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Part 1

I sighed heavily, tucking myself into bed. My head wouldn’t let me sleep since I kept recalling the augurs’ words in my head over and over.

’The darkness is coming your way, it’s tempting but resist it, if you get lured by it’s charm, it will nab you like a fugitive"

“No, no, no sleep Annabel, don’t think about that woman” I tried convincing myself but honestly, I wasn’t thinking about that crazy fortune teller but her words.

What was happening to me? I never believe in such things, then why was I so affected? Or rather scared?

This was all Lydia’s fault if she did not insist on wanting to know about her love life then the fortune teller wouldn’t have touched me.

She must have hated me for no reason, I mean I didn’t even want to know about my future but she still had to touch me.

More so how come my life was to become darkness while Lydia’s a garden of rosses. This is so unfair. I thought again.

Suddenly the room started shaking, was it the earth quake? i wonder looking around. Then their was thunder booming making me squeal in fright while the window opened with a thud.

My heart jumped at the terrifying sound. I love rain seriously but the stormy types ,no!

Why of all the days, today? I cried internally getting up from the bed walking towards the window to close it. Through the window and the lighting outside, I could see how it was raining cat and dogs.

My eyes squinted as I reached for the window while some raindrops fell on me. This was really irritating. I remembered that i closed the window before then how did it opened all over a sudden?

A horror movie I once watched came to mind but I dispersed the thought immediately. Once the window was close i moved a step back ready to return to bed when i heard something or someone whispering my name.

I thought i was only being delusional but i heard it again. immediately my body got stiff and held my breath in fear.

No, this isn’t happening, its all in my head. were the words i kept chanting.

“Come to me” ! heard the voice again and shook my head in refusal. No! It wasn't true and had to be my imagination. it tried convincing myself but failed terrible as i could feel someone breathing near my ear.

I turned around in fright expecting to see maybe a crooked man but their was zilch. I furrowed my eyebrows looking around the room but their was no one. Still on my guard i took a step forward thinking that maybe it was just an illusion.

Then it happened again, this time, my name was called. My head snapped to the direction of the sound but still their was nothing.

“Eddy, is that you” i called softly but fearful.

“Eddy i swear if it is you then its not funny” Still not reply. Goosebumps lined on my skin and i had a bad feeling about whatever was happening in my room.

I took a deep breath trying to assure myself that i should just sleep and everything will be okay once i wake up. i turned to my bed and froze as the sight of it.

What on earth was happening?

My bed was neatly made! but how? i just got out of it to close the window. No, something was definitely wrong and i could not sleep in this room. Making up my mind I started heading towards the door but felt something behind me.

I wanted to look back but was afraid of what i might find. My heart thumped faster as my pace increased. Placing my hand on the door knob i tried to open but it wound budge.

I grew restless and panic as i could clearly feel a presence behind me, i tried again but the knob broke.

“Ha, ha, ha” a strange and devious chuckle came from behind me making my body freeze.

“You cant run” whispered the voice next to my ear. “You are mine now!” it continued and my heart almost leapt out of my chest. Slowly i turned around. My eyes went wide and my mouth agape.

!n front of me was a dark smoke or cloud in shape of a creature like man. its eyes were hollow and mouth deep. it was just like a phantom!

I was so scared that the only thing i could do was scream. I screamed as I saw it dissolve and entered my eyes, mouth ears everywhere!

I could feel my lungs squeezing as the air left me. Oh no! i was going to die, i could not die... “Nooooooo!” I heard a piercing scream and something shaking me.

My eyes instantly snapped opened meeting with black worried eyes of my mother saying something that i didn’t hear.

I was sweating all over not to mention trembling like i have just returned from hell.

“Anna darling, come down its just a nightmare” said my mother pulling me in her embrace. it was warm comforting that it made me calm instantly.

“A nightmare, nothing but a nightmare” I kept repeating trying to calm myself down. I looked at the clock and saw it was 10 am.

I was dreaming? But if felt so real!

i let a sigh of relief and closed my eyes hugging my mom tightly. Oh thank you God,

My mother concerned, i knew and i could feel it. Now wanting for to worry about me, i broke free from the hug and smiled slightly.

“Are you alright now?” She asked carefully and i just nodded.

“You are perspiring, go on and take a shower then come down for breakfast” she said getting up from my bed.

I quickly headed into the bathroom and took my shower. I sighed again letting the shower fall on me as my mind wonder to the nightmare. It was just a dream but why did it feel so real?

The splashing sound kept flashing images of the rain, the thunder and the lightening. i squeezed my eyes shut and clenched my fist trying to forget that horrendous sight but when I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror, I gasped when i saw the Phantom from last night behind me.

