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The Road to Recovery

Roisin was sat outside Fyre Manor, in a wheelchair. She had regained most of her ability to move, but would need to be rehabilitated before she could be like she once was. She looked at her new hand, it appeared to look like her old one, but she could feel the difference.

The wind blew over the valley in which New Raryst sat. Roisin looked down at the city below, the progress they were making, despite the loss of the old city and the crystal was amazing.

"See, no matter how hard something gets hit, it can always recover" Anya smiled, as she walked out of the front door and put her hand on Roisin's shoulder. The arm that Anya had lost had also been replaced, though that was much a much simpler operation, due to Anya's synthetic nature.

"Hi, Anya" Roisin smiled.

"How are you doing, Ros?" Anya asked as she sat down on a bench beside Roisin.

"I'm okay, considering everything, I guess" Roisin said as she continued to watch the city below. Anya sighed and frowned.

"What's troubling you?" Roisin asked as she looked at Anya.

"It's my fault, Roisin, I'm so sorry" She said as she wiped a tear from her eye.

"Your fault how?" Roisin wondered.

"I... I was such a liability, I could have saved you from him..." Anya cried. Roisin put her hand on Anya's back.

"Anya, I saw him make short work of three people in a matter of seconds. The only reason I am still here is because that dragon that I told you all about showed up" Roisin explained. "Don't blame yourself, if anything, it is my fault that you got injured..." Roisin smiled slightly.

"I guess you're right" Anya nodded. "About that guy... not about it being your fault" She quickly added.

"Amanda... she saved me too..." Roisin pondered.

"She... she is the one behind your mother and father's murders, no?" Anya asked. Roisin nodded, she looked conflicted.

"I guess the enemy of your enemy is your friend?" Anya asked.

"NO! She'll never be my friend!" Roisin yelled, her eyes had turned blue and red. Anya gasped and fell back from the stone bench.

Roisin's eyes quickly returned to normal, she looked at Anya, slightly terrified by her own outburst.

"What... what just happened?!" Roisin asked. Anya quickly got to her feet and hugged Roisin. "I'm sorry, Anya... I didn't mean to..." Roisin sighed.

"It must be the new Ice Crystal power" Anya comforted Roisin. "You haven't quite adjusted to it's power yet, I imagine" She added. Roisin sighed and looked at the skies above.

"I thought the Ice Crystal was supposed to balance the Fire Crystal's power?" She sighed.

"Don't think about it too much, Ros, just focus on recovering" Anya smiled as she sat back down. The two sat in silence for a minute or two, as they observed an airship coming in to land. Eventually Anya began playing around with a small ball of fire she had cast in her hands.

"How does it feel, being back here?" Roisin asked, as she gestured to Fyre Manor.

"Hmm, it's unsettling, the last time I was here this long, with these memories, was when I was human..." Anya sighed.

"I'm sorry you have to stay here, Anya..." Roisin shook her head.

"It's worth enduring to you making a full recovery, Ros" Anya smiled, as she held Roisin's hand. "You're the one person who has always had my back. The first to treat me like a real human" She added.

"That's because, to me, you are. I'll never see you as anything else" Roisin smiled.

"Thank you Roisin... you have one of the kindest hearts of anyone I've ever known" Anya said.

"I'm happy that you and Wes are a thing too, you get along so well now" Roisin grinned. "He's a good guy" She added.

"He really is... he explained more of why he wasn't too keen on me back at Pyre as well. Turns out he had more than one reason not to trust me" Anya explained. "I won't tell why though, he told me in confidence, it's not my place to say" She smiled. Roisin nodded as the sun broke through the clouds above.

The airship below had dropped off supplies for the city, and began to take off once more. Anya and Roisin watched as it flew away from the city and into the far distance. Roisin looked down at The Wild Rose.

"I can't wait til we're travelling again" She smiled. Anya looked in the direction that Roisin was and noticed the airship.

"Me too, Lotte has been making some minor improvements to the ship, and she's trying to get hold of some defensive shielding too, from the merchants in the city" Anya explained.

"She's always busy working on something" Roisin chuckled.

The two carried on talking for a while longer, until the sun began to set. The city below bustled well into the early hours of the next day, as the people continued to build their new city.

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