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Welcome to Farenai

Araneia and Hiran climbed from the wreckage of their airship, from the beach, they could see a city in the distance, or rather, they could see the large stone walls surrounding it, and a castle raised up in the centre of the city.

Hiran kicked the airship wreckage.

"Damn piece of junk" Hiran grunted. Araneia looked at him and rolled her eyes, then checked her comms device, it was unresponsive.

"My comms device has gone down too" Araneia pondered.

"Yeah, the international comms system has been offline for the past week, what of it?" Hiran shrugged.

"Well, I mean, it literally won't turn on" Araneia explained.

"DEMON!" A voice bellowed, Araneia and Hiran looked east along the beach to see a knight in a full suit of armour walking toward them with their sword drawn.

"Uh... hello?" Araneia waved.

"It speaks..." The Knight grumbled.

"I'm not a demon, I mean I know the dark grey skin and purple markings make me look like one, but I was... uh, cursed" Araneia tried to explain. The Knight lowered his sword.

"You two, you're outsiders, right?" He asked.

"Yeah, our airship just failed as we neared the island" Araneia replied. The Knight walked toward the airship and examined it.

"So this is what an airship looks like... I'd heard the tales from outsiders, but never thought I'd see one with my own eyes" The Knight grinned.

"Uh..." Hiran scratched his head.

"Oh, right, you might not know" The Knight spun around on the spot to face Araneia and Hiran.

"Know what, exactly?" Hiran asked.

"Your outsider 'technology' doesn't work here" The Knight explained.

"Hmm, how did we not hear of this?" Hiran asked, as he looked at Araneia.

"Because not many outsiders leave here" The Knight nodded.

"You kill them?!" Hiran gasped.

"Oh, uh, I worded that wrong" The Knight chuckled. "No, the end up preferring the simple life that we offer here" He smiled.

"Do you know why the technology doesn't work?" Araneia asked.

"It is due to the four Cathedrals located on the East, North, South and West sides of the island" The Knight explained. "Other outsiders have compared them to places called 'Academies', though I don't know what one of those is myself" He added.

"Hmm, it was assumed the four remaining Academies were here" Araneia nodded. "However, the last time we were officially in contact with Farenai was over 2,000 years ago" Araneia explained. Hiran looked toward the city in the distance.

"Can you take us to the nearest city?" Hiran asked.

"We can, but, I will have to ask your friend to hide her appearance" The Knight nodded.

"That makes sense, I'm Araneia, by the way, and this is Hiran" Araneia introduced herself to the Knight.

"Greetings Araneia and Hiran, you may call me Bartram" The Knight nodded. Araneia nodded and headed back into the ship to find some clothes to hide hear appearance. She returned with a shawl to hide her face, and long sleeves with gloves.

"Let us away to the Kingdom of Tristal" Bartram smiled as he began walking in the direction of the city.

"Wait... we're walking?" Hiran asked.

"Of course, what did you expect?" Araneia shrugged as she walked ahead.

"Gimme a break" Hiran sighed as he reluctantly followed.

The three began the long walk towards Tristal.

"So, tell me, Bartram, is Tristal home to one of the Cathedrals?" Araneia asked.

"It is indeed, the Cathedral is specifically attuned to the power of time" Bartram nodded.

"Time?! That's an element?" Hiran asked.

"An ele-what?" Bartram asked.

"An element, you know, like earth, wind, fire, and water?" Hiran asked.

"These Cathedrals are not dedicated towards anything so simple as that, they're attuned to the great powers, like I imagine your Academies are" Bartram explained.

"These Cathedrals, do they function as schools?" Araneia asked.

"They do indeed, to pupils who dare to attempt to study them. King Tristal XVII himself rules over both the city and the Cathedral, he functions as the teacher and the ruler" Bartram explained.

"That's not too different to us, though the Academy Headmasters and city leaders are usually not the same people" Araneia replied.

"I do admit, I would like to see your world one day, it sounds so... different" Bartram smiled.

"Perhaps we can take you there when we're ready to go" Hiran smiled.

"Perhaps, but... to leave, hmm" Bartram pondered. "It is quite a task to escape the islands... due to the Cathedral powers" He added.

"So... we're trapped?" Hiran asked.

"I'm afraid so, very few have ever broken out of the island's grasp" Bertram nodded.

"So, it's possible to escape at least" Araneia smirked slightly.

"Indeed, but as I say, it is a tricky task" Bertram replied.

The three continued walking as they walked through the lush green fields, towards the Great Kingdom of Tristal.

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