The Abandoned Twins

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As I looked at the man about to kill me all I thought was I should have listened to Silver and then he swung his sword I closed my eyes and resigned to the darkness that awaited me

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Chapter 1- A Stormy Day

It was the middle of winter and the wind was howling as the blizzard raged on outside. It's a wonder the building didn't come tumbling down from all the pressure. Princess Luciana Morion was wondering why the shack hadn't tumbled down on her from above. She gripped her stomach in pain it wouldn't be long now before her children soon came into this world, one corrupted by power.

As Luciana was giving birth she was experiencing the most pain ever felt in her whole life short of death. She hoped she didn't feel the pain of death for a very long time, she so wished to raise her children with her own two hands. Betrayal that's all she felt her own family had turned against her. Its ironic isn't when the people you love try and hurt you the most. All because she could give birth to a prince who would somehow threaten others and what they believe is their birth right. What about her children and their birth right did nobody care?

By the end of the hour Luciana had given birth to two beautiful children the oldest which was a boy will be know as Silver Alex Morion and the girl was Reniku Hope Morion. She was crying tears of joy while knowing she could not be with them no matter how much she wanted to. After she had fed the and put them to sleep she started to stitch their names onto the coats she had made for them. When she was done she sighs and tried to hold in her tears but failed. Luciana packed the basket that would carry them down the River of Time.

Dawn would approach soon Luciana had to get the twins out of there or they might not get the chance to grow up. After she bundled the twins up she placed them in the basket and headed out the door towards the river. Once she reached the river bank she gave the each one last kiss and sent the basket down the river. As she began her long trek back towards the shack her eyes bursted like a dam and tears were trailing down her face. Once she had reached the cabin she crawled into the bed and fell into a deep sleep full of despair.

Luciana woke up from banging on the door she already knew who it was. As she dragged herself from bed and made her way towards the door she sighed. As she opened the door and sees who it is she frowned it was General Grant. They quickly rushed into the room and did a quick search when they found nothing they asked her where the children were. She replied that they were lost at birth and that she had made a grave for them which was quickly lost to the elements. Not long after she had replied General Grant told the soldiers to take her into custody and head back to the royal palace.

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