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Adventures of Hylia

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In a world where elves and humans despise Hylians. One Hylian princess may be the difference between war and peace. Will Princess Senya be able to overcome her identity, in order to save the world from the great goblin war?

Fantasy / Adventure
Holly Hamilton
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Chapter 1: Hylian Princess

There was once an ancient curse that killed people by the thousands. The only race of people who found a cure were the elves...

Senya and Akari were unusual girl elves that adored combat, enchanted creatures, and mystical woodlands. The elves were a meek and gentle race of people. They were the size of humans and could live forever.

This is where our story begins. Both elves and men hated each other. Marlen was a man that hated and hunted elves. He would kill them for sport.

Princess Ameine was an elf that would sit every day and sing outside her balcony window. She stopped today though. She had spotted Marlen. At first, she thought he was an elf. Then to her astonishment she discovered he was a man.

Hylian was the other race of people. They were the crossbreed of elves and humans. Hylians have been hiding under the elves' noses. They were hated by humans and elves. Hylians had longevity and lived forever.

Princess Ameine had sent Senya, her loyal handmaiden, into the woods. Senya loved to field swife. A field swife was a way to train for combat. Senya was ready to kill humans on command. Eventually, Senya ran into a human.

"What are you doing here, human?" Senya asked frustrated.

"My name is Henothen," he said.

"Why are you in elf territory?" She asked in a domineering tone.

"I have come to find peace with my ancestors. My kin, " he begged.

She looked at his ears and saw they were elf-like. He must be a Hylian.

"You're only a half breed waste of time. Don't make me kill you, " she threatened.

"You dare threaten me, your only brother?"

"You...my brother? Yeah right." She laughed.

So different our ears,

Beyond count of years,

Have the same fears,

Shedding similar tears...

"Oh, by the way, you still haven't told me your name, Senya, " he said.

"How do you know my name, Henothen?" She asked confused.

"Think about it, sister. We will meet again," he promised.

"Henothen, wait if you are my brother and a Hylian...then perhaps I am too," she said with worried eyes.

"Why do I live in elf territory?" She asked.

"The King and Queen had to protect their only daughter. Goodbye, Princess Senya," Henothen said.

"Goodbye, brother," she said in tears of confusion.

Senya was now terrified for her life. She didn't know what to do. Hylians and elves were mortal enemies. Princess Ameine was her best friend after all. Senya just found out she was the Hylian Princess.

Hacumaru was an elf that Senya had been infatuated with for some time now. She always liked him and never told a soul about it, including Princess Ameine.

Senya was over 3700 years old. She's been in love with him for half her life. She couldn't stop thinking about him.

Princess Ameine had never been in love before, nor did she want to be. She didn't fall in love until the day Hacumaru proposed to her.

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