There's no escaping 'Heaven'

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A girl gets taken to a place of her dreams almost like heaven but she soon realises Heaven is not what it seems like.....

Fantasy / Horror
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Chapter 1

My hair stood on end, a shiver raced down my spine and a lump came in my throat.

“oh, crap! I thought, stopping in my tracks and checking the time. It was 2:46 am. ‘oh crap’, was right because at that moment I could see all the painting on my hall walls stare at me, heads were moving, and eyes were opening. Terror filled my veins. ’14 more minutes, 14 more minutes’, was the only sentence rummaging through my head while I was leaping across the hall. Bad thoughts were filling in me until, I couldn’t move anymore, and my body felt numb. I could hear gentle footsteps creek upon my hard wood floor, turning into stomps until they stopped.

From the corner of my eyes, I could see something lurking in the shadows. It’s too late, he’s here! ‘Azzie, Azzie’, it whispered. Collecting myself I turned around and the lights started to flicker and then turn off. Icy fingers gripped my arm and dragged me in to the darkness….

soon, the air turned black around me.

Getting conscious, I tried to open my eye’s, but they refused to, my nose became stiff allowing me to suffocate, my insides separated, and my brain couldn’t control any of it.

The door creaked open and footsteps came my way, stopping right above me (I could tell because I could feel their breathing on me) I surprisingly could breathe again! My insides became one and my eyelids got loose. Is this person god? `Open your eyes Azzie, I know you’re in there!’, the voice urges. My gut says to open my eyes, and in the tenth of a second I see some light, a bright glowing light reflecting at my closed eyelids. It was like a dream but, I wasn’t sleeping!

Opening my eyes to the sound of sirens, it doesn’t take me long to understand that I’m in a whole new world.

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