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Flames of Redemption

In the ruins of Rivenlake, Treleva was sat in a burnt out shop tending to his wounds. He had sapped any remaining lifeforce from General Summers, Chrys Iryn and Bryan Fyre's corpses. Interestingly, he had found that not even a trace of Seb's essences remained in his body.

Treleva felt the cold shadowy fingers of the Senior Partners grasping at his mind, their invasive prints scarring his mind.

"You failed us" The chorus of a thousand voices stated, their every voice infecting his thoughts.

"I... the Dragon, he cast an unknown magick on me, I almost silenced her, I almost destroyed the anomaly. Please, show mercy" Treleva begged.

"Very well" The Senior Partners replied. Treleva instantly doubled over in pain as searing pain spread throughout every fiber of his being, he roared in pain, but even that action brought him no release, he remained in this state for the next three weeks, undying.

After exactly three weeks had passed, the pain stopped instantly, Treleva breathed a sigh of relief.

"Do not fail us again, human" The Senior Partners' chorus of a thousand voices commanded. "This was but a taste of the eternity of pain that awaits you if you do no silence the anomaly" They warned.

"Thank you, my Benevolent Masters" Treleva replied. "Please, restore my strength" He begged.

"This is not within our power, you have an eternal curse placed upon you, either find a way to remove it, or continue on your path without the powers that we granted you" The Senior Partners voices boomed inside Treleva's mind, before a deafening silence rang through his mind.

Treleva struggled to his feet and walked outside, the site of the battle he had fought over a fortnight ago still remained, he paused to think back to that day.


The Dragon who had placed this damn curse upon his soul. He remembered that Dragon from his days in service to Celestia, he was kind, benevolent and resisted any cruel orders that Celestia gave him.

"I have to kill him, I must kill Arranthian, it is the only way to break the curse..." Treleva sighed. The wind howled down the long empty street, an old sign creaked as the wind battered it. He sighed and looked over to where Roisin had been laid, on the ground, a pool of old blood still remained.

"Just why is she so important anyway? So weak, I could have ended her life right there..." Treleva pondered.

"Because along with me, she's one of the few people capable of stopping you and your big dumb plan" Lumina chuckled, though remained out of sight.

"Lumina?!" Treleva growled, remembered the moment that he had been killed by her. Lumina stepped out of a shop across the street, she had been hidden behind a pillar near the doorway. "So, we meet again" He grinned, as he cast an instant death spell at her.

Lumina dissipated the spell with the flick of her wrist.

"Nice try, but you're not so strong now" Lumina laughed. Treleva frowned. "Your revenge will have to wait" She shrugged. Treleva began laughing in her face.

"You think that me killing you is revenge?" Treleva smirked. "I already had my revenge, you are just a loose end, Lumina" He shrugged.

"What was your revenge, then?" Lumina asked, bemused at the fact he had apparently had his revenge, and she didn't remember it.

"Do you remember that day?" Treleva said looking north.

"Sorry, you'll have to be a bit more specific, boy" Lumina shrugged.

"The smell of the ash in the city that day... the flowing blood of the dragons, the army crushing your light, leaving behind only a legacy of darkness" Treleva teased. Lumina instantly realised what Treleva was claiming.

"YOU were the King of the Night?" She yelled.

"Yes, and I savoured it, the death, the chaos. Just what this damned world deserves. Pitiful creatures, scrambling about, killing murdering. All they need is a little nudge and centuries of history is rendered into nothing. We are mere bugs in the shadows of the true rulers" Treleva laughed.

"Go be poetic somewhere else, you jumped up mystic bastard" Lumina roared as he eyes glowed bright white, she charged at Treleva, but he teleported himself away just before Lumina's Celestial Blade made impact. As the sword hit the ground, it sliced the ground asunder, tearing a huge chasm open in the center of Rivenlake, the lake itself began to pour into the deep hole.

Lumina screamed in grief. Her revenge against the humans... was misguided. So many dead, and all for nothing. Lumina fell to her knees.

"What have I done?" She asked herself.

At that moment, a voice boomed over the forest, the roar of a dragon followed, accompanied by the sound of huge wings flapping.

"No soul is beyond forgiveness, my dear Lumina. Atone" Arranthian roared.

"I... don't know how" Lumina sighed, she had lost her fighting spirit.
"Fix your wrongs, restore that which
you destroyed, breathe life back upon this world. Do this and you shall begin your path anew. Fail to do this and be lost in the light" Arranthian replied.
Lumina nodded, and climbed back to her feet.
"I promise... to fix what I broke..." She sighed.

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