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Roisin and the others walked on through the wastes outside of Aranei, fending off and Fiends that attacked, it had quickly become clear that the Eastern Continent's elemental balance had fallen apart, now that only the elements of Earth and Wind remained.
"It's like the end of the world..." Ashe sighed.
"We can bring Crystalla back from the brink" Roisin replied.
"Don't push yourself, Roisin, you're still not..." Ashe began, but Roisin turned to face Ashe, her eyes glowing red and blue.
"I have to push myself, I don't have the luxury of choice, it falls down to ME to do this!" Roisin yelled, Ashe backed away. Roisin suddenly fell to her knees, dizzy.
"I'm sorry..." Roisin cried. Ashe knelt down beside Roisin and hugged her.
"The flashes of anger are getting worse, we need someone in the know about this kind of thing" Wes said.
"Right" Anya nodded. "But who? Like, the Mystics may have been able to suppress it, but they're long gone, aside from Treleva" She added.
"What about Rychard Pyre?" Amanda said, as she stepped forward. Roisin looked at Amanda.
"You must be joking, after what he and his mother did to Roisin?" Ariel scowled. Roisin stood up and sighed.
"I think Amanda is right, he knows a lot about aether and the science behind the crystals" Roisin admitted.
"But he's all the way in Disceath, and we just got here, it'd take another three to four weeks to reach Disceath..." Lotte replied. "That said, if he can stop these flashes, it might be worth it" She added.
"We'd be best getting to this new settlement in the Hubun village, find out what the deal is there, then deciding what our next course of action will be" Ariel said, as she pointed in the direction of the village. Roisin nodded.
"I'll do my best to keep a lid on it... I'm so sorry, everyone" Roisin frowned.
"Don't be sorry, Roisin, we've known you long enough to know that the anger isn't from you" Ashe smiled, as she hugged Roisin tightly.
"Ashe, the first time we met, we literally fought" Roisin giggled. Ashe smiled back at her.
"Yeah we did, and one day we'll have to have a proper rematch!" Ashe teased. "No Wynd to stop us next time" She added.
"Hey, depends on who rough you guys get" Lotte chuckled, reminding everyone that she was Deux Wynd's daughter. Amanda raised her eyebrow.
"Hmm, I had thought you looked familiar, so you are Deux's daughter?" Amanda asked. Lotte frowned at Amanda.
"I am, and you are an Araneian Empress, a former Legate who helped purge the village we are heading to" Lotte seethed with anger. "Try not to smile too much when you see what remains of your wrath" She added.
"Feisty as him too" Amanda shrugged as she walked ahead. The others reluctantly followed behind her. Roisin held Lotte's hand as the two walked behind the others.
"Don't worry, the day will come when she pays for what she did" Roisin said quietly. Lotte sighed, and squeezed Roisin's hand.
"Don't let her blood stain your hands, Roisin" Lotte whispered back. "You are a good person, the best of us. Try not to give in to the hatred. Rise higher and be the better person" She smiled. Roisin looked down at the floor.
"I want to, but it's hard... I picture my mum and dad's face every night before I go to sleep. I'll never really see them again, and it's all because of her" Roisin replied.
"Ruby wouldn't have wanted you to avenge her, she would have wanted you to live your life. She loved you and Syl so much..." Lotte sighed. Roisin nodded.
"I can't promise I won't do anything... but I'll try" Roisin smiled slightly. The winds picked up and dust blew toward the group, everyone grabbed goggles from their pack and put them on. They had almost reached the halfway point between The Wild Rose and the new settlement. Ahead of them now was the quarry that the Araneians dug once the Hubun villages have been torn down.
A giant bird fiend had made its roost in the centre of the quarry, and would attack all who came near it's home.

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