I quickly look back but nothing was there, then back to the mirror and was nothing.

“Am definitely going crazy” I mumbled shaking my head at my reflection

After finishing up i headed downstairs for breakfast. i was walking absent minded but my leg knew where to go. just as i was about to descend on the stair case someone came from behind and spooked me.

I yelped in horror, in the process slipping and fell down the staircase.

“Anna!” was the last voice i heard before loosing conscious.

When I gained back consciousness, I was at the hospital bed, my little sister Joan was watching over me with a concerned looked.

“Annabel, how are you feeling?” she asked with a soft voice.

I tried to move my leg and lift my head but pain sharply coerced through my body denying me the pleasure.

Mom stood up quickly preventing me from moving and I laid down still

“Well apart from my head and leg I think am okay, what happened?” I asked trying to remember what really happened

“You fell down the staircase!” answered my mother.

I tried moving my leg again to ensure I wasn’t paralyzed

“What are you doing? Doesn’t it hurt?” she asked concerned

“Well at least there are no pipes connected to my nose, so I think i will survive” I winked at her trying to lighten her mood.

“What I fail to understand is why you fell down you are never the clumsy one” My mother said. “The last thing I remembered I was about to walk down the staircase suddenly someone spooked me and I freaked out then slipped, that’s all”

“The loud voice was apparently your brother’s” said my dad with anger. “Eddy, where is he?” I asked struggling to get up but the pain stopped me again. My dad shook his head and stepped out when his phone rang.

“I don’t think he will show up because of of guilt but you know he cares don’t you? He didn’t know you would fall” Joan whispered so that my mom wouldn’t hear

“Poor Eddy...”

“Poor Eddy? It’s Poor you, we could have lost you” mom lashed out

“But I did not!” I cut her short

“Am okay mom” I assured her softly

“Am sure he didn’t meant no harm, you know he likes teasing and pranking me all the time” I continued

“Even at the staircase?” my mom’s voice was now raising.

She woke up suddenly and left the room slamming the door behind her making my head to hurt even more. Joan and I looked at each other and she just shrugged. Even at 9 years she knew so much than her age allowed.

“Try to understand them they were worried about you and you don’t have to pretend that you are not hurting, I can see through your façade” she said looking so serious she was so cute whenever she acted like an adult, I couldn’t help but smile.

“Hey who are you and what have you done to Joan” I countered back pinching her on the cheek she swabbed my hand which I dodged easily.

“Am being serious Annabel consider mom and dad’s feeling too” she said then hugged me gently

“Whoah! When did you grow up?” I patted her head and hugged her back.

We stayed like that for a while until the door opened.

“Eddy” I called his name in a whisper

“You came” i said excitedly Joan got up from the bed when Eddy strolled up to my bedside.

He didn’t say a thing, I could see guilt written on his face and I didn’t like that one bit.

We were very close as a family and I knew he would never hurt me knowingly. We liked to prank each other a lot and he has had quite his share.

“Am really sorry Anna I swear it was never my intention” it was a plea he took my hand into his and brought it to his face.

I tried to open my mouth to speak but he stopped me.

“Shhh… don’t say anything lemme finish.” He took a deep breath before continuing.

“Mom and Dad are right, I should really grow up and be responsible for my own actions and I promise from now on no more endangering games in the name of pranks.”

“Ok enough seriousness lighten up I forgive you so can you please smile I hate being serious and you are gloomy right now” I failed miserably trying to lighten the mood he just nodded and when I looked at Joan she just shook her head warning me not to make any jokes.

Eddy left just when my parents came back with the doctor. It was time for my check up again and it wasn’t amusing.

I hated anything that had to do with hospitals. After the doctor was done to my disappointed when I heard that I had to stay the night for observation.
Joan and dad left after a while but Mom stayed behind to look after me.

To be honest I was glad she stayed I didn’t want to be alone and I almost regretted my decision when she started fusing over me during dinner. She knew I hated hospital food so she had our nanny bring me food from home.

If she wasn’t cutting my food into little pieces then she was trying to make me drink the soup or adjusting my pillow and wiping my mouth after every spoonful.

I tried to complain but she wouldn’t let me. So finally I gave in. as soon I was done I just wanted to call it a day and sleep.

I was now full and to top it up felt drowsy because of the pain medication.
I don’t know how long I slept but I woke when I felt like someone touched my cheek and when my eyes flattered open.

For a moment I thought I saw a figure beside my bed. I rubbed my eyes to see clearly and whoever was there was no more. My mom was sleeping on the couch.

“I must be seeing things” I murmured and went back to sleep.


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