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Several months had passed and winter was once more approaching. Syl, Lumina, Helios, Selene and Atlas had secured a safe settlement for the refugees from Demi, resettling them on the land that once belonged to a nation of Hubuns.
The Empire's remnants had managed to establish a safe settlement inside the Ruined City of Aranei, and worked alongside the former citizens of Demi to secure the lands from the rising threat of the Fiends, rumours of powerful fighters in the lands close to Ishtall had begun to spread, though it is unknown if there was any truth to those rumours.
Treleva and Keegan had long fallen silent, the recently re-established Crystech had sent teams to secure Terrana's Earth Temple, under fears that it was to be the next target to fall. Despite Terrana having not existed for four years, a loss of another Crystal could not be afforded.
Abyssia had been pursuing Araneia, and had been catching up, before many of her team had fallen into a permanent slumber. She, herself feeling more and more exhausted by the day, had been forced to stop in her tracks. Aranei hadn't fared much better, having only reached the outskirts of Brannam before falling asleep herself.
Rychard had managed to finally outfit Arranthian with Crystech's new dragon armour, which allowed the wearer to absorb more aether and gave them extra protection and propulsion. Arranthian stuck around for a while longer to help restabilise the island of Disceath.
The Wild Rose came in to land just outside of Aranei, the lands outside the city were wastes, the trees had died and the ground was cracked. Roisin walked out of the ship without any aids to help her.
"The coast is clear" She called back. She was wearing armour that Amanda and Lotte had worked on together, it was powered by the Crystals that she carried in her soul, and should be able to resist a few hits from even Treleva. The others slowly exited the ship to see what had become of The Empire.
"This isn't good..." Amanda sighed.
"They got what they deserved" Roisin shrugged.
"Roisin..." Ariel frowned.
"Don't deny it" She stated before walking ahead. Amanda glanced at Ariel, who frowned back. Ariel walked ahead to catch up with Roisin.
"I don't deny it, it's just..." Ariel sighed.
"I know, I'm sorry" Roisin nodded. "It's just, it feels like they caused everything that happened. I haven't seen my family in so long..." She looked away.
"I'm sure you'll see Syl, and your Uncle Atlas here" Ariel smiled.
"Maybe, if luck is on our side..." Roisin smiled back slightly, as the group walked ahead into the wastes.
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