There's no escaping 'Heaven'

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Chapter 2

Shocked I stood up and everyone froze. They stood like statues and were all white as if they had seen a ghost, seconds felt like hours until they lifted their gaze upon from me and onto a hill.

An old lady was struggling to get up, I let out a short grin and they were staring at me again.

“You can’t be disrespectful and not expect a stare, can you?’, the lady started walking towards me. Although she was short and old, she still managed to give me the creeps.

She started talking but, I couldn’t hear her! My ears clogged in themselves. “So, yes or no?’, the lady questioned. What am I supposed to answer? ’Yes, I stupidly answered. The crowd gathered around me and gave me a giant hug.

I got brought to a beautiful mansion and got given expensive clothes. I got treated like a princess. The lady gave me a house tour and it felt like ages by the time she had finished. She gave me a tight hug and two warnings before letting me go. 1. ’Never go in the room at the end of the hallway (where my room was stationed)2. ’Never look outside any windows in the same hallway after 6:00 pm SHARP

I didn’t pay much attention to the warnings but now looking back, I wish I had ................

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