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In the basement of Fyre Manor, Ariel was working hard on repairing Anya's arm, Anya was awake, but wasn't able to feel the pain as Ariel worked. Ashe and Wes stood nearby talking to Anya.

"Have you guys managed to find anything out about Ros?" Anya asked.

"We've been trying but the international communications system has gone down, so we've no real way of finding her" Wes sighed.

"We're still trying regardless, asking any new arrivals who land down in New Raryst" Ashe added. "We've heard word of something happening in the ruins of Rivenlake, but nothing solid" She continued.

"Well, it's a lead, good work guys" Ariel smiled. As Ariel continued working, the sound of the front door being kicked open echoed up above. Ariel stopped working on Anya's arm to listen.

"Oh god, I hope that's not that guy" Anya shivered, Wes held Anya's remaining hand and listened. The footsteps approached the elevator.

"Take up defensive positions" Ariel commanded. Wes and Ashe nodded as they summoned their Celestial Weapons and stood at either side of the elevator door. Lotte turned the lab's lights off and stood in front of Roisin with her Celestial Weapon.

The sound of the elevator rumbling down toward the lab shook the cabinets, until it came to a stop, the doors slid open and the bright white light of the elevator illuminated the small lab.

"Holy fucking shit" Ariel stated as she looked at the door, Wes and Ashe went to attack, until they realised who it was.

"Hello, Ariel" Amanda smiled slightly, she looked down at Roisin who was on a stretcher in front of her.

"Did you do this to her?! I swear I will kill you..." Ariel growled as she charged over to her mother.

"She sa... saved me" Roisin stuttered. Ashe looked down at Roisin and frowned, Roisin smiled back slightly. "I'm glad you guys are okay" She added.

"What happened? Did you beat that guy?" Wes asked.

"We escaped" Amanda sighed. "But, at great cost..." She added.

"I... I'm sorry, Ashe" Roisin frowned, as a tear rolled from her eye.

"What have you got to be sorry for? Silly" Ashe smiled, as she adjusted Roisin's hair.

"General Summers... your father..." Roisin cried. Ashe gasped as she realised what Roisin was trying to tell her.

"He gave his life to save Roisin" Amanda stated. "Along with Chrys Iryn, Sebastien Jyrall, and Bryan Fyre..." She sighed.

"Wait... my dad?" Anya asked.

"Yes, when I arrived, he had passed away" Amanda nodded.

"He... infused me with the Ice Crystal" Roisin added. "I'm so... sorry, Anya" She sighed. Anya looked over to Roisin and smiled slightly.

"I'm just glad you're here" She smiled.

"How significant are Roisin's injuries?" Ariel asked. Amanda sighed deeply.

"They're pretty severe, the bones in her right hand have been completely crushed, they're basically dust, she has broken ribs, her left leg is broken and her spine is fractured too" Amanda explained.

"Right..." Ariel paused for a second to think, then looked Roisin in the eye. "It won't be easy, but we're gonna have both you and Anya back to full power, I promise" Ariel smiled at Roisin slightly.

"Okay" Roisin smiled. Amanda and Ariel moved Roisin onto a second medical bed, next to Anya and Ariel began scanning Roisin.

"Ariel... I..." Amanda began.

"Not interested, Amanda" Ariel replied. Amanda frowned and continued to help her with Roisin. Ariel sighed slightly and looked at Amanda. "Thank you, for saving my friend" She smiled slightly, before resuming the scan.

"I made a promise to Atlas and Syl that I would fight for her, no matter what" Amanda nodded.

"How... how is Syl?" Roisin asked.

"He's doing well, I think he is still journeying with Atlas, we got split up while in Disceath during the big battle a few months ago" Amanda explained.

"You're welcome" Anya chuckled. Amanda turned to Anya and raised her eyebrow.

"Anya is the reason the Droids stopped attacking" Lotte smiled, as she looked down at Roisin. "You're so brave" She said to Roisin.

"I wasn't the one who gave my life" Roisin frowned. "So many dead... just to save me..." She said as she stared at the ceiling.

"You are the key to stopping whatever is coming, Roisin" Amanda said.

"What if I don't want to be the key?" Roisin asked.

"Unfortunately, I don't think you have a choice" Amanda frowned.

"What if I don't go back out there to fight?" Roisin argued.

"Then life as we know it would cease to exist" Amanda replied.

"Like when my mother's life ceased to exist?" Roisin said angrily, as her eyes glowed red and blue.

"I... I'm sorry Roisin" Amanda looked away. Roisin sighed and shook her head.

"I'm just angry" Roisin stated. "I do hate you for what you did, but, we need to work together..." She added. Ariel finished the scan and smiled at Roisin.

"Okay, Ros, what we're going to have to do is, place some nano machine nervous systems on your spine, and let them repair and maintain your spine. We can also use the same technique to heal your ribs and leg, but this will be in the short term, as they will make a full recovery" Ariel explained. Roisin looked down toward her hand.

"What about this?" She said, as she gestured with her eyes toward her hand. Ariel frowned slightly.

"We will have to give you a synthetic hand, it is too far gone to repair" Ariel said, as she looked away.

"Like Anya?" Roisin said, as she looked at Anya.

"Yes" Ariel gestured.

"Then I don't mind that, if it's good enough for Anya, it's good enough for me" Roisin winked at Anya.

"Thank you, Ros" Anya smiled, as she teared up.

Roisin smiled back as Ariel began to prepare the nano machines.

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