" Seb nodded.

"So much death..." Roisin sighed, as she walked over to the window.

"Only you have the power to stop the oncoming storm, Ros" Dex said as he looked at Roisin. Roisin thought for a second, then looked at Dex.

"Dex, when you gave your soul to me, you mentioned the gods live, right?" Roisin asked, recalling their merging of souls.

"One god remains, yes... but, I can't tell you anymore about them, if Treleva gained the knowledge of their existence, he'd doom us all by slaying the final god" Dex nodded.

Roisin suddenly fell to the floor in pain.

"Argh! What's happening?" Roisin yelled, Dex and Ruby knelt down at either side of Roisin and took her hands.

"You're walking up" Dex smiled. "Be strong, my beautiful Rose, I'll always be here for you, with you" He said as a tear dropped from his cheek onto her hand.

"Roisin, please, be careful, and..." Ruby paused for a moment, before looking into Roisin's eyes. "Trust Amanda" She nodded.

"A... Amanda? Amanda Ferras?!" Roisin shouted in pain.

"Yes, put your hatred aside, at least for now" Ruby sighed, she leant down and kissed Roisin on her forehead.

"Wake up, sweetie" She said as Roisin faded away.

Roisin opened her eyes. She was in the med bay of the Silver Dart, hooked up to several machines, and unable to move. One of the machines began bleeping and Roisin could hear the door slide open and footsteps approach.

"Thank the gods!" Amanda smiled as she walked over to Roisin, Roisin looked at Amanda, her eyes glowing red and blue. Amanda frowned but nodded. "I know you hate me, you have every right to do so. But I made a promise to Atlas that I would do everything in my power to keep you safe" She sighed.

"Ev.. everything hurts" Roisin cried, as her eyes returned to normal. Amanda frowned, as she brushed Roisin's hair away from her face.

"I'm taking us to Raryst" Amanda stated.

"Why... why there?" Roisin asked, confused.

"The medical technology they have there can help you, despite the city having, mostly, fallen" Amanda explained, before looking at Roisin's right hand. "We also need to get you a cybernetic hand..." Amanda frowned, as she brushed her hand against Roisin's cheek.

Tears ran down Roisin's face as she realized the extent of her injuries.

"Why can't I move?" Roisin asked. Amanda looked away, and paused before looking back, as if she was trying to think of a way to word her response.

"Treleva broke your back, as well as your ribs when he attacked you" Amanda frowned. Roisin sighed, as she stared at the light on the ceiling.

"There is technology in Raryst to help with that, but I will obviously need a medical professional to help" Amanda comforted Roisin.

"Amanda" Roisin coughed.

"What is it?" Amanda asked.

"Thank you" Roisin smiled slightly.

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