There's no escaping 'Heaven'

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Chapter 3

Friday13th of September

Footsteps slowly creaked on every step of the stairs leading to the hallway my room was at, the bedroom door’s handle slowly turned, and the door swung open.

Being stupid like I am I get up to check the hall. It was freezing in there! It felt like -15 degrees!

The window at the end of the hall squeaked open and a breeze shivered upon me.

Death lurked in that hallway with hell at that dark window. Opposite the window was an old telephone. It was ringing and when I answered it, no one was there. ‘Hello? Hello?’, I shouted. When I hung up, all the lights went out. Hundreds of eyes peered at me through the dark window. I remember being dragged and then tied up.

“Azzie, Azzie? The voice sounded familiar. Suddenly, it got bright in the room. I could see its face, it was the 3 am a demon! It got silent for a second until I blurted out,

“Why, how?’, This is heaven, not hell?

“This is enough for you, don’t you think? It’s your heaven’, it said smirking. Before I could say a word, it sent me back.

My room door busted open and everyone squeezed and landed into another hug.

‘This is enough for you, this is your heaven’, circled my head. How did I not see this coming?

“Glad you figured this out’, the lady said, signally everyone to move back. “You can never escape heaven, can you?

“You can’t keep me here! I will escape!

“Even if you do, you won’t be alive for much longer. ‘Every hug you’ve been receiving, we have made it tight for a reason! Our hugs released gases into your body making your health deadly’, the lady finally finished with a smile plastered on her face. Everyone came in for the last hug, suffocating me.

This is my heaven and I can’t do anything about it because,

‘There’s no escaping heaven’

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