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The Legatus

In the throne room of the Imperial Palace of Aranei. A woman with short black hair sat upon the throne. She was the Viceroy, ruling in Abyssia's stead. Her name was Amaris Tarros. She was seen as cruel by the people of Aranei, having served as a Legatus under Amanda, Lumina and Abyssia.

Amaris sighed as she watched a feed of the rebellion in Demi, a Legatus opened the doors and approached Amaris.

"Ma'am, there are several reports of the uprisings spreading to the Yoppar district of Aranei, the lead Centurion of the 2nd Cohort has says they're struggling to keep the uprisings hidden" The Legatus explained.

"Keegan" Amaris sighed. "I raised you, I taught you everything I know, yet still... you stick to your Ishtallian ways?" Amaris shook her head in disappointment.

"Ma'am?" Keegan failed to understand the meaning to what Amaris was saying.

"Slaughter the Yoppar district. Stop the spread of these riots. The Empire must be saved at all costs. You are the Legatus of the 1st Araneian Imperial Legion. Begin acting like it" Amaris commanded.

"Slaughter them?" Keegan shook his head. "I won't do it, mum" He unsheathed his sword and threw it on the ground.

"I could have your head for this, I may have raised you, but don't think I wouldn't..." Amaris frowned.

"You keep saying that, you raised me, am I supposed to be grateful? That the empire stole me away from a hospital?" Keegan shouted.

"Insolence! You have had the most priveledged upbringing here in the Empire! You are the youngest Legatus to ever serve this proud nation..." Amaris growled.

"Well then... I resign" Keegan unbuckled his armour and threw it to the floor.

"Like hells you will..." Amaris roared, as she summoned a Celestial Blade and ran down the stairs from the throne at Keegan. Keegan ran at her in defiance, and in doing so, awoke his Celestial Weapon. Amaris flew backwards across the floor, and fell against the stairs.

"I'm leaving... Amaris, please don't try to stop me..." Keegan frowned, he was holding a Celestial Shield, his eyes glowed red.

"You wont make it out of the palace" Amaris said, as she struggled back to her feet.

"I will" Keegan growled in anger as he ran toward Amaris with the shield, he used his shield to send her shooting across the room and out of the stained-glass windows behind the throne. Amaris fell down to the courtyard outside the Academy, and to her death.

Keegan stood looking at the broken window in shock.

"Mum..." He sighed. He had no time to grieve though, as he head dozens of footsteps approaching. "Dammit!" He whispered, he ran to the broken window and jumped out, he stood atop his Celestial Shield as he fell. "Please work..." He closed his eyes and hoped for the best.

The shield hit the floor with a thud, and dissipated. It had absorbed the shock of the fall. He had landed feet away from Amaris' body, upon seeing her he fell back and vomited from the shock.

As he broke down he noticed Imperial Academy students running at him with their weapons drawn. He quickly pulled himself together and headed toward the grand staircase that lead to the city. As he reached the city below, he ran into the dense crowd at who were gathered around the fountain in the city square.

After a few minutes, he seemed to lose the tail of his pursuers, he quickly ran into an old burnt out club, to catch his breath, He leant against an old bar, panting.

No sooner had he begun to regain his strength, when he heard a slow clap from the upper floor. He looked above and saw Treleva, sat watching him and smiling.

"Sorry... for barging in" Keegan panted.

"Oh, its no trouble, I don't own this place. From what I hear, the Empresses old right-hand woman, Victoria Iryn, was the one who burnt this place down" Treleva chuckled.

"Right..." Keegan shrugged, as he continued to catch his breath, he was uninterested in whatever this unknown man had to say.

"Of course, she fled to Imperistia, where she ended up meeting her final end. Such a pity" Treleva shrugged.

"Traitors get what is coming to them" Keegan shrugged.

"That is quite rich, coming from the boy who just slew his mother, the Viceroy of the Imperial Capital" Treleva laughed.

"I... how do you know that?" Keegan stumbled back.

"Then again, she wasn't your real mother, was she?" Treleva grinned from ear to ear.

"No... the Empire took me from Ishtall..." Keegan sighed.

"Now, why would the Empire be interested in a random Ishtallian child?" Treleva asked.

"I... wish I knew" Keegan shrugged, as Treleva rose to his feet. "I've spent many decades, going from city to city, learning all I can about this world" Treleva stated, as he made his way down the stairs. "But you might just be, the biggest discovery of them all" Treleva teased.

"Uh... sorry?" Keegan scratched his head.

"It is good to finally meet you Keegan Luna" Treleva began.

"Keegan Luna" He roare

